Mini-MFO III (Lord of the Pit) [by ricrestoni]

Mar 19, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @ricrestoni on Oct 25, 2004.
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3rd Weekend Mini-MFO

Yes, we are back this weekend - is tweety going to be defeated this time, or will he prove once again he is invincible? Fasten your seatbelts, it is the...

3rd Weekend Mini-MFO
Lord of the Pit Edition

The rules:

0 (the implied rule) - If thou reads this, THOU MUST BY ALL MEANS TAKE PART ON IT!

1- It starts this Friday, 10-29, 8 PM, and ends next Monday, 11-01, 8 AM. These are your local time.

2- Thou shalt pay the subscription fee and subscribe thyself for any categories thou wishest, before it begins. Only members of the SPF may enter the competition.

2.1- As a member of the SPF, thou must fulfill at least one of the following pre-requisites:

- Post an intro thread
- Frequent EMB
- Blame Durf

2.2- The subscription fee, for thy knowledge, is a rune TIR or better, a jewel and a Perfect Gem of thy choosing, which thou must send to ricrestoni at pop dot com dot br for thy entrance to be accepted.

2.3- The categories are Softcore and Hardcore. Thou shalt clearly state which one(s) thou competest at by posting it properly at this thread and/or stating it clearly by e-mail.

2.4- If thy desires are to compete in both categories, send two entry fees, separated accordingly.

3- Thou shalt kill all monsters in level-85 areas in your category(ies) until thy eyes wither, and horde thy spoils. The pit is a favourite, but there are others. Read this guide to know more.

4- Thou shalt NOT post your findings prior to the ending. Tweety, thy bragger, refrain thy instincts!

5- Thou shalt, when it is over, send to ricrestoni at pop dot com dot br the following:

- Thy forum name.

And for each category:

- Thy character info (class, build, level, %MF).
- ATMA readings of thy 2 rarest findings from the Pit or the other allowed areas during the valid period, containing all item information, including - but not limited to - fingerprints. Only set and unique elite items are valid entries, so thou knowest.

5.1- Thy info MUST be sent up to 36 hours after the end of the competition.

6- The competitor who gets the rarest item wins. Rarity shall be measured by a list for each category where each valid item is followed by a number that indicates how rare it is (the bigger the number the rarer the item).

6.1- If a tie occurs, the competitor who found the 2nd rarest item wins.

6.2- If the tie persists, then it is a draw.

6.3- If a draw occurs between the victors, the prizes shall be divided in a brotherly fashion.

7- No items shall be claimed from winners at this edition. Finder's keeper's, if thou preferest.

8- Thou shall NOT identify the items thou intendest to apply to thy victory. ATMA is reserved to give thee the pleasures of thy finding, not Deckard Cain. IDed items willl NOT be accepted as valid entries.

8.1- Optional rulings shall be reserved for MAC users and other special cases.

9- The prizes will be 3 stashes for each category, the jewel one, the runes and the gems, all filled with thy paid fees. They shall be given like this:

1st place - first pick
2nd place - second pick
3rd place - remaining stash

9.1- Contents of the prize stashes are accessable by request from any competitor.

9.2- Additional prizes may be donated to the victors, and if they exist, they will be treated as this narrator sees fit.

10- Doubts, subscriptions and further suggestions shall be posted in this thread for everybody's knowledge.

11- Thou wilt have fun!

The list of items will follow soon.