Mis-Fit Guardians #3 & 4.....not so much...


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Mar 16, 2020
Azlynn the Phoenix Striker + Dragon Talon assassin has lost her battle at level 76. Nightmare P5 runs were feeling easy so I thought it was time to venture into Hell. She quested her way at P1 all through Act 1 with a few countess runs mixed in. She even took down Andariel. It was on her 2nd trip down to take on Andy for some possible farming when she met her ultimate fate. She will be sadly missed, but there are still plans to "revive" her for a second go. This character was a lot of fun. Definitely need to farm more +life items, +life steal and a different weapon other than a Spirit Sword looking back at the journey. Farm NM Meph or Baal a lot more. Always next time.

Up next was going to be Eragon the 2H, Holy Freeze Zealot. Eragon suffered his cruel fate on P5 NM Baal running at level 76. A simple pack of Doom Knights and Mages, but a quick Amp Damage from a mage and a couple swift shots from the Knights and Eragon's 800hp bulb went POOF! NOOO!! This character was in dire need of upgrades. Weapon was Hwanin's Justice Bill and then a few rares and crafts. Lacking some weapon speed as well. I will try again with the character at some point in time.


Next up on the list of toons is Kaylyn the MageZon. Hope she has better luck and fate than Azlynn and Eragon found. Until next time, Stay safe and have FUN!


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May 11, 2020
I read the first half of the post title in on the side bar of the main forum section and said hey guardians! cool! Lets take a look....and then I saw the rest of the title .

As many of my previous HC companions have told me..."So uh...congrats on the deeds I guess?"

But seriously, sounds like remake time, try and try again!