MFO Winter 2008 Signup [by Drixx]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Drixx on Dec 27, 2007.
(link to original thread on

It's MFO Time - Signup thread

jjscud has passed to me the task of organizing and running the two MFO's that we have each year, and it's just about that time... that's right, a week plus of pure MFing.

Start date: January 7 2008
End date: January 15 2008

Total time - 9 days.

The Categories

- Hell Mephisto
- Hell Baal
- Act 5 SuperUniques: Shenk, Eldritch, Pindleskin, Thresh, Sharptooth.
- Level 85 Areas (The Mausoleum, The Pit, Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient Tunnels, Kurast Sewers lvl 2, Forgotten Temple, Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary (not including seal boss packs and Diablo), Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction (not including minion waves))
- teams (see end of post)


Anyone who is or has been active at the SPF may enter. However, the supervisors reserve the right to prohibit entry of anyone they see unfit and to disqualify anyone who is cheating.

If you're entered, try to do your best.

And if you don't think that you're capable of giving up a Windforce or a Stormlash if you find one and lose, this probably isn't for you.

Allowed mods RRM, RWM, and CRM. You must post your mod status!

Eligible finds

The following monsters are the only ones whose drops will be considered in each category:

- Hell Meph: Meph only.
- Hell Baal: Baal and his 5 minion packs.
- Act 5 SuperUniques: The mentioned SuperUniques and their Minions, in the cases of Eldritch, Pindle and Sharptooth.
- Level 85 areas: Any monster in these areas. Except Baal's and Diablo's minions.

Drops from all other sources will not count. This includes Blood Lords and Council Members near Meph, Prowling Dead in Pindle's Garden, Chests in the Pits, etc.

Summary of rules:

-All intending participants must register the categories they wish to compete in. No late entries will be accepted.

-The winning player shall be determined by the five highest-ranked items they find during the week.

-In case of 2 players tying with the same score, the winner shall be decided by adding in the score of the next rarest item each of them found, then the next and so on until a clear winner is decided.

-Remember to keep eligible finds separate from the rest of your gear.

-DO NOT post your finds, you may ID your finds.

-Email your findings to your area's supervisor within two days after the end of the MFO - by August 15th.

Things to include in your e-mail:
-title should contain MFO
-Your forum name (PLEASE, PLEASE, I end up guessing everytime)
-The category and your top 5 items for each category you entered


Title: SPF - MFO results
Forum name: Drixx

Firelizard's Talons 36.1
Eaglehorn 39.6
Eaglehorn 39.6 (example of multiple find)


-If you quit or drop out, please send your area supervisor an email or PM saying so.

-In the interest of sportsmanship, please send updates of your progress during the MFing week to your supervisor. These should be in the same format as your final results email. Supervisors will likely post updates every 1-2 days. These updates will list current order but not points.

Prize distribution

1st Place - picks 4 items from ANY other entrants (max 1 per entrant).
2nd Place - picks 3 items from ANY other entrants ranked below you (max 1 per entrant)
3rd place - picks 2 items from ANY other entrants ranked below you (max 1 per entrant)
with a maximum of 3 items taken from each entrant.

Hardcore players will compete for 1st through 3rd along with the softcore players; however, they may only take and have taken items with other Hardcore players.


The system is based on the relative rarity compared to the IK Stonecrusher, the most common elite set or unique.

Baal (csv File)
lvl 85 Areas (csv File)
Meph (csv File)
Act 5 SUs (csv File)

I would very much like to have a supervisor for each catagory as jjscud did the last couple times. If you're interested in being a catagory supervisor, please pm me. If my box is full, my e-mail is jonathen (dot) roman (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also for those interested in what happen last time:

Rules for Teams (shamelessly copied from lemming):

- Please only sign up for team if you are fairly certain you will be able to participate, your team will be depending on you.

- You may have up to a maximum of 5 members in a team with a minimum of 2 members (no 1-man teams)

- Each member must first be registered under the Singles MFO first.

- At least one member must participate in each of the Singles categories (the categories will be confirmed later).

- One member may run more than one category.

- Multiple members in a single category is allowed. However, only the highest score of 1 member will be taken into account.

Eg. Both Chase and Sunbearie are in Team CB and running Baal. Chase has a score 150 while sunbearie's is 130. Hence Team CB's score for Baal will be 150.

- When registering your team here, simply state your team name and its members.

- The team with highest item score in a category recieves 10 points, 2nd in that category receives 9, 3rd gets 8, etc. So maximum score for a team would be 40 (1st in all 4 categories).

- As of this moment, team play is just for bragging rights. If I can find a reasonable reward, I will but participating in a team will not risk any of your MFO finds any further.
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Mar 19, 2020
No time for love, Dr. Jones.

Alas, I don't get to play this round due to my d2 play time being focused elsewhere. Just checking, but you do realize that the untwinked MF tourney that begins the ladder season is going on during this time, right? (It starts Jan. 1 and runs through the middle of Feb. IIRC).

The MFO runs twice annually during mid January and mid July. It's been that way for years. My apologies to the organizer of the untwinked MF tourney that begins the ladder season; however, the MFO has been around and established during these times for years.
I watched the last mfo from side and I was annoyed I didn't have any characters capable for olympics. Now I have, still I'd love to join to baal category, but don't have any good characters for that one, so Pindle we go 👍 can't wait to start.
Drixx said:
-Email your findings to your area's supervisor within two days after the end of the MFO - by August 15th.
This should say January something or other, no?
I would like to enter, but I misplaced my SC chars and stashes, so I'll probably have to sit it out unless I can hunt them up again.
A word of encouragement for some:

I've never had a dedicated MFer and generally end up adapting another char for the purpose. That has turned out pretty well, so don't feel outclassed if you don't have a blizzard sorc with 800% MF or a 3-minute Baal-runner. You can have fun (important, right?) and possibly win even with a relatively half-baked character.

Go for it!
Like Neksja, I could only admire the results last time around, since I didnt have any reasonable MF characters. I still dont have that many, but I do have one competent enough Pindlerunner, as Pindlethon proved, so I'll use that. Took the liberty of adding code-tags around the table to save space.
Since I decided to drop out of the Mephathon, I'm seriously considering going in for the "Level 85 Areas" to the Ancient Tunnels with my Blizzwaller Sorc. I'll think about it, not sure if it interferes with my exam or not, which obviously comes first.
Doh... yeah, the report date is off... it will be corrected in the progress thread.
Actually, no they don't:

Start July 7 2007
Start Feb 17 2007
Start Aug 5 2006
Start March 18 2006

If you bring up JJs profile and look at threads started by him, you'll easily see all of his MFO's and mini-MFOs. The mini's are dotted around the year, particularly summer but even the Major's aren't limited to Jan/Aug. 😃
Thyad's right. This particular time was the stage for the MFL. At least if Irc. Not 100% sure though.
Time to put my 9th Meteorb to the test. She'll be fully equipped and ready by January 7th, not to worry.
dash r pindal tiem lolololololol
some tunnels sounds good for me 😃
Hello. It is time for me to join in for first tournament :prop:
Gotta do it with only character I have in Hell :rolleyes: , blizzsorc, so She`ll be doing ancient tunnels.
Can`t wait to start :cloud9:
Just fixing the list to include DementiaMaster since we seemed to have posted right after each other and they weren't in my list when I quoted it.
thought about joining the A5SU group, but looking at the list and seeing all the stuff I don't have, it would be hard for me to give it up if found.
Hmm, starting on monday? The other MFOs included two weekends... oh well, I'll probably join nevertheless, since MFing is what I do during these days anyways.
Mar 19, 2020
Pindle it is. Need to improve my results from the previous MFO... (and I'm still on three digit grail)

Good luck all! 👍
I will see if I will enjoy the endless running... I haven't played Diablo for last 4 months...
EDIT: Why does it start on Monday? It usually started on Saturday so we had whole two weekends.
Will the next person that posts on the list move me from level 85 areas to A5SU's?

I'm apparently an idiot when it comes to paying attention at signing up for crap. But I'm too lazy to fix it right now.
Sounds like a blast. Never done it before, so we'll see how I do. :scratch: I'll load my fishy back up (he was running around with 0 mf looking for socketables) and get some practice in and figure out where/how I'm going to run.

Edit: Quick switch, wanted to run lvl85 but wasn't paying attention and put it in A5SU.

@ Serdash: Done!
Gonna move the start to the 5th actually. I miscalc'd which day the 7th was... I think I was looking at the wrong year's calandar.
Here comes thread necromancy!
Come on people, we don't want the Pindle category be something like "Finland Only". 3 out of 4 are from Finland :shocked: [/ot]
I'm in. Not ideal timing for me, on Sunday 6th I'm leaving to Poland for 5 months stay, but hopefully I will be able to do reasonable number of runs even there.

And I'd like to see here some teams. Wake up our czech team, I'm calling for krovak, Jingizu, Kecin, Hrus, bassano.....wake up, lets make a team and compete 😁.
I want to see more teams as well
I wonder, do runes counts as finds or just uniques.
If they don`t, may I keep finds during tournament or they stay in pot for rewards?
buraz said:
I wonder, do runes counts as finds or just uniques.
If they don`t, may I keep finds during tournament or they stay in pot for rewards?
Runes count for bragging rights only, they are not worth any points. They are also safe from looting, so you won't have to worry about loosing your only Sur rune at the end of the mfo. 😁 The only thing that other players may lot from you are qualifying set and unique items for the category that you participated in.
Well, I am pulling out my name for the time being. My friends have gotten me to buy WOW. :hide: Therefore I don't think I will have the proper amount of time to play in the MFO. I'll still play SP Diablo II, I'll just have to split my free time. I apologize for any inconvience this might add, and I hope it doesn't disqualify me or sully my name for any future tourneys.

Good luck, hope you all find Stormlashes and Tyreals 👍

What's this CRM? It's too short to get any help from the search function =/
Colored Rune Mod
Im in for A85 and looking to get a team together hopefully.
I just came back from a long DII break, looks like I timed my return nicely :). I always wanted to try out the MFO.

I'm trying out a LF/FA Zon at the moment and depending on how much I like her will determine whether to use her or another char and then what to run. Would Jan 4th be the last day that I can enter?
I wouldn't miss this, at least not yet.

Edit, I just saw that the rules allowed CRM.
Baal catagory is looking a little slim, as is Mephisto... who wants to step up to the challenge?
Not sure how much MF'ing I'll get done but this will be my first tournie :D
Sorry I'm going to have to pass on this one. Normally I'd be all over the Mephisto category, but since I just did a Pindlethon and Mephathon back-to-back I'm all MFed out for a while. Perhaps next time around. Good luck all 👍
Mar 19, 2020
There are only few items left I'd like to have, but it's at least an excuse to level up a bit :rolleyes:
Ok, it still looks a little bit light on the Baal area, which is usually one of the strongest areas of competition. There's quite a few names missing of folks who generally go full steam ahead for MFO's.

Is there an issue with the dates for folks? Would this be better if it got pushed back some?

I'm also still in need of 3 area supervisors still. Please PM or e-mail me if you'd be willing to be an area supervisor.
Come on, Jingizu & Kecin, we need a Pindle-runner!:hide:
I'll run tunnels, as usual.
Go go Alchemists!
Kecin said:
Go go Alchemists!
Nice to see that our team is completed:thumbsup:.

Now we need some other teams to pwn them 😁.
sequana said:
Nice to see that our team is completed:thumbsup:.

Now we need some other teams to pwn them 😁.
You are right some rabbet on the gunstock would be nice 😃
I'm pretty sure Aman has a team mostly put together and comitted. I'll go bug him and see if he'll post it, hehe. I would run pindle again this time, but if you look at last time, I spent a fairly stupid amount of time on him during my honeymoon, and still didn't win the catagory.

I haven't even been able to do a set of 100 runs on him since... so bitter.
what, an MFO?



No Darkhax, Lord_nikon, and hackskja is in another category. I will plow the AT as usual.

*volunteers for a team
I think i dont have the time to MF so intensively but I would probably regret later if i dont give it a try... Still I haven't decide which category I'll join... :scratch: Maybe Pindle or AT.

I'll add my name to the table soon. What's the time limit to join?
moved myself to the Act5SU group
Oooo Ooooo Ooooooo Count me in, I want Ancient Tunnels! I want Jaedhann!!!! xD

Welcome back friend 😁

Joosh 👍
The deadline to sign up will be when I post the progress thread :) Any time before that is fair game.
And when will that be?
Dunno about the deadline, so I'm signing up, and hoping that I don't have to drop out later. :p
January 4th at around noon my time (six hours after the MFO starts for those in the east pacific)
Since Meph has the shortest list of participants I'll run him. And I put myself down for joining a team as well.
Mar 19, 2020
Change of plans, I'll be running Baal now. All shall be explained!

Joosh 👍
The Pindlethon IV and Mephaton I have burnt my MF-ability for now, I have to pass on this MFO.

Best of luck to the people participating, have a good one.
I won't be participating (I'm runned-out after Pindle & Meph), but thought you folks might potentially find this useful when trying to remember whether it's a green Jagged Star or green Reinforced Mace that's a qualifier (that one always gets me).
Have to pass, too, since I won't get my Ladder hammerdin that far to be an efficient Baal Runner in time (the category I would choose...still a bit light-headed from Pindlethon and Mephathon...).
And with skunks tournament running and all the other things currently going on (D2-wise and RL-wise), I don't think I would be a good contender 😁

Good Luck to everyone though! Will have an eye on this :)

btw, what about Jingizu? No MFO this time?
Jingizu is lazy, we had to replace him in our team 😁.

Nic ve zlém MSacku 😃
And I had almost said that you were afraid he was stealing all the luck again...:wink3:

Co znamená "MSacek"???:shocked:
Zdrobn?lina jeho p?ezdÃvky pan MS :wink3: .

Ehm those czech sentences are very very private :wink2:.
That's why I wasn't asking in English ;-) Wait, should I better not have written this in English??:scratch:

Tak bych se ted'ka asi nem?l zeptat, pro? je pan MS jeho p?ezdÃvka? :wink3: Hodn? št?stà ve MFO!


Ontopic: Let me know if someone is in urgent need of another team member - I might make up my mind and join either for Baaling or Pindling again...*races Ladder Hammerdin to Hell Baal* ;-)
I haven't played since the last MFO, and since Aman is playing again, I'll try to give him a run for his money again!
I'm in! I'll be running Pindle with my Blizzsorc. Good luck everyone! 👍
I'm joining the Mephisto category with my relatively recent "self-found vanilla grail" project, a Blizzard sorc. I still haven't gotten past Hell Act 3 Council with her, but that should happen soon, once I find a viable stick for my merc.
Time to kick some czech ***. It's the totally awesome international supercrew.

Gogo team KITTENS! (thanks joosh for the name:laugh: )

Switching myself to RWM/RRM. I will use both a vanilla character and a RWM/RRM one, but I will combine vanilla items with RWM/RRM items, so all of them should be considered RWM/RRM.
It is time to die :wink2: 😁
p?ezdÃvka vznikla z jeho iniciál? 😃 :wink3: taky p?eji hodn? Å¡t?stà ve MFO!


some laboratory secret :lipsrsealed:
Ok, I'm in. At meph, 'cuz he's the only one who's not gave me much confidence over the past years. In other words I can't stand runin' anything else these days so to speak. Anyway I'll try my best. I have only the evenings available to play maybe more I don't know really and due to one special event in RL I'm scheduled to drop out of the competition anytime.

You see > Here goes my retirement :afro:
Mar 19, 2020
English only on the board, please. 😃

I have to pass this one, even I thought I'd have time. Nope, just heard about one exam next week and two projects needs to be done on the following week. I could participate, but I could do propably like 1k pindle runs and it would be shameful amount compared to others. So, someone else has to win this one :wink3: And I don't feel like an olympian, if I can't do my best, right?

Good luck for all and let your drops all be green and gold.

Since first post hasn`t been changed I wonder does tournament starts tommorow or in monday?
In what time does it start?
Ditto. Tourney starts on the 5th correct?
Tournament starts at midnight on the 4th (which is then really the 5th). I'll be putting up the progress thread momentarily... since folks in east Asia will have been allowed to start by now :)
I vote for 5th because after 14th I won't have much time...👅

Edit: Awesome!
Last minute sign up of another team and the progress thread will be up momentarily.

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