Minus values in resistance?


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Nov 30, 2009
Minus values in resistance?

I am playing a Zealot paladin in classic D2. Single player, meaning no bNet or anything like that. It is just me and my Pally... (in lvl 33 in Nightmare) Now, in my character view there are 4 fields about your currecnt resistance to cold, lightning , fire and poison and normally it is 0 and if you have som items on you that gives resistance it shows this value.

I noticed that I had -20 (minus 20) for all of these? And I couldn't figure out why? None of my items should do that. The only thing I can think about is a ring that lower all requirements with 20. Could that be it? What does that mean and how does it affect the game?
Re: Minus values in resistance?

This is a penalty when playing in Nightmare; it will lower your overall resistances by -20. If you go back into Normal mode, you'll notice your resistances will go back to 0 (if you don't have +resistance items).

The same thing happens when you go to Hell. Except this value will go to -70 iirc. It's just a way for making the game harder. Also you'll notice that when you die in Nightmare or Hell, you will lose experience (but you can't go down a level).

Hope that helped!
Re: Minus values in resistance?

Well, that sucks!!! :-( I thought that it was just that the monsters were harder to kill, not that you lose resistance as well. Now I know
Thanks for quick reply!
Re: Minus values in resistance?

The experience loss was one of the things that kept me from entering nightmare a few months and I gave me a great deal of grief on Hell.

The resistences will go down by -50 in hell (at least on Diablo 2 Classic 1.09). In the expansion you will get -100 on hell however you can get a +10 All resistences potion after a quest in normal, nighmare and hell. Also in the expansion you can get runes that give you resistences.

Well, the Diablo 2 Classic is nicer on the -resist all and with a few items not too hard to find you can get +90 Resist all.
Check Iratha's Finery (max 85% resist all) and Darkglow. Those two can give you max 90 resist all.

You can also use a 3 Perfect Diamonds socketed Shield/The Ward and Goldskin armor.

You can get those with enough time from normal/nightmare Mephisto.
Re: Minus values in resistance?

I have seen that before in the forums, but how do you actually know which monster is going to drop what? I mean: is there a list of which things can potentially drop from which monster? So if you are looking for a particular item you can know more or less where to go?

E.g. the ones you described as being dropped by Nightmare and normal Mephisto?
Re: Minus values in resistance?

If you're running around nightmare, just about all of the monsters are able to drop any of the items listed by Foxtrue. The chances are higher if it's a quest drop.
Quest drops happen when you kill one of the act bosses and get(finish) the quest which allows you to go to the next act.
You can increase the chance of finding the above items by getting some 150% or so MagicFind in total on your items. No need to go overboard with the Magic Find. Diminishing returns make it so it's just not worth sacrificing your survival and kill speed.
Re: Minus values in resistance?


Yes, the ones I mentioned can be found faster at normal Mephisto (Iratha's Finery and Darkglow) and Nightmare Mephisto( the rest).

Use ATMA to calculate your chances for finding items. Try to stockpile Magic Find items especialy MF unique items, Gull dagger, Chance gloves, Tarnhelm, Goldwrap, Nagelring rings. Normal Mephisto is easy to run and you can get with enough magic find Iratha's Finery and Darkglow.

Also use the Players 8 command to gain more drops and more experience. A word of warning: more experience means also tougher monsters.
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