D2 More Diablo 2 Resurrected Monsters on Show

We have spent the past week pouring over the Alpha game files and I think we have just about covered everything that was available in the Technical Alpha. Once the final game arrives, and more content is opened up, we can't wait to see how some of the others have been recreated.

We hope you have enjoyed these over the past week. While some are a little rough around the edges due to lighting, and sometimes our model viewer, they have at least shown off the huge amount of detail that's gone into each and every one. I think the development team should be commended on their work, it can't be easy bringing someone else's creations up to modern gaming standards.

Thanks to everyone who has left us messages on our Youtube channel and to all the new subscribers. We hope to be cranking out more D2R updates on the channel shortly, and if you have not subbed, please do so, it helps us immensely.

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