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Mar 26, 2006

Hah! Now it's me that gets to make one!

Uni term's over for me, but am trying to hold onto my weekend job. This means that although I'm going home as much as possible, I'm coming back to my student abode for weekends to keep in my supervisors good books. Therefore, D2 time will be extremely disrupted for the next few weeks. Apologies now if this affects you through MP availability or trading.

RL: The holidays seemed to begin for me today. It was the whole saying goodbye to everyone that drove it home really. Was working, which was as fun as ever, and also found out what days I'm working over Christmas. Only one added shift, but some of my normal hours start an hour earlier or so. Fun fun fun.

D2: Took part in Thyiad's newbie pvp tournament earlier. Great fun, though I think someone's gone and painted a bulls-eye on my backside. Kabal also gave me a few tips afterwards, think I'm beginning to learn that character a bit. Other than that I need to finish off that assassin and play other characters up to level 80ish as well. All go.

Had a pen and paper next to me from writing down the ip address. Planned out a character or two to work on. Felt weird to do so - normally I go by how the character feels as I'm playing so long as I know skill placement, but this time it'll be more critical than most that I know what I'm mf'ing/trading for. It'll be interesting to see how that one turns out.
rl: had a bit of a bad day had a agument with some people i know, in the end i just walked off and felt like crying, and just to make things worse i got a slide to show to make for wednesday for my collage project thing.

d2:done some pvp and started a trap dancer,
RL- Got my History final Wednesday, and am gonna go in Friday to get some papers from the prof, other than that I'm done with the semester, too. Kinda sad, angry that we didn't spend more time on the Civil War, it was really important in American History, and no one knows anything about it. Oh well.

D2- Hoping to get my fishy past the Ancients today, he just freed Anya and is now level 38. Also, my character has been abused lately, so he will be getting some levels, and maybe even some help though act 2.
RL:The company dinner was last night; it was, as ever, quite enjoyable.

Today I'm getting the finishing touches to the presents we have to ship taken care of and the wrapping done so we can send them out in pleanty of time.

Meanwhile the house is filled with the smell of Christmas baking and tonight we decorate the sugar cookies.

D2: haven't had much game time latly, wonder why.... :rolleyes:
Lol, I have to post what I did yesterday...

RL: Looking into doing an apprenticeship. Most likely an electrician.
D2: Not much, really. CelciusXII and I have been farting around with fire druids in HC. I go crowd control with fissure (and molten boulder around dangerous enemies, ie dolls), and he mops up the rest with his pimped out firestorm attack. Works a treat so far.
I did one of those the start of the ladder season, just for fun. It was a blast, but since I didn't do a blizz sorc, then a hammerdin I fell behind and never really got anywhere. That is why I hate ladder.

Anyway, it was a really fun build, since you could walk up to something and firestorm it, then watch its health plummet. Really fun.
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