Mini-MFO II (Quest for the Lost SoJ) [by ricrestoni]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @ricrestoni on Oct 4, 2004.
(link to original thread on

2nd Weekend Mini-MFO

First one was a blast! Some rules changed, so read them all.

Now it is time to...

2nd Weekend Mini-MFO
Quest for the Lost SoJ Edition

The rules:

0 (the implied rule) - If thou reads this, THOU MUST BY ALL MEANS TAKE PART ON IT!

1- It starts this Friday, 10-08, 8 PM, and ends next Monday, 10-11, 8 AM. These are your local time.

2- Thou shalt pay the subscription fee and subscribe thyself for any categories thou wishest, before it begins. Only members of the SPF may enter the competition.

2.1- As a member of the SPF, thou must fulfill at least one of the following pre-requisites:

- Post an intro thread
- Frequent EMB
- Blame Durf

2.2- The subscription fee, for thy knowledge, is a rune TIR or better, a jewel and a Perfect Gem of thy choosing, which thou must send to ricrestoni at pop dot com dot br for thy entrance to be accepted.

2.3- The categories are Hell Andariel and Nightmare Andariel. Thou shalt clearly state which one(s) thou competest at by posting it properly at this thread and/or stating it clearly by e-mail.

3- Thou shalt kill Andariel in your category(ies) until thy eyes melt, and horde thy spoils.

4- Thou shalt NOT post your findings prior to the ending. N'thraXX, thy spoiler, read attentively!

5- Thou shalt, when it is over, send to ricrestoni at pop dot com dot br the following:

- Thy forum name.

And for each category:

- Thy character info (class, build, level, %MF).
- ATMA readings of thy 5 rarest findings from Andariel during the valid period, containing all item information, including - but not limited to - fingerprints. Only set and unique rings, amulets and charms are valid entries, so thou knowest.
- Thy total points, added properly as explained below.

5.1- Thy info MUST be sent up to 36 hours after the end of the competition.

6- The competitor who gets the highest score wins. Rarity shall be measured by a list for each category where each valid item is followed by a number that indicates how rare it is (the bigger the number the rarer the item). Add the value of thy five rarest findings to get to your final score for each category you play in. Do NOT mix different categories!

6.1- If a tie occurs, the competitor who found the most SoJs wins

6.2- On a second tie, rarest find unties, then second, and so forth up to the 5th.

6.3- If the tie persists, then it is a draw.

6.4- If a draw occurs between the victors, the prizes shall be divided in a brotherly fashion.

7- No items shall be claimed from winners at this edition. Finder's keeper's, if thou preferest.

8- Thou shall NOT identify the items thou intendest to apply to thy victory. ATMA is reserved to give thee the pleasures of thy finding, not Deckard Cain. IDed items willl NOT be accepted as valid entries.

8.1- Optional rulings shall be reserved for MAC users and other special cases.

9- The prizes will be 3 stashes, the jewel one, the runes and the gems, all filled with thy paid fees. They shall be given like this:

Hell Andy, 1st place - first pick
NM Andy, 1st place - second pick
Hell Andy, 2nd place - remaining stash

9.1- Contents of the prize stashes are accessable by request from any competitor.

9.2- Additional prizes may be donated to the victors, and if they exist, they will be treated as this narratos sees fit.

10- Doubts, subscriptions and further suggestions shall be posted in this thread for everybody's knowledge.

11- Thou wilt have fun!

The list of items will follow soon.

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Mar 19, 2020
Hell Andariel

6,3 Manald Heal
6,3 Nagelring
6,8 Gheed's Fortune
9,4 Dwarf Star
9,4 Raven Frost
11,6 Nokozan Relic
23,2 The Mahim-Oak Curio
31,3 Carrion Wind
46,4 Atma's Scarab
46,4 Crescent Moon
46,4 Highlord's Wrath
46,4 Saracen's Chance
46,4 The Cat's Eye
46,4 The Eye of Etlich
46,4 The Rising Sun
77,4 Seraph's Hymn
93,9 Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
93,9 The Stone of Jordan

1,0 Cathan's Seal
2,3 Angelic Halo
9,0 Angelic Wings
9,0 Cathan's Sigil
9,0 Civerb's Icon
9,0 Iratha's Collar
9,0 Tancred's Weird
9,0 Vidala's Snare
62,8 Arcanna's Sign
62,8 Tal Rasha's Adjudication
62,8 Telling of Beads
Nightmare Andariel

3,5 Manald Heal
3,5 Nagelring
5,9 Nokozan Relic
11,8 The Mahim-Oak Curio
23,5 The Eye of Etlich
52,1 The Stone of Jordan

1,0 Cathan's Seal
2,3 Angelic Halo
9,0 Angelic Wings
9,0 Cathan's Sigil
9,0 Civerb's Icon
9,0 Iratha's Collar
9,0 Tancred's Weird
9,0 Vidala's Snare
62,8 Arcanna's Sign
62,8 Tal Rasha's Adjudication
62,8 Telling of Beads
Well, I am in.

Using Patriarch Frosty the Frost Zealot.

NM Andraiel of course.

With thy payment sent, I declare holy war on NM Andy!
To make easy access to competitors, this post will be edited several times.

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
Well, I am also in.

Using Brrr the blizzard sorc.

Hell Andariel of course
Sounds good to me!

Patriarch Senjutsu: Immortal King Twirlygig
Nightmare Andariel
Thy entrance fee shall be sent shortly
I'm in!

Hell Andariel!

Edit: :lol:

Just noticed the fourth rule when I was reading the rules over a second time. :teeth:
Also, wouldn't it be easier to just state the email addy as: *never mind*

Subscription fee sent.
He's listing his email like that to avoid spam bots parsing it from the site. Also, payment sent.
Yeah, N'thraXX, please edit it back, because this mail is my best spam free addy!
I'm definitely in !
No revealing finds ? That motivated me more than anything last time, but it makes the whole thing a bit more exciting so it's cool.

Sign me up for Hell Andariel, i'll be sending the fee shortly.
I'm terribly sorry. I edited it away. Never knew that one!
Dammit, cannot edit anymore!

To make easy access to competitors, this post will be edited several times.

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
Hell Andy for me.
the fee should be with you by... now.
Oh, damn, damn, damn, damn, etc.

You would pick the one weekend that I absolutely cannot play. :lol:

Next time. Good luck to the entrants. 👍
I will play this time.
Hell andy with my blizzard sorc.

@ricrestoni: I will pay you as soon as I get home, friday night or saturday morning.

BTW, what if we all donate the Cathan's Seals to that guy who is collecting them?
got more free time this weekend. count me in. will pay when i get home tonight!

cat:hell andariel
char:bliz sorc, 520% mf

@Dundee - I was going to make a rule about it! Then I forgot it when I typed it. Yeah, everybody sending those Seals to Freekje!

@roninDOG - guess you mean Andariel, not Meph, right?
I'm in.. Hrmm.... Hell and Nightmare Andariel. Sending the payment now..
@ricrestoni - yup andariel, sorry i hear meph die many times each day, and he is constantly on my mind.
Mar 19, 2020
Well editing will not work, now I know.

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)
sledgez (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
sledgez (paid)

Weird how, after typing the word 'paid' so many times, it starts to not seem a word anymore.

sledgez sent some neat stuff as payment!

I'm in, first competition so probably won't spectacular but I'll give it a try.

Target: NM Andariel

Char: Strafeazon

Entance Fee will be send immediately.
Yeah ha ha! It's time to find me some set charmz!!!

I'll pay when I'm home. Sign me up for Hell Andy. With Clyde, the Bone Necro (lvl 76).
Count me in for both. Question though, I am assuming that it is one payment each. One for Hell one for NM?

My payment will be later this week as I gave away all my stuff and now have to do a few runs with my SC char to find stuff for payment :lol: .
Are you doing some crafting ricrestoni?
Time for a quick update:

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)
sledgez (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
sledgez (paid)
jjscud (paid)

Prize stashes size: 8

@gabriel: It is only one fee that will grant access to any number of categories (up to the number of 2, in this case).

@JE: sledgez sent a KO, now what would you craft with that? :lol: Besides, 3 jewels of fervor and 2 shimmering ones. Not the +stamina crap I am used to burn up in crafts.
I'm sending the stash right now. If there was a crafting recipe that used a Ko, I'd damn well use it...if I had a Ko.

In the spirit, I'm sending an Amn, a pretty cool rare jewel, and a Perfect Sapphire. All right, the Sapphire sucks, but sue me.
Can't make it for this one cos I'm without a computor all weekend. Have fun guys and may the WF be with you.
I'm defenitly in
Sending the entry fee right now.
Category - NM Andariel

My char - Trinity

It seems that I've wasted my luck:
on my 3th map rerol I get a nice seed and killed andy then an unique ring dropped. So I identified it (the MFO is not started so it wount count to my score) and TA-DAAAA it was a STONE OF JORDAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may try for a few runs myself, but only if you would introduce a special HC category. I don't feel like competing against all you reckless SC runners.
A bit chicken, yes but still.

For now: HC Hell andariel. Probably with my zealot/paladin, but we'll see.
I'll check back to see if there are any more competitors.

EDIT: Sorry, I subscribed, but I am not even here at the time, so I will not compete. Good luck with it you all!!!
Quick update:

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
tweety (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)
roninDOG (paid)
sledgez (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
sledgez (paid)
jjscud (paid)
a_shikoff (paid, I think)

HC Hell Andariel


Prize stashes size (R/G/J): 11/11/12 IIRC

@a_shikoff: I think it was you who sent the fee last night, but I was so sleepy between Meph runs i can't quite remember. I will confirm tonight when i get home.

@Gouda: Of course you are in, now try to convince some HC fellows to join this. Not sure about HC prizes. Maybe some kingdom of loathing stuff? :lol:

@Freekje: Don't worry, the Seals will flow. Make it easy for all of us and put your e-mail address here as well!
a_shikoff said:
It seems that I've wasted my luck:
on my 3th map rerol I get a nice seed and killed andy then an unique ring dropped. So I identified it (the MFO is not started so it wount count to my score) and TA-DAAAA it was a STONE OF JORDAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me too, Manald Heal Ring, dang.
Nope, confused me. a_shikoff still owes the fee. Confounded with yashugan. Count is 10/10/11.

@a_shikoff: hey, it takes 2 of those to make a happy sorc!

I made also some NM runs with my meteorb, and nothing useful dropped, only a bunch of normal uniques. Not a Cathan's Seal, not even one puny valid item. It means my luck is accumulating for the big weekend discharge - I feel a LO coming! :teeth:
So I haven't paid? Damn. You do use an @ in the address right?
Hmm it seems that I hace a problem
every time I send you the entry fee I receive it back
please PM me your correct e-mail or write me a mail to anton at semba dot biz
I'm afraid I have to withdraw.. (grr..), I'm moving into an apartment and don't know when I'll be hooked up. Go ahead and keep my entrance fee, though.
I like to join this VERY much because I like Andy running very much (look as strategy compendium ;)), and I like MFO (I took place at last normal MFO).

1) I play HC only now. I may join HC category anyway.
2) I have to go out of town for duty journey right now :(((. I hope I’ll be back before week-end.
3) I have to find items for payment. ;)))

I like to run NM Andy with my TWD HC tournament level 64 Freezing zon Iarde. ~100% MF only. Sorry Gouda, I don’t have accesses to Hell yet with her.

So sign me in (with question sign) to NM category. I’ll do my best to come back to my home to Friday-Saturday to send payment and play the mini-MFO.

EDIT: *reads rules* Oh! I blame Durf for that! ;)
@a_shikoff: If my forum name at will not work, you can alternatively try my forum name at

@ JicamaEater: that's right, send it again for both e-mails above.

@sledgez: too bad you already paid it! No refunds! :teeth: These rules rule!

@Igor: received an unIDed e-mail I think it's yours. If so, we continue to talk by e-mail.
No. I’m out of home now unable to send payment. It is not my mail.
I’m still waiting for my boss to go out…
Mar 19, 2020
Sorry ric I totally spaced putting my forum name on my e-mail, mine was the one you assumed was Igor's. Let me know, by e-mail, if it works. I am looking forward to this weekend, however, I don't know if I have the patience to get a good map or just deal with what I can find.
Time for a new update:

Quick update:

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
tweety (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)
roninDOG (paid)
Gabriel74 (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
jjscud (paid)
Gabriel74 (paid)

HC Hell Andariel

Gouda (paid)

HC NM Andariel

Igor Potapov

Stash count: suddenly a surprise

Gouda and Igor, only HC men, I was thinking about merging HC and SC. Any sugestions on how this can work out? Or would you rather keep separated categories?

Edit: sledgez dropped out.

If thine name is DarkNovaStar, which it is, thy will joinest thy funnest MFO and kill Andariel, on hell mode, MANY MANY TIMES, she will phear my hammer of smiting :) payment on the way!


Edit: just looked in my stash and no jewels, yikes! i guess ill be running around sancutary a while to find one, or can i throw 2 runes in??
Yeah, put an extra rune and that is ok. But it has to be beautiful. And not too expensive. Then cut the mightiest tree of this forum with a herring!
Oh, I thought that some might wanna know (calculations for Hell mode, mostly applies for NM too):

Usually Bosses are run on players 3, right? Well since we're hunting for jewelry (applies for runes aswell) you should run on players 4. It increases SoJs drop chances by 2%.

Say you do 500 runs with no MF at all, you get a 0.1% better chance of getting atleast one SoJ during those runs when running on /p4 compared to /p3. If you have ~600MF the % is little over 0.2%.

[If you have the 1st drop bug then SoJs drop chances are about 3 times greater than without the bug. With 600MF and 500 runs you have a ~32% of finding atleast one SoJ (/p4).]

So for the extra MF luck run on /P4!

Wait a minute! Why am I helping you! :lol:
I'm in!

I will be joining for some NM Andy. Since I only have one character that has completed NM, I guess Lyssa, my witchyzon lvl82, will have the honors. Payment is on the way!!

All right, feeling stupid cause I missed the "dot br" thing the first time. Should go through now.
Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
tweety (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)
roninDOG (paid)
Gabriel74 (paid)
dark_novastar (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
jjscud (paid)
Gabriel74 (paid)
clerictulani (paid)

HC Hell Andariel

Gouda (paid)

HC NM Andariel

Igor Potapov
I would like to get in on this. I am brand new to the forums, I posted for the first time yesterday. I would like to run Hell Andy with my fireball/orb sorc level 86. I have 517% MF on her.

I will send payment as soon as I get off work tonight. As the forum noob, I would like to send an additional item or two to be awarded as you see fit. I will send three actually, one can go to each category.

I spend most of my time playing doing mf runs, so I have heaps of neat stuff, and more than one of many nice items. I plan to donate a +3 enchant ormus robes, a lightsabre and something else. If this is not acceptable, just email the items back to me.

I can't tell you how excited I am to see these kinds of contests being held. Remember, I am brand new to these forums.

Good luck to everyone!
Unless I find a very good reason to use my Meteorb (that death-screaming is getting on to my nerves) I will use my chee... I mean my Hammerdin:

Matriarch HammerSlammer, lvl 90
Hammerdin, 657% MF

It's the same char I used in the last MFO. I hope the WF will be with him again.
N'thraXX said:
Matriarch HammerSlammer, lvl 90
Hammerdin, 657% MF
So was the surgery painfull.
I bet you're having a fun time keeping track of everything, ricrestoni. :p

I moved in alot faster than I thought I would, (had some unexpected help), and the phone company was on the ball, so.. can I re-enter? :S

@ron: I put at the rules explicitly that people can donate to the winners. Feel free to e-mail me all you want to add to the prizes, as well as any way you want it to be given (like giving item A for the lowest level competitor, giving item B for NM last place - it is your call, really). If you don't state anything special, I will just spread them in the 3 stashes to make them equally appealing.

And welcome aboard!

Edit: Sure, sledgez, the fee is already paid! Both categories again?
ricrestoni said:
Edit: Sure, sledgez, the fee is already paid! Both categories again?
yep! fillspacefillspace
Just trying to see if you received my entry fee. I hope I sent it right.
tweety said:
So was the surgery painfull.
First I was like, what the hell are you talking about. Then I noticed it. BIG:lol:
Oh, bad news for me,

it seems that the weekend woun't be availible for DII.
But we'll see. Don't withdrow me from the tourney yet.
Just to spam:

Patriarch HammerSlammer, lvl 90
Hammerdin, 660% MF

I found a 29% Nagel to replace the 26%.
I just called ricrestoni at home, it is 12:09 PM here and, DAMN, the dude is still asleep!

The Olympics has been running for 4 hours here and he is late for his own creation!

... well, better i take advantage of this time to get a lead on him :D
Snowmore said:
I just called ricrestoni at home, it is 12:09 PM here and, DAMN, the dude is still asleep!

The Olympics has been running for 4 hours here and he is late for his own creation!

... well, better i take advantage of this time to get a lead on him :D
You can only start at 8 PM, so you have to wait 8 more hours!! 7 1/2 now.
Mar 19, 2020
44 minutes more here in Finland till the MFO begins.

PM! damn.
since i´m at work, it should be easy to contain myself...

BUT, since i have D2 HERE, it isn´t...

Pindle, you will SUFFER!
It's started for five hours here now.

NM Andy is suffering. :lol:

edit: *looks at scoring board, chuckles to himself*
You called me? I wasn't sleeping, i was, err... quietly reviewing my life priorities, that was it.

Calling back.

Due to unforseen circumstances, i am unable to participate in this edition of the MFO, due to not being here(visitng relativs for thanksgiving!) So, unfortunately, ill be a no go, dont worry about my entry, give it to the lowest scoring guy :)

I’m just back from my work, ready to start. My local time is 21:05, 8th of October. So I’m starting! Good luck to all! Lets see how many sojs, BK rings and TR amulets we can find!

@ricrestoni: Payment sent. I think we may merge Hell and NM categories. We will just use Hell scores for Hell findings and NM scores for NM. Or we may use another system, I don’t know. I just want to play! ;)

@All: Look at Stone of Jordan Magic Find FAQ at Strategy Compedium. I hope it may help a bit. :D

EDIT: Just found my first qualifying item in the competition! Yep! 1 point total! Sorry, I can’t say what it is. :D
It's 8 PM here ! Let the Andariel bashing begin !

Good luck to all who entered.
7 hrs...doesn't matter since I'm not home. I'm so excited, I'm hoping for drops with 4 green rings!

I'm getting pretty good stuff so far, only the WF is more concentrated on non-jewelry items. Three qualifying items so far, two set rings and one set amulet. They are... whoopsie almost forgot the 4th rule! :lol:

*sets clock to 8 PM*

*walks away* :p

2 and a half hours more... Curse all you early time zone people, yeah that's it, I curse you with the anti-WF!! Take that! *sigh* Darn wand is busted again... Oh well, still at work anyway, so I would just be wasting valuable time. Anyway, good luck to ya all, but save a soj for me. =)

OK, Time for the last update - mine starts in 15 minutes, so gotta do this quickly:

We have more than 93 pgems, 22 runes up to KO and 22 jewels/charms/other, including there a few rara jewels and a Lightsaber for you wanna-be Jedi.

Those who hasn't paid it yet must do so by the end of it, or will be disqualified. I will PM those some time in the near future.

Hell Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
tweety (paid)
N'thraXX (paid)
yashugan_ (paid)
Snowmore (paid)
roninDOG (paid)
JicamaEater (paid)
Gabriel74 (paid)
ron (paid)
sledgez (paid)

Nightmare Andariel

ricrestoni (paid)
frosty (paid)
Boddah_khan (paid)
jjscud (paid)
Gabriel74 (paid)
a_shikoff (paid)
clerictulani (paid)
sledgez (paid)

HC Hell Andariel

Gouda (paid)

HC NM Andariel

Igor Potapov (paid)

@DNS: Too bad you cannot make it. Your fee is already for the winners' stashes, though. Hope it is OK with you.

@HC players: If it is OK with Gouda, I am willing to join the 2 HC categories as per Igor's suggestion, only to have a little competition. The prizes will be merged into an HC stash. Any aditional rules I can come with as needed. i am thinking about HC players being able to switch between NM and Hell, only being careful to give points corresponding to the right difficulty level. I didn't go into math things and what not, just let me know if it will spoil anybody's fun. Again, only if both Gouda and Igor agree, this will go like I said.

Nightmare gave me a great map, and Hell a great disappointment - my werebear was pwnd by Andariel - 3 big purples, a lot of running... I will go with LF zon in hell.

8:02, It starts for me NOW!
Bleh, have to wait for 4 more hours.
Fee paid for Hell Andy.
Good luck you all.
I was running Dark Wood searching for Gem shrine to upgrade my Flawless Topaz and accidentally found qualifying item after killing random unique boss. I don’t see the rule, that all items must be found from Andy herself, however I have to ask. May I count it? It isn’t high score item.
I wouldn't qualify that as an contest item. But it's ricrestoni's call.

BTW, I just found an Ali Baba (FINALLY, ironically not from Andariel) and I'm thinking should I socket it with two Ist's? Or should I make a HotO (I have two Ist's and one Gul, each one a Hellforge drop)?
NM Andy is so kind with me today. 11 qualifying items from her now waiting in my Mini-MFO stash for Monday. She also has dropped Vipermagi, Kuko Shakaku, several Frostburns, Io rune, Ribcracker, Meat Scraper… Random Unique Afflicted boss near her has dropped … FAL RUNE! This rune is so rare in NM Act 1, that even Andy cannot drop it.
And finally, my latest finding:

Shimmering Small Charm of Thunder
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 25
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x2b0f92a4
All Resistances +5
Adds 1-17 lightning damage

@ N'thraXX: I’d make HOTO or Silence if I had Vex or 2xIst and Gul. I usually socket Ali Baba with simple cheap MF jewels.
I didn't know Andariel was such a good charm dropper. I found 3 Gheeds fortunes already and loads of magic ones.
Not much luck with the high scoring amulets and rings, but a new, new chances.
Good luck everyone.
BTW, I just found an Ali Baba (FINALLY, ironically not from Andariel) and I'm thinking should I socket it with two Ist's? Or should I make a HotO (I have two Ist's and one Gul, each one a Hellforge drop)?

Wierd, I just found MY first Ali Baba ever. I have to agree with the above pozt. HoTo is by FAR the better choice here. If you have any sort of caster HoTo is IMO the best thing you can have. (Well at least for a Hammerdin)
Mar 19, 2020
Though my drops that actually pertain to the MFO have not been too kind, this has been and AWESOME time of MF. I just found my first HoZ. (I did trade for one, though it was incredibly expensive). I was stoked.
@Igor and all: Only drops from our queen of S&M will count. No rings or amulets from from fallens, zombies and ball lightning spitting freaks will be counted in your final score.

I found 2 valid items in NM and no valid items in Hell. My luck lies somewhere else. If only I knew where... :teeth:
Oops! I just cleaned my room and I might have accidentially dumped it into the garbage bin with the rest of the forsaken wf's. I'm so evil! :lol:

Edit: Just checked that I have 22 Cathan's waiting for shipment. Those include some from non-MFO runs. Freekje will have a flood of Cathan's after we're done. Poor guy...
Blah. After 200 runs of NM Andy, I think my mind is numbed.

I have already stopped running her and should send over the results to ricrestoni shortly.

Nothing impressive, I think.

For those that are still running, Just keep on running! 👍

P.S: Got an Io from her too. :lol:
Statistically I should have a SOJ now, but I don't. Time for some more runs.
I'm getting OK drops, some eligeble items, some decent other stuff.
One set and one unique TC3, and finally one i didn't already have.

Also, something almost worth upgrading : rare ethereal dimensional blade with 318% ed. It lacks IAS though, so the upgrade will probably never happen.

Getting tired of those 'blue long sword-flawless gem and that's it' drops :rant:

Back to running Andy !
These runs have been really worth it. I have found some elusive TC3's like Blinkbat's Form, Death's Hand. I have knocked out ~10 items of my grail. Now only 5 normal uniques (Lenymo, Bane Ash, Knell Striker, Torch of Iro, Tarnhelm) and 1 normal set items remains (Arcanna's Sign).

Nothing too good from the MFO list though.

BTW, can I have two or more of the same item on the '5 rarest' list?

1. Cathan's Seal
2. Cathan's Seal
3. Cathan's Seal
4. Cathan's Seal
5. Cathan's Seal
Just found the best ring/amulet/charm so far (Edit: one of my grail)!
You're all going down! *gets beaten by a Cathan's Seal*

Could probably call it a MFO done. Maybe just a few more...

Edit: Finished now, sending results to ricrestoni.

Edit#2: DAMN! I just noticed that Nokozan Relic has better points than Raven Frost/Dwarf Star. If someone wins me by 2,5 points I will... do something terrible!!!
Yours is probably not as good as mine.

All your items are mine!!!!!!

Also found this:
Shimmering Small Charm of Sustenance
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 25
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0xab8e2547
+13 to Life
All Resistances +5

And the Gheeds fortune counter is now at 11. !!!..!!??

And an ethereal Kelpie Snare that I was looking for and also an ethereal Titans.

I can feel I only need a few more runs for that SoJ.
11 Gheed's ? Wow, i only have 3 so far.
I think Tweedty's score again will be hard to beat.

Come on Andy, cooperate and this will all be over soon. :)
Well, it's been a good weekend for the Greens...kind of.

I have only three qualifying items, and the MFO has ended here (damn you, Andariel!) and I bet you all can guess what they are...

It wasn't a total loss...a Possessed The Banished :lol: coughed up a Laying of Hands. Woot! I've also got a third Goreshovel, and a Kelpie Snare.

Ohhh, BTW, I killed Andy once today and it looked like she dropped nothing! If it was anything it was a Fulminating potion or something...really...junky.
Any idea how many runs you guys are doing? Beeing a bit of a noob on the forum I think I was overly scared of all the stuff you would find and went a bit overboard on runs.

I've done about 350 and am shooting for around 450 ('ve still got about 12 hours left) (burning about 2 million gold + 3 ort runes to recharge teleport staff)

Regardless of actual mfo items this has been insanely spectacular, I might just start doing this from time to time for fun.

Amoung my best finds were a gull I found on my very first NM run (haven't seen one since but oh well).
I've done about 20 total in Hell.. (Hell Andy takes about 3 minutes to run :mindboggle!:)
I haven't started the Nightmare runs, but like you, I've got a good 10 hours or so left.

I haven't had much Jewel/Ring/Amulet/Charm luck.. I got my first Arreats Face, though..
I think I did close to 1000 runs, but I still have a few hours. Runs take about a minute at players 3. I die a lot however, so it has cost me about 2.5 million in gold on merc resurections.
I'm getting really tired of picking stuff up when the ground is shaking and the guy who invented Ring Mails........
I probably did around 300-500 runs on Hell. One run took my Hammerdin about a minute and a half, no teleport used. After I changed my Goldwrap to a 15% String of Ears I didn't die once. Before that? Maybe two times.
Iarde, level 65 Frostmaiden successfully finished 200-300 Nightmare Andariel runs in Hardcore. She had ~200% MF, all her equipment is just socketed, magic or rare items without any unique or set except single Nagelring. Every run took 2-5 minutes.
In spite of lack of Sojs or high-score rare amulets I’m quite happy with the result of the runs. She has upgraded a lot of her charms with resistance ones, so now she has 75/~40/75/~40 resistances with her 200% MF equipment. She found nice rare ring: 20% cold, 25% fire resistance, +50 mana. She found Fal rune and four (4!!!) Io runes. And she found Kuko Shakaku bow for future cold immune killing.
Her 2nd Mini-MFO results are 7 set amulets, 5 unique amulets, 17 set rings and 12 unique rings. No sojs or top rare amulets though. :(
Hi everyone,

Spend friday evening finding a decent map, just a few runs finished.
Saturday no time for any DII whatsoever, so it all came down to sunday.
My map wasn't that good. Level 2 => 3 just around the corner, but 3 => 4 took two long hallways, usually with 2 bosspacks. Playing HC, teleporting forward is not a good plan, esp. since i don't have good equipment. This made my runs looong. About 5 minutes each, down to 3/4 after i had enough strength to equip a new sword. (Djinn Slayer).

So even though I played quite a lot on sunday (~5 hours) I think i only made 100 runs. I did get a lot better at it though, during the day. And for my first ever concentrated MF day, it was a lot of fun (my grail is less than 30% finished, without yesterday).

Okay on to the drops:


1) Dwarf Star
2) Angelic Halo
3) Cathan's Seal
4) Cathan's Seal
5) ....

That was it. Only 4 qualifying items. Andy dropped a few charms, but the only decent ones were dropped by random monsters on the way.
Other drops: 76 green/gold items in total (although i stopped picking up green breastplates and the like)

1: Cathan's Visage
2: Milabrega's Rod
3: Vidala's Fetlock
5: Todesfaelle Flamme
6: Hone Sundan <== ethereal, perfect for merc, 194% ED
7: Sigon's Visor
8: Spineripper
9: Sigon's Gage
10: Angelic Sickle
11: Todesfaelle Flamme (nr.2)
12: The Ward
13: The Iron Jang Bong
14: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
15: Isenhart's Case
16: Sigon's Sabot
17: Dwarf Star
18: Athena's Wrath
19: Ironstone
20: Snakecord
21: Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
22: Hellclap
23: Haemosu's Adamant
24: Isenhart's Lightbrand
25: Death's Touch
26: Vidala's Fetlock
27: Lidless Wall
28: Chromatic Ire <= nice for a no block sorc, if they still exist
29: Stealskull <= with 44% MF, will be used for next MFO
30: Demon Machine
31: Stormstrike
32: The Battlebranch
33: Sigon's Shelter
34: Sigon's Wrap
35: Sigon's Gage
36: Baezil's Vortex
37: Isenhart's Lightbrand
38: Frostburn
39: Tancred's Spine
40: Tancred's Spine
41: Hsarus' Iron Heel
42: Wizardspike
43: Vidala's Barb
44: Skull Splitter
45: Bloodthief
46: The Diggler
47: Cathan's Seal
48: Angelic Halo
49: Isenhart's Case
50: Angelic Mantle
51: Visceratuant <= ethereal
52: Sigon's Sabot
53: Moonfall
54: Hellplague
55: Grim's Burning Dead
56: Skystrike
57: The Grim Reaper
58: Sigon's Wrap
59: The Centurion
60: Leadcrow
61: Boneflesh
62: Tearhaunch
63: Crushflange
64: Lance of Yaggai
65: Isenhart's Case
66: Hellcast
67: Steeldriver
68: Shaftstop <== my first (1.10)!
69: Immortal King's Will
70: Bloodrise
71: Cathan's Seal
72: The Patriarch
73: Doomslinger
74: Sparking Mail
75: Bonesnap
76: Tancred's Crowbill

Total score for my grail: 12 new normal uniques, 12 new exceptionals, 1 classic set item and 3 expansion set items.

Not bad for a sunday afternoon!

Have fun,

Damn, no more edit! Why I call set items “rare”?
Sorry for any confusion. My correct results are:

7 set amulets
5 unique amulets
17 set rings
12 unique rings
No sojs or top set amulets though

The best findings are
1) The Eye of Etlich
2) The Eye of Etlich (second)
3) The Mahim-Oak Curio
4) Tancred's Weird
5) Vidala's Snare

6) 16 Cathan's Seal Rings :D


Congratulations to Gouda and all other participants.
Results sent and i must say, they are quite satisfying.
This MFO stash contains 249 items, but that includes decent rares, charms etc... even found a 4 socket flail. Also filled a few gaps in my grail, namely Que Hegan's, Suicide Branch and The Gnasher. (and an ethereal Biggin's Bonnet
:lol: )

Andariel clearly isn't the place for elites though. I did about the same number of runs as last time, maybe a bit more, but i got only 6 elite uniques.
Andy's drops are also very inconsistent, which doesn't help motivation to keep running. I got 3 Hwanin Helms IN A ROW. I got more green Grand Crowns than green breast plates :scratch:

MFO results are rather nice :
Total number of eligible items : 59
Score from 5 highest ranked items : 264.8

No SoJ though :(

Thanks to ricrestoni for hosting, I had fun.
I give up on Hell Andariel.. It takes a while just getting to her room, and then when I go in, there's Andariel, 2 Physical Immune Zombies and a LE/FE Tainted! *croaks*

I've got 4 hours and 9 minutes left, and haven't even started on NM Andariel. I suppose I should try and get at least one eligible item from her...

You'd think Mephisto would be harder being that he's further into the game.. sheesh. I guess I got a lucky roll on my first few runs, (no crazy uniques), it was all downhill from there though.
Mar 19, 2020
I got carried away with my new character and did about 5 runs before I remembered why I´d rather long games than runs: my comp is so slow that "loading" screen can be longer than the run itself...
Sorry, guys, for the lack of spirit of competition. I did get an Angelic Halo, though...
Thanks, Ricardo, for the idea and time dedicated. Hope I get my new comp before next mMFO, so I can actually compete.
Wow, that was awsome. Its almost tempted my to start grailing. Of course all those normal uniques probably aren't the nasty grail items.

Anyways, my mfo stash contained 435 items (all uniques or sets) but there were lots of duplicates. In fact here's a link to the report:

mfo stash items

Actually there were about 5 more that I pulled out immediately (gull, goldwrap, peasant crown, artic furs)

In addition I found 63 qualifying items

Top 5:

Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Telling of Beads
The Eye of Etlich
The Eye of Etlich (2nd)
Vidala's Snare

Total: 181.6 points

and at the bottom were 23 Carthans Seals

All this was done on about 480 runs. I spent 2.5 million total. 2.3 million on recharges (plus 7 ort rune based recharges) and 200K on merc revives - 3 merc deaths and one player death :( With three teleprt jump a run I could run NM Andy in under 50 seconds (from char select screen to char select screen)

Anyways, that was a blast.
This was pretty fun. I found some Uniques I had never found before, including

2 Ali Baba
Arm of King Leoric
2 Gavel of Pain
Chromatic Ire

I also found some REALLY good uniques that I already had including

Harlequin crest
and *Herald of Zakarum* 👏

My qualifying stuff wasn't as good my top five were

1. The Cat's Eye
2. Carrion Wind
3. Carrion Wind
4. The Mahim-Oak curio
5. Nokozan Relic

Total: 143.8

I'll send the results soon ric
Here are my results. Total qualifying items: 206

9x Manald Heal
12x Nagelring
14x Gheed's Fortune
11x Dwarf Star
13x Raven Frost
7x Nokozan Relic
4x The Mahim-Oak Curio
2x Carrion Wind
0x Atma's Scarab
0x Crescent Moon
2x Highlord's Wrath
2x Saracen's Chance
3x The Cat's Eye
1x The Eye of Etlich
1x The Rising Sun
1x Seraph's Hymn
1x Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
0x The Stone of Jordan

55x Cathan's Seal
22x Angelic Halo
6x Angelic Wings
6x Cathan's Sigil
8x Civerb's Icon
5x Iratha's Collar
5x Tancred's Weird
12x Vidala's Snare
2x Arcanna's Sign
0x Tal Rasha's Adjudication
2x Telling of Beads

I also did not find a SoJ :rant: Total points 359.7

I found 3 grail items during the runs, Torch of Iro, Greyform, and Warpspear.
With the Warpspear I now have all exceptional items.
Other nice finds were 5x Guardian Angel, 3x Arreats face, 3x Oculus,
3x Harlequin Crest, 4x Que Hegans, an ethereal Titans and an etheral Kelpie Snare.
Hi there folks! Hope everybody had some fun!

Good news for you: I spent half this weekend drinking and playing pool with friends, and the other half I don't remember. I wish it had something to do with a pretty lady, but instead it leads to believe it has something to do with a dirty bathroom somewhere I don't know. So, I was not much of a competition, really. My findings were negligible - An angelic ring and an eye of etlich in NM, and not a thing in hell.

I will be analyzing results today. Those of you who didn't send it to me by e-mail, do it soon.

Finished computing the results. The following neither sent me the results nor posted his results here:



Please send them quick. PMs will be sent now.
Well, I blame Durf that I hardly got any runs in this weekend. I think I ran about 30 times or so and all I got ring/ammywise was

2xCathan's Seal
1xAngelic Halo.
From your earlier comments:
I am betting you never set up your andy "drop bug" and are running at players 1. Players 3 will net you 5-6 items each run, and the andy bug will make them much more likely to be rare or better.

Good go at it though.
mfo results

Hey all sorry this took me so long to post back here my results, but I wanted to do a post of all that I found in a FARA report...however I didn't even have FARA, didn't know where to find it, and didn't know how to use it... Plus I had to go pick up my wife's car on Monday. :cheesy:

Anyway, I had an absolute blast!! Was running with Lyssa my lvl 82 Witchyzon. She started out with 115% mf on but over the weekend I tweaked a bit and got her up to 176% with 283% on switch, thanks to muling over my rhyme shield and the blade of ali baba Andy dropped for me. I was planning on keeping track of how many runs I finished but I lost count after about 120 or so. In the end, I probably ran her about 400-500 times with probably an average time of 2-3 mins per run.

Total Points: 62.3

1: Vidala's Snare
2: The Mahim-Oak Curio
3: The Eye of Etlich
4: Civerb's Icon
5: Cathan's Sigil

The total results of my runs, minus the ali baba, can be seen here:
MFO Stash
Well, I'd be lying if I said I was planning to do Andariel runs when I was bashing up Hell with my Necromancer. I also didn't know I could guarantee a 6-item-drop with higher /players before this weekend either.
well, i´m finally back home (today was a... dunno the word... holiday? a no work day) sry for my delay.

already sent my mail to ricrestoni, so, only a little more time.
I'm sorry, but I didn't have the time to participate in the mini MFO
Throw me out of the list
The rules are clear. Time was extended, PMs were sent, but that was it - ron (hell) and Boddah_khan (NM) are out by WO. Without further delay,

[highlight]2nd mini-MFO - Final Standings[/highlight]

At unified HC, Igor Potapov beat Gouda by 76.8 x 13.7 - stash will be sent soon!

At nightmare, he made more points then all others together!

Boddah_Khan wo
a_shikoff 0.0
sledgez 0.0
DundeeKahn 2.3
ricrestoni 25.8
clerictulani 62.3
frosty 65.1
jjscud 181.6 - ridiculously higher! A Tal Rasha's Adjudication leads his fine list.

At Hell category, it is as follows:

ron wo
ricrestoni 0.0
roninDOG 2.0
JicamaEater 4.3
sledgez 24.7
Gabriel74 143.8
N'ThraXX 165.0
Snowmore 181.8
yashugan 264.8

And for the second time, he is the unbeatable winner of the most important mini-MFO category. He found a Bull Katho's Wedding Band. He flees from Sylvester. He is...

tweety 359.7

The prize stashes will arrive in time at the winners' inboxes, at this order:


Thanks all for being part of it, and congratulations on your findings.

Don't forget to send your Cathan's Seals to Freekje.

May all your drops be lime and burlywood.

Cheers, and see you next edition!

no character stats?

Oh! and congrats to the winners.
I was a bit in a hurry, but I may provide them later.
And another victory :winner:

All it takes is a good blizzard sorc and some free time. I wish all of you good luck for the next one.

Ricrestoni, thanks again for organizing this MFO.
Congratulations for the winners and more so for tweety our two-time winner. Special thanks to ricrestoni for organizing the MFO.

Might I ask some insight on the next weeks target?
It was great, congrats to the winners, lets not let this very interesting way to play D2 die.
Thanks ricrestoni for the organization...I hope to participate more next time, RL allowed me to kill andy for a bit but not for all that long.

Grats tweety on the second victory....I think Im beginning to see a pattern here....

Looking forward to the next one.

Cool, i got second !

Thanks to ricrestoni for hosting. Like last time, it was a lot of fun.

Any ideas for the next one ?
Mar 19, 2020
Stashes started being sent. One thing I really liked was the entry fee. It avoided people who drops in the middle of the game from reducing prizes. Also it made a nice prize for the winners, without the need of a "you owe me this item" situation - the fee was donated out of their free will.

One thing I kinda disliked was the point system - too many maths took a little of the "straightforwardness" of the score.

For the next edition, I am really wondering about the pit - or lvl 85 areas in general. Any item can drop there. It is easy to get. People get lazy to do many runs there because it hardly pays well. So, much like an effort to extract a SoJ from longish, tiresome Andy runs, a weekend full of pit runs will be a weekend where, instead of normal Meph/Pindle runs, we will vary - and who knows in there what can happen?

Probably the fee will remain, but the "rarer wins" score will be back.

I was also wondering about cow runs, rune hunt, skiller hunt, but that needs ellaborating. Let's first do the basics, right?
Just out of curiosity, did anyone find an SoJ? I know someone did while map hunting but did any actually come of the competition.

Also, thanks again ric.

I blame paranoia for the NM win, I thought you would all be like Tweety, I was shooting for a valiant second or third place.
@ricrestoni: I got my prize. I love this sign: “To The Winner of 2nd Mini-MFO in Hardcore Category”. ;) It is standing at my shelf now, waiting the time, when I’ll show it to journalists and my grandchildren! :D

To bad that no one found the soj during it.

I hope there will be more hardcore players in the next Mini-MFO, and I hope I’ll have holydays when the next normal MFO begins. :D

If you plan to organize next Mini-MFO in The Pit (just imagine all us in The Pit, drinking vine with shamans and dancing with vile girls :) ), than I’ll probably out, because my current project characters are too yang for Hell. However I’ll probably be in Act1 Hell after two weeks.

I guess it would be better to include Mausoleum and Ancient Tunnels to the next Mini-MFO target list too, because some builds prefer them over The Pit.

I don’t like the current score system too. IMO it is too boring to calculate that boring numbers. I like the system of old MFO, where the one, who found the rarest item, wins. Look here for the Shade’s old MFO rules.
No one found a SoJ except a_shikoff while searching for a good map, just before it all begun. But tweety found a BK wedding band and we had our share of Tal Rasha's ammies (along with those equally rare crappy green amulets). Highlords and Seraphs were also found along.
I am sorry that I missed it. I did around 50 runs prior to start time trying to find a good map, and warming up, and found a dwarf star and a nagel. Also angelic ammy and a few cathans rings. I then got involved with watching a movie with my wife, and never managed to find the time to be competitive.

I appologize for not posting sooner, and hope I can still enter in future events.

Congrats to all the winner, and also to the other participants. It sounds like everyone found some really nice stuff.
No problemo, ron, RL happens from time to time, we all know it. I myself got an Alcoholic Blood Cleaning Therapy TM (meaning I ingested tons of it, hoping it would clean my blood from all things impure), so wasn't able to compete too well.