might start playing ladder....


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Dec 11, 2006
might start playing ladder....

I was debating wether or not to start ladder, I play non ladder useast now. I heard that ladder was harder, and I was wondering if this was true or not, because I enjoy d2 but its easy so i want a challenge. also, do ppl on ladder hostile like crazy hoping for more kills? cuz i think this would be a problem. so if you guys could tell me if it's worth it or not, i'd appreciate.
Runewords available on Ladder are the only reason to leave a bit NL aside.

The nominees are
Grief (most powerful) weapon
Last wish (most elegant) weapon
Infinity (most convincing) weapon for a Sorc's merc.
Faith (most religious) bow for a merc with 15 Fanatism
Spirit (won in every castings....) for casters.
Insight (most instantaneous mana delivery system)

and so on.

EDIT : Yes , monsters have higher HP on ladder than on NL, IIRC, their AI is also a bit increased, so theoritically, Ladder is a bit harder than NL. But you can still beat the game if this is what you want to achieve, and find more challenge.
nvm seems i was wrong..i didnt know there's a thing such as ladder being harder than non-ladder
I'll probably start an hammerdin then, seeing as it's one of the hardest to complete gear wise, but pays off well in the end. so look for me in game if you want, acct is true_astoroth. i know astoroth is spelled wrong so for the love of god don't post saying its spelled wrong, because I've had people do it before and let me tell you, it makes them look like total nerds :laughing:
Runewords available on Ladder are the only reason to leave a bit NL aside.

Another advantage is cubing up runes -
a benefit I lose as I play only NL :sad2:

I've also found there are fewer people
interested in NL trading…

ladder monsters are tougher than nl/sp/open monsters
they have higher def and more life iirc
but you can make ladder only runewords and get ladder only drops

this late in the season its about the same for avalibility of items, hrs are dirt cheap, good gear can cost many hrs
I've noticed the ladder is ever so slightly harder, it's almost imperceptible though.
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