Mini-MFO IX (The Anti-Pindlethon) [by jjscud]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @jjscud on Oct 9, 2006.
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Mini-mfo IX The Anti-Pindlethon

Short, short version of rules:
Run any Act 5 SU except pindle, keep the goods! This weekend!

The rules:

0 - You may run any act 5 SU except pindle. The minions of SUs also count.

1- Start whenever you want and end 60 hours later (2 1/2 days).
Start 8:00 AM Thursday, End 8:00 PM Saturday
Start Noon Friday, End Midnight Sunday
Start 7:59 PM Monday, End 7:59 AM Wednesday
Start 19:59 Monday, End 7:59 Wednesday

NOTE: The deadline for submitting the results by midnight (23:59) Monday the 16th GMT is very firm so you should start no later than Saturday the 14th

2- No subscription fee! The winner will add to the Mini-MFO trophey case. I'm planning a fancier webbased trophey case in the near future.

3- To keep this simple, we'll just score Elite S/Us. I'll post the scoring chart below. It will technically be a alvl 85 scoring sheet.

4- Do Not post your findings prior to the ending.

5- When it is over, send to jjscud at the following:

- Your forum name. (PLEASE!!)
- Character info (class, build, level).
- ATMA readings of your 3 best finds.
- Total points, added properly as explained below.

5.1- Results MUST be sent by midnight Monday the 16th GMT.

6- The competitor who gets the highest score wins. Rarity shall be measured by a list where each valid item is followed by a number that indicates how rare it is (the bigger the number the rarer the item). Scores are determined by the top three scores.

6.1- If a tie occurs, top item wins.

6.2- If the tie persists, then it is a draw.

7- No items shall be claimed from winners at this edition. Finder's keeper's, if you prefer.

8- Doubts, subscriptions and further suggestions shall be posted in this thread for everybody's knowledge.

9. Scoring:

txt file | csv file

10. Tatics: First, any act 5 SU is allowed except Pindle. Baal is not an S/U so he is not allowed. Nithalthank and Baal's minions are allowed but Nithalthank's tc87 drops are nerfed quite badly. Baals minions drops are nerfed to the level of a champion so the drops from all 5 of baal's minions are roughly equal to the drops of 1 SU. Snapchip Shatter and Frozenstein both drop identical to pindle. Thresh Socket can't drop a few of the top end items but can drop most tc87s and a bit of searching can yield a waypoint that's just 1 teleport away from Thresh. Several other SU's are normally near WPs and you can run as many Act 5 SUs as you want (except Pindle of course).

Mini-MFO Trophey Case

From Steven Q Urkel's win in the Rune Hunt

Frosted_Flakes' Rune Master
Ettin Axe
One-Hand Damage: 122 to 244
Durability: 24 of 24
Required Dexterity: 45
Required Strength: 145
Required Level: 72
Axe Class - Slow Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 87
Fingerprint: 0x97ac6495
+270% Enhanced Damage
+5% to Maximum Cold Resist
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (5: 0 used)

From ~DarkChaos~ in the Baal Mini-MFO

DarkChaos' Isenhart's Case
Breast Plate
Defense: 106
Durability: 50 of 50
Required Strength: 30
Required Level: 8
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x9b509ed4
+40 Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 2

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
+2 to Defense (Based on Character Level)
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

From Tracul's win in the Cow hunt

Daffy's Cow King's Horns
War Hat
Defense: 122
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Strength: 20
Required Level: 25
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0x7536e57c
+75 Defense
Attacker Takes Damage of 10
35% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Half Freeze Duration

From shleefin's win in the Hell SoJ hunt

Scintillating Jewel of Freedom
Required Level: 26
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 66
Fingerprint: 0x4e12151c
All Resistances +15
Requirements -15%

From jrlafrance win in the NM SoJ hunt

Lowest_Levelist's Lightsabre
Phase Blade
One-Hand Damage: 97 to 128
Required Dexterity: 136
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 58
Sword Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 82
Fingerprint: 0xd632ed85
+182% Enhanced Damage
+10 to Minimum Damage
+30 to Maximum Damage
Adds 1-200 lightning damage
Adds 60-120 magic damage
6% Mana stolen per hit
+7 to Light Radius
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target Defense
25% Lightning Absorb
5% Chance to cast Level 17 Chain Lightning on attack

From Wicket's win in the Anti-Pits

WICKET's Astreon's Iron Ward
One-Hand Damage: 136 to 158
Durability: 70 of 70
Required Dexterity: 70
Required Strength: 97
Required Level: 66
Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 99
Fingerprint: 0xd45c19ff
+268% Enhanced Damage
Damage Reduced by 7
Adds 80-240 magic damage
10% Increased Attack Speed
Adds +62 Damage
160% Bonus to Attack Rating
150% Damage to Undead
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
Slows Target by 25%
+2 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
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Mar 19, 2020
Assuming I have the time for it (not to worry people, it won't be an ungodly amount of playing as per my other mini/MFO's) I'll sign up. Likely run Thresh, or maybe Snapchip... oh, I'll see!
Well, I will be running Baal anyway, and since you were kind enough to include Baal's minions, I shall run them and see what comes :p
Me like it, should be a good rest from Pindle 😁 yea right, and maybe I'll have more luck... Anyway, have to start very early (today probably) since I won't be nowhere near my computer over the weekend...

Now, who shall be the lucky monster.... :evil:
baal minions me too. where is snapchip located?
I am in, I will probably run Nilly (I need Baal charms) and maybe mix some other SU for variety (Tresh?).
nebux said:
baal minions me too. where is snapchip located?
Icy Cellar. Here's the list of Act 5 SUs (baal doesn't count).
I'll give it a shot, probably Snapchip and Thresh
:cry: Alot of fun tournament while my year end exam is coming.. Still, i'll give shenk and Eldritch a try..
We don't have to run just one target, right?!
I'm thinking of running Shenk, Eldritch and Thresh Socket in one run, so just want to make sure it's ok...
Don't know if i'll be home and/or motivated. Should it be the case, I might just give Bonesaw Breaker and his Zod-chest a try :badteeth: (Sadly I don't have a fire sorc at the very moment.)
I think im in,gonna run tresh with light zork probably.
I'm in as well. It'll be Thresh and Eldrich that will die horrible and multiple death. 😃

What's the best player setting for them?
Sadly, I won't be joining this :( , I want to finish all 2000 pindle runs and I won't get enough playtime to be in both competitions :(
I'm in, Shenk and Eldritch will be the most likely targets.
Moar said:
I'm in as well. It'll be Thresh and Eldrich that will die horrible and multiple death. 😃

What's the best player setting for them?
Tresh p1 unless u want more exp for sure.
I'm up for it. I'll be running Eldritch and Thresh. I know Shenk is close but I really don't like him. Planning on changing my seed for pindle and finding a close wp to Thresh is a ready made excuse.
I guess is ok to run Shenk and Eldricth p3 or p4 with fishy. I'm in, any table?
Too bad this isn't a qualifier. Pretty rare from Etlitch in only 50 runs. ATMA says "1 : 22653 Homunculus - {qlvl 50} Frigid Highlands - {mlvl 84}"

Hierophant Trophy
Defense: 186
Chance to Block: 72%
Smite Damage: 0 to 0
Durability: 10 of 20
(Necromancer Only)
Required Strength: 58
Required Level: 42
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0xe0eb8394
+20 to Energy
+162% Enhanced Defense
+40% Increased Chance of Blocking
Regenerate Mana 33%
All Resistances +40
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels
30% Faster Block Rate
+5 to Mana After Each Kill
+2 to Curses (Necromancer Only)

For the record, I started last night @ 8:00pm.
Sign me up, jj:thumbsup:

Will be running Thresh (what are the items he can't drop, btw? Never ran any a5su other than Pindle)

gl 2 all
Mar 19, 2020
Ok, to answer a few questions and give a bit of general help, here's a quote or two from Hrus's guide:

Hrus's MF Gudie said:
Other superuniques
Pindleskin is the best superunique for MF because of his high mlvl and easy access.
Here is the list of other Act5 Superuniques with standard superunique 2item drop:

name mlvl TC
Frozenstein 86 TC87 high
Snapchip Shatter 86 TC87 high
Thresh Socket 84 TC87 high
Sharptooth Slayer 84 TC87 low
Dac Farren 83 TC87 low
Bonesaw Breaker 86 TC84
Eldritch the Rectifier 84 TC84
Eyeback the Unleashed 84 TC84
Schenk the Overseer 83 TC84
Where TC87 high means armo87 1:186, TC87 low means armo87 1:1674 per dropped item!
The lower monster level - the longer list of uniques that can't be dropped. Here is the list:
uqlvl=87: Arachnid Mesh, Azurewrath, Tyrael's Might
uqlvl=86: Crown of Ages, Mang Song's Lesson, Stormlash, Tomb Reaver
uqlvl=85: Alma Negra, Andariel's Visage, Arioc's Needle, Arkaine's Valor, Halaberd's Reign, Kira's Guardian, Metalgrid, Rainbow Facet,Shadowkiller, The Cranium Basher, The Gladiator's Bane, The Grandfather, Wolfhowl
uqlvl=84: Boneshade, Dracul's Grasp, Dragonscale, Griffon's Eye, Hellrack, Medusa's Gaze, Wisp Projector, Wraithflight

So, for example, Thresh can't drop Wolfhowl even though his TC is high enough because his mlvl (84) is lower than Wolfhowl's qlvl (85). He can however drop Griffon's Eye, Death's Web and Astreons Iron Ward.

Bonesaw on the other hand can drop Wolfhowl because he pulls from a high enough tc and his mlvl is greater than or equal to Wolfhowl's qlvl. He cannot drop Death's Web Astreons Iron Ward, Mang Song's Lesson or any other tc87 even though is qlvl is high enough because he only picks from tc84 and lower.
I've wondered for so long why Dac Farren gets his TC upgraded to A5 Super B, while Shenk only to A5 Super A, even though they are in the same area. To this day, RTB has failed to answer me as to why. I must know!
DarkChaos said:
I've wondered for so long why Dac Farren gets his TC upgraded to A5 Super B, while Shenk only to A5 Super A, even though they are in the same area. To this day, RTB has failed to answer me as to why. I must know!
In superuniques.txt where are specified the TCs for all superunique monsters. Dac Farren has A5 (H) Super B there, Shenk has A5 (H) Super A, both Shenk and Dac Farren have not their mlvl high enough to upgrade their TC.
BTW. while regular bosses has to be mlvl=84 to drop from TC87 high, it's not the same with superuniques, because superunique TC group has lvls for upgrading TC set differently. Superunique monster has to be at least lvl 94 (!) to upgrade to highest TC, therefore all A5 superuniques use the TC which is specified directly in superuniques.txt and don't get any upgrades. (Nihlathak has his own TC)

TC               group  lvl
Act 4 (H) Super C   18   87
Act 5 (H) Super A   18   90
Act 5 (H) Super B   18   93
Act 5 (H) Super C   18   96

Act 4 (H) Unique B  15   80
Act 5 (H) Unique A  15   81
Act 5 (H) Unique B  15   83
Act 5 (H) Unique C  15   85
OK, my time is up. I'll send my results to jjscud in a few minutes...
Ah yes, about this one...
Sorry jjscud, but I'll have to bail out here. Did my Pindlethon runs and am tired atm plus some RL interference, so I just can't make it...

Sorry, and good luck everyone

Gonna start tonight with Snapchip runs. My PvP ES/fire sorc can do the runs quite good in about 30 sec average.
Anybody know what runes the chest at Snapchip can drop?
START: friday 15 (3 pm for you time-challenged Americans:smiley:)

END: monday 3 am

Will be probably running Thresh (it's amazing to do runs that are quicker than Pindle btw)
Tweety: A5 chests can drop all runes including Zod.
i'll start in an hour wih Morph wolfbarb 0 mf ( or maybe i'll put a gheed charm )
baal rns for exp. what drops is good

Fists of Legend

There's a few maybe's in there but should be a good group. I'll officially close signups in another 3 hours.

As for me, I'll also be baal running some, if not all so hopefully baal's minions are dropping nice (they've been terrible lately). I've also found a Snapchip map with my Zon that is almost as fast as pindle and another with my hammerdin that is just as fast so I'll be doing some snapchip runs too.
Found a nice tresh map and going to start tommorow.Btw why are u guys running snap?I went there and met some nice dolls,gloams and snakes.Will never go back there!
Nothing spectacular yet, did pop this from Snaps chest:

Tal Rasha's Guardianship
Lacquered Plate
Defense: 939
Durability: 43 of 55
Required Strength: 83
Required Level: 71
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 83
Fingerprint: 0x97191e41
+400 Defense
Magic Damage Reduced by 15
Fire Resist +40%
Lightning Resist +40%
Cold Resist +40%
**% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Requirements -60%

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
10% Faster Cast Rate
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
Naab said:
Btw why are u guys running snap?I went there and met some nice dolls,gloams and snakes.Will never go back there!
Snapchip, Frozenstein, and Pindle are the only act 5 SUs with high probabilities of dropping tc87s.

Pindle is out for this tourney, frozenstein is usually burried deep in the frozen river but the Icy Cellar map is quite simple. But, yes, running him is a bit exciting.

Edit: Check that, Thresh also has a high probability but can't drop several more items due to his lower mlvl.

@tweety - I don't think Snapchip has a chest. Are you sure that's not Bonesaw? (I still had them mixed up earlier this week).
Perhaps I should make a quick app to print out the 3 most valuable items in a stash from an ATMA dump and the score guide csv file.

Would any use that?

EDIT: I could add in the ability to get the top items, and probably an interface since I have gotten around to learning to write those in the time I have spent away from D2.
EDIT: I'll try and play a few hours if I find the time and/or the motivation. We shall see.
18 hours into it and I'm happy so far with the top 3 :p

Still room for improvement though........
23 hours left for me and I'll probably sleep through 12 of them. I consider hibernating a valid lifestyle. 😃

I found out that I can't just sit there and run a target for more than about 300-400 runs a day, it gets too boring after that and I go and do something else. Might have to force myself to do more time tomorrow!
Did a few runs and got nothing more than a few grailers. Oh well, fun to just run something else other than pindle.
Drop me jjscud, i don't have any free time at the moment until December 7th.
Couple of runs done this morning. Nothing but grailers. Don't know if I'll get many more runs done. Have to go check deer stand tomorrow. Looks like I will what ever I get tonight is what I'll have. Still a lot of fun not having to stare at pindles ugly face for awhile.
Mar 19, 2020
Finished a few hours early. Thresh wasn't really cooperating much today.
Email with score/readouts sent.
Yeah, I'm dropping out.
Good,maybe we have a chance now,have to get rid of grogs too tho:laugh:
On topic,did 700 tresh runs yersterday and the resulst were slighly better then with pindle, but nothing exiting.36 hours left.
Finally a TC 87 and it drops from the chest :(. I'm not at all convinced that Snapchip has the same drop chances as pindle. I've seen very little blue and yellow TC 87's

Gargoyle's Bite
Winged Harpoon
Throw Damage: 35 to 249
One-Hand Damage: 87 to 113
Quantity: 68
Required Dexterity: 145
Required Strength: 76
Required Level: 70
Javelin Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 83
Fingerprint: 0xa2eec67a
+224% Enhanced Damage
+292 poison damage over 10 seconds
10% Life stolen per hit
Level 11 Plague Javelin (49/60 Charges)
Replenishes Quantity
Maybe that's because you can run Pindle faster?
Its not that, I did over a thousand runs and seen only a yellow berserker axe and a blue myrmidon greaves. I might have missed a few, but should have seen about 30 base TC87 items.
results sent to jjscud.
only two items with 0%MF.
near lvl 95 my wolfbarb died twice ( tryed to recover my corpse) from an IM hacking device. now i'm back at 94 1/2. i'm borred.
i just play my other builds
Just noticed, check my post few posts before yours, I just returned from my weekend and haven't got time before and will not have after it, so I'm out :sad2:
Looking forward to the next, or the big MFO :cool:
Had to stop early. To many things came up this weekend. Was able to get enough to be able to send a score to jjscud. See you all at the next one.
I kindof agree with tweety (and I found the chest). I did a few hundred snapchip runs last night and found squat. On top of that, I saw one blue bezerker Axe. That's the only tc87 I've seen him drop.

Honestly, I've seen alot of wierd things in d2 so I suspect this is just an unlucky steak and the numbers are right, but he sure feel stingy.
Is someone that is used to looking into txt files able to see wether Snapchip is really dropping like he is supposed to according to the dropcalculator of ATMA. If you would ask me he is not the same as Pindle, did another 400 runs today and didn't see a single TC 87, which is weird, unlucky streaks or not.
From SuperUniques.txt:

Pindleskin: Pindleskin reanimatedhorde5 52 9 0 0 6 6 1 0 0 22 22 22 Act 5 Super Cx Act 5 (N) Super Cx Act 5 (H) Super Cx 0

Snapchip Shatter: Snapchip Shatter frozenhorror1 53 7 18 0 4 4 1 0 0 23 23 23 Act 5 Super C Act 5 (N) Super C Act 5 (H) Super C 0

Frozenstein: Frozenstein snowyeti4 59 18 25 0 5 6 1 0 0 19 19 19 Act 5 Super C Act 5 (N) Super C Act 5 (H) Super C 0

Thresh Socket: Threash Socket siegebeast3 51 7 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 37 37 37 Act 5 Super Cx Act 5 (N) Super Cx Act 5 (H) Super Cx 0

From TreasureClassEx.txt

Act 5 (H) Super Cx: 18 96 -4 512 654 972 1024 0 Act 5 (H) Uitem C 2 Act 5 (H) Cpot C 2 0

Act 5 (H) Super C: 18 96 -4 800 800 972 1024 0 Act 5 (H) Uitem C 2 Act 5 (H) Cpot C 2 0

They are the same.
@ DC: I don't know what you've posted there. All I see is a bunch of numbers, and TC groups. Are there some column headings that help make sense of all those numbers?
TCgroup(for TC upgrades) , level needed to upgrade , picks (-4 always four picks total), four numbers related to unique/set/rare/magic chance (even though they differ here, Cx gets the same numbers as C later in the evaluation, so no difference at all between the two), nodrop, first TC, picks(as there was a negative number earlier) from first TC, second TC, picks from second, (can't remember which zero comes at this point)
I highlighted the important parts. A5H Super C and A5H Super Cx will drop the same, which is why I posted the TreasureClassEx snippet. The numbers before don't really matter, they include inherent Superunique mods and the like. Aw the hell with it... since you asked... column headings:

SuperUniques: Superunique Name Class hcIdx MonSound Mod1 Mod2 Mod3 MinGrp MaxGrp EClass AutoPos Stacks Replaceable Utrans Utrans(N) Utrans(H) TC TC(N) TC(H) *eol

TreasureClassEx: Treasure Class group level Picks Unique Set Rare Magic NoDrop Item1 Prob1 Item2 Prob2 Item3 Prob3 Item4 Prob4 Item5 Prob5 Item6 Prob6 Item7 Prob7 Item8 Prob8 Item9 Prob9 Item10 Prob10 SumItems TotalProb DropChance Term
Ok, so what am I understanding incorrectly here.

Skipping the irrelevant parts, towards the end of this equation you get

TotalChance = MFChance * ( 1 - probability / 1024)

MF chance is influenced by MF and other things but "probability" is taken from TreasureClassEx.

For Act 5 (H) Super Cx, this number is 512 for uniques:

TotalChance = MFChance * ( 1 - 512 / 1024)

TotalChance = MFChance * ( 1 - .5)

TotalChance = MFChance * .5

BUT for Act 5 (H) Super C: this is 800

TotalChance = MFChance * ( 1 - 800 / 1024)

TotalChance = MFChance * ( 1 - .8) *

TotalChance = MFChance * .2

Resulting in a final frop rate for uniques thats 2/5ths that of Act 5 (H) Super Cx.

I've been told they are the same but the numbers work out different, what's wrong here?

*I'm not bothering with a calculator, 800/1024 is close enough to .8 for this conversation.
Both "Act 5 (H) Super C" and "Act 5 (H) Super Cx" TCs lead to "Act 5 (H) Uitem C" TC, which has quality factors: 800/800/800/1024. The highest of factors is allways used, so in Pindleskin case - 800 is used instead of 512 for uniques.
Remember 1.10 release notes? That Pindleskin drop odds were greatly reduced? I think that this was rather lame try to reduce his drops in 1.10...

Oh, and I am really sorry, but I was busy this weekend, so I spent only around an hour to this tourney.
I still find it weird.
Thresh saved me from total embarasment, giving me my top two items in just a few hundred runs. He did drop the usual 2 TC87 weapon and 1 TC87 armor/ 100 runs as he is supposed to, but Snappy was not, by far. Snapchips chance to drop TC87 is more like cows.
@jjscud: Hrus already pointed out that the highest numbers are used (and are same), but your formula is also the wrong way around. Higher numbers should (and do) result in more checks passed, and 1024 has to lead to "always drop this", see for example the quest drops for act bosses, which have quality factors of 1024 for rare and magic.
Mar 19, 2020
Originally posted by: @jjscud

Griswold redemption: 11.3
Ghostflame: 9.3
Demonhorns Edge: 7.9
Total score: 28.5


Crown of Ages: 10.7
Ghostflame: 9.3
Arkaine's Valor: 7.8
Total: 27.8

Templar's Might: 10..7
Griswold's Honor: 9.8
Steel Shade: 6.6
Total: 27.1

Ghostflame: 9.3
Executioner's Justice: 9.3
Steel Carapace: 8.1
Total: 26.7

Boneshade: 7.9
Horizon's Tornado: 5.7
Griswold's Valor: 4.3
Total: 17.9

Fists of Legend
M'avina's Caster 5.2
Naj's Puzzler 3.1
Demon Limb 2.8
Total: 11.1

Ormus' Robes: 3.9
Hellslayer: 2.6
Ethereal Edge: 2.5
Total: 9.0

Laying of Hands: 1.4
Leviathan: 5.7
Total: 7.1

Stone Crusher: 4.6
IK Stone Crusher: 1
Total: 5.6

Naj's Light Plate: 3.1
Total: 3.1

First, thanks to everyone for getting results in early. Congrats to tweety, back at the top of the mini-mfo.

Also, a big thanks to Thresh, he seemed to be the only ACT 5 SU willing to give up the goods reasonably. (I don't think grog's effort would be reasonable)
Mar 19, 2020
congrats to tweety
hahahaha i beated two nubz. i was thinking i'm the last.
Yes gongratz to tweety.Dang if my Legendary mallet would have been a schaefers i would have won.I know im a bad loser
Nice, its been a while since I won one of these. I didn't expect to this even after Thresh dropped the griswolds redemption and Ghostflame in the last few hours.
The Ghostflame was a grailer for me, so that made me extra happy, only Stormlash and Tyraels to go.
Do I send you an item jjscud?
Yep, any item, whatever you want people to see, preferrably personalized.
Congrats to tweety! 👍

I knew my score wouldn't be good enough.
I'm very happy with Thresh's drops though. I got quite a few grailers and other useful stuff. He'll get regular visits from now on.

Thanks for hosting this tournament, jjscud.
GG tweety, I thought I had that until I found that Mav's true sight and the 2 BK swords scored less than Arkanie's ??

Gratz on joining the 2 to go club in the SF grail.... Marvel has yet to find a lash and Tyraels, and I'm still trying to find that DW + Tyraels.

@jjscud - not reasonable :p, I only did 300 odd runs, unfortunately RL got in the way on Sunday.......

EDIT: I'll post a screenie of the total haul when I get home from work...
No wonder I can't keep up. I had a good running day saturday with a bit over 50 runs.
Congrats Tweety. Can't wait to see what you put in the display case. Thanks jjscud for hosting. Was a nice break from pindle.

Sounds like you can curse rl with me for getting in the way.😁
One of those two nubs only did 125 runs...

Congrats Tweety, nice to see you still have interest here. Also nice to see you and grogs on top of the leader board once again!
And here it is, the shiny new trophy for the thophy case.

nathalie's Griswold's Redemption
One-Hand Damage: 122 to 150
Durability: 70 of 70
Required Dexterity: 56
Required Strength: 78
Required Level: 66
Mace Class - Fastest Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0xdce55620
+203% Enhanced Damage
Requirements -20%
40% Increased Attack Speed
350% Damage to Undead

***Partial Set Item Bonuses***
+2 to Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+10 to Minimum Damage
+20 to Maximum Damage
***Partial Set Item Bonuses***

Socketed (3: 0 used)
Can I get in to see the display case without having to pay the 1000 gold entry fee?😁

That will look great added into the trophy case for the next MFO.
Finds from the Mini MFO.
Maybe I'll eventually win one of these :p

Thanks again jjscud for hosting:thumbsup:
IMO grogs wins because Baal's minions drop less than Act5 Super C bosses.

Just joking, though, congrats to tweety on winning! Maybe I can join in the next one, it's a shame I didn't have the time for this one; I was really looking forward to running an out-of-the-way boss.