Miserable Bnet interrupt question


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Jan 10, 2006
Miserable Bnet interrupt question

Why, if bnet crashes and dumps you, do you get stuck unable to join or create a game for up to 15 minutes.

I am not temp banned.

It happens to all characters even if I've been in a game for hours.

And please, someone take a hr or something to power level my paladin to hell baal lol.
When that happens, people refer to it as being "tagged"... or more specifically, their character is "tagged".

Main cause would be joining+ leaving a game too fast... and usually follows a "boot" from a game.. due to manifold (often unknown) reasons.
but that still doesn't explain why he got booted even after he'd been in the game for hours, me thinks that blizzard is going lack on the d2 servers n order to make d3 =D
That would be the "manifold (often unknown) reasons" which cause a person to be booted out of a game... and then unable to rejoin for a varied period of time.
Yeah, it's all a bit mysterious.

Kudos to Jackson for use of the word "manifold" in that context.
I've heard that maybe bnet still thinks you're in a game, so it wont let you create or join a new one. I get that often too, and have to wait atleast 5 minutes before i can create/join a game.

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