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May 30, 2008

Time to start one of these. Where is TRM?

RL: First day at work after having the swine flu, and it was a real surprise to get back. We`ve gotten additional funding for our research, and my group wanted to know if I would like to spend 6 months somewhere else to "expand the horizon". I think they just want to get rid of me, but I`m pretty psyched right now anyways. So now I have to choose where to live when february comes. I`m pretty much set on going to USA and can choose between Boston and LA. That will be a tough choice, and I don`t really have that much time to think about it.

D2: I`ll do my usual 300-400 LK runs.

Have a nice week:wave:
Re: Mondaily

RL: I am still at the Seismic camp in the middle of a desert, in Iran. Today is the 15th day i have been here and i have learnt alot! On thursday my dad arrives back (which is good) and then on the 28th i am off with him to Kish Island, to have a look at the Logistics that goes on there. From there i then go to Mashad, to see my uncle, then its back to Tehran and on the 5th of December i finally leave back to Melbourne. So i have got a very busy week comming up!

As for today i had quite a scare, first i broke my USB for my wireless mouse. I thought all hope was lost until i had a play with it and managed to fix it with "good ole" sticky tape :). Then i turned my computer off and for some reason it wouldn't start up!!!! I decided to let it rest for abit and returned 20 minutes later. It worked! THANK GOD!!!

D2: Just finished Act 1 Normal with my druid in the Certain Death tourney. Might progress more later today.
Re: Mondaily

@ Morathi - I have no idea what seismic campt entails but it sounds pretty exciting!

@ Thomh - I vote Boston :D

RL: I had the direct opposite of your scare, finally got my dead VAIO working again! ...for about an hour :) I managed to save all the imporant stuff from it (i.e. movies, pictures, d2 files and maybe some schoolwork) to an external drive and format the thing. It was alive and kicking for about 50mins before it packed in and now wont start! Its a love-hate relationship...
Today, more note writing for the exams this week, oh the joy!

D2: got my 1.07 Jalal's back thanks to UllaV helping me out in the help thread, so I might pick up my druid project. But really should be studying.
Re: Mondaily

RL: College is off for a week which really is cool. However, after the break tough MONTH waiting. Projects, HWs, final exams and etc. Gotta study a lot.

D2: Not today, i just dont want to.
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@gedda-d-e: Shouldn't it be a hate-hate relationsship. Grats on rescuing the data though. Nice to see you got your priorities straight: 'd2 files and maybe some schoolwork' :scratchchin:

RL: Classes and papers to grade. Going to parent-teacher talk about my kid, it will be fun to be on the parent side for once. I seem to have no life these days.

D2: Maybe a few runs in the evening. I guess i have no D2 life either.

OVG: Killing Floor, when my eyes are bleeding from to many papers corrected.
Re: Mondaily

Glad you made the daily, Thomh.

As an FYI to everyone: the change to the forum's web address has now made my work's site blocker ban the SPF. So I must sadly report that I'll no longer be able to make the dailies at an appropriate time. It's a bummer for me because I really enjoyed taking (completely unofficial) charge of the majority of the dailies... but it would have happened in a couple weeks when my hours change at work, anyway. So the duty will now have to fall unto others. I'm sure the tradition will be kept alive; the dailies are one of the best aspects of the SPF that helps strengthen the community in my eyes and I'd hate to see them appear less frequently. Make me proud, SPF. :wave:

@Thomh: LA will be busy, fake, a little dangerous, spread out, and a PitA to navigate (by car only). Boston is busy, almost too real, a little dangerous, super cramped, and STILL a PitA to navigate (don't even bother driving; you'd use the trolley system, or"T", to get anywhere). LA would be cool if you're into the tourist-y scene, but I'd probably choose Boston. The vibe is easier to find.

RL: Had a good weekend with the GF. Our anniversary wasn't anything special to remember, but we made the most of it. She said she liked the locket I gave her; it's easy to tell exactly HOW much by the frequency she wears it, since she really likes a different necklace she already has. But anyway, we had a good chat about how the changing of our work hours will be a positive thing for her/us. I still don't really like the idea... but there are some perks. So I'll be supportive as best I can.

Just finished my first day of work for the week. It's BORING without the SPF, but since I'll have a new, less tolerant supervisor (that isn't my GF ;)) soon I would risk my job by going to an unallowed site in the future so I may as well get used to it. No more "work for forty-five minutes per hour" shenanigans, either. Boo. After getting too little sleep during the weekend, I'll be resting up today.

D2: It's funny. When I'm away from home I'm thinking about playing all the time. But when I'm in front of my computer the desire dwindles. I'll probably play, but we'll see how much as the morning turns to day.

OVG: The fifth week of the SDA tourney should have started today, but the update is on hiatus for 24 hours.
Re: Mondaily

I tried google-ing "proxy"... and that got banned, too. :wink:

The fact that my hours are changing soon means that even if I found a solution for now, it won't matter in two weeks. The timing will be all wrong. There are others who are here at more appropriate moments. And besides, I've been making lots of dailies lately. There's nothing wrong with passing on the torch. I've done my part. It's now time for others to enjoy being a strong part of the community.

I'll still be around, though, for sure. My posts will come much later, but I'll be here. Count on it. :thumbsup:
Re: Mondaily

RL: Start of a short week of school... short on time, (Mon, Tues) and short on students (most rational students figure they can miss two days and turn a 5 day weekend into a 9 day one.) I figure attendance will dip below 50%. The wife's out of town... left yesterday, back tomorrow... so bachelor-chow for dinner tonight. Just stir in beer and it makes it's own gravy.

D2: Trapper-zin finished NM after spending nearly an hour shopping for +3 traps claws. Necro (fishy with stronger clay golem, weaker CE/curses) has gotten WSK2 waypoint, but duty calls. I'll finish him up tonight and maybe run Baal a bit.
Re: Mondaily

RL: My computer's been actine up today aswell. Nothing serious, just some graphics issues with valve games(L4d2 demo and Portal). It really hurts the fun though :( . I worry that HL2 ep1 and ep2 will suffer the same issues.

D2: Maybe, but probably not.

OVG: Portal, and Steam support :D
Re: Mondaily

@Thomh: LA will be busy, fake, a little dangerous, spread out, and a PitA to navigate (by car only). Boston is busy, almost too real, a little dangerous, super cramped, and STILL a PitA to navigate (don't even bother driving; you'd use the trolley system, or"T", to get anywhere). LA would be cool if you're into the tourist-y scene, but I'd probably choose Boston. The vibe is easier to find.

I won`t get a car when I move as I`ve got two healthy legs, a bicycle and the public transportation will probably get me everywhere I need. Might rent a car just to travel the county a little bit (actually I plan to do that for a month when I`m done in July either way:)).

I`m not interested in any of the tourist attractions, really. I`ve been to LA before and saw most it then, and as usual it bored the crap out of me.

It looks like Boston is the sensible choice.

1. It takes less time to get to the place.
2. Never been there before
3. It looks like we will be two people going to study abroad and the other guy wants to go to Boston.
4. I`ve heard that it`s a pretty decent place for a rocker like myself when it comes to concerts, but LA is probably just as good there.
5. They have already responded to our e-mail and have pretty much everything in order already.

Re: Mondaily

RL: Monday of short week, I'll be busy all 3 days. Dexter was AWESOME last night, after the series of weak shows they have really come back, excellent writing. Pity about the acting though, except Hall/Lithgow.

D2: None over the weekend, but did have much fun last start with a first taste of PVP, even 3v1 (i.e. the only way I had a chance).

Have a good Monday all.

@Thomh - I would say Boston, considering you've been to LA and you can go to a lot more places quickly from Beantown. (NYC, Philly, etc.)
Re: Mondaily

@Thomh: +1 for Boston

RL: Slept in a bit, woke up, shower/shave, coffee, job hunt. Woo.

Now: Forum Surfing

Upcoming: NaNo, house cleaning, beer/grocery run (I found a place that carries my favorite beer and hope to pick up 2+ cases: fingers crossed), make some Cranberry Sauce for Thursday (though that could wait for tomorrow), hulu

D2: In the same boat with TRM: think about it all day, but can't get up the will to start it up. Meh.
Re: Mondaily

RL: Still got the flu ( not H1N1 I think but I'm not so sure anymore. It has lasted far too long to be the normal one)

D2: Possibly some pits with my GoldBarbToBe. What's a good level for the merc to stop dying at the Council ?
Re: Mondaily

RL: Still got the flu ( not H1N1 I think but I'm not so sure anymore. It has lasted far too long to be the normal one)

D2: Possibly some pits with my GoldBarbToBe. What's a good level for the merc to stop dying at the Council ?

Is there such level? lol

Moron dies almost everytime. I heard about a bug that hydras affect mercs more than their actual effect. Dont know if it is true but seems logical :)

Re: Mondaily

Thomh: Go to LA, as Boston has food colored socks, hidden cameras, and rickety knees, along with other non-sports related things, I'm sure. :p. (Seriously though, enjoy yourself either way!)

Rummski: It's because you were playing one of those rigged barbs. :p. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself, and hope you join my cause of converting all PvM games into PvP. :whistling:

RL: About to take the first and last exam for this week. A little lab preparation and catching up on work put off for studying after that, then probably catch the MNF game.

D2: Certain Death character if there's time.
Re: Mondaily

RL: My schedule is completely upside down, I woke up around 6pm. Shower, grocery shopping, and now I'm getting ready for my "breakfast". This reminds me of old times with less responsibilities, kind of fun actually. Too bad I need to flip back to normal schedule by wednesday.

D2: Nope. As usual I only managed to stay interested enough to play for a couple of weeks, during which I made my first guardian and played a second character to NM somewhere, then I just lost motivation to continue. I'm used to it, I know I'll pick the game up again sooner or later.

OVG: Last week I reinstalled Baldur's Gate and the sequel along with their expansions. I started a human Berserker who will eventually dual to mage when I get to BG2. I haven't used EasyTutu before, it's awesome; not only does it let you play BG1 with BG2's UI improvements, it also lets you use BG2 classes/kits (such as Berserker) straight from the beginning. I'm so excited. :grin: BG-ToSC-BG2-ToB is such an epic journey, easily my favorite computer game experience, and it's been years since the last time! Tonight, I will play at least for two or three hours. :)
Re: Mondaily

RL: Still don't have one of those. Apparently I'm already registered for school, so all I have to do now is...wait...six...more...weeks. *sigh*

D2: Well... I think I've done enough of that for the day (already...clicky the little angry man.)


A victim of impatience was poor Ms. Amazon. Flew to close to sun, melted wax wings, etc. Entered Hell at 73, and everything was fine until I tried a pit run. Cleared out Pits 1, only to be two-shotted from offscreen by some unique archer in Pits 2. Didn't even see what killed her, angrily stabbed Esc before grabbing a Deeds screen.

Stuff lost: An ethereal Titan's Revenge (only 15x%, but come on, ethereal Titan's...), 194% Hone Sundan, a couple of good crafts that ate up a lot of low runes...and a bunch of other stuff I can replace easily enough.

I have another Titan's (191%, non-eth, might even be fun not having to stand around for five minutes when they run out), so I'll probably rebuild and retry (and be more patient), but for now I'm going to jump on the NM Andariel bandwagon to see if I can scare up a HC SoJ with no chance of dying...
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Re: Mondaily

@ Nagi - Yeah, I realised real quick when Pyro said okay at 3 v 1 that it was going to be tough sledding...It was Grande and my first time at PVP so it was nice to win 1 battle.

I wouldn't be averse to an occasional PvP tryst during Baals, not so much of the hidden stalker kind though :p
Re: Mondaily

@Thomh- Another +1 for Boston. It's probably my favorite city in the US, that I've been to.

@Pijus- I see you're playing HL2 as well. I thought I was the only one that was this far behind the times. I actually just got out of the Ravenholme chapter (boy, was that place creepy)

RL: Well, I think I found a new girlfriend. So we'll be going to see The Men Who Stare At Goats. Other than that, nada. Job applications.

D2: No, I don't think so.

OVG: As mentioned above. Probably HL2.
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