MFO Winter 2005 Signups [by Gabriel74]

Mar 19, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Gabriel74 on Jan 18, 2005.
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It's time;MFO Everyone's invited

It has been a long time since one was held here, and I love them, so here goes.

A few beginning words to introduce people to the idea of a MFO (Magic Find Olympics). This is a way to have a competition based on the ability to find elite uniques and elite sets from certain Hell difficulty areas. It is a really fun way to do some grailing, leveling, or just playing when perhaps the spark has ended with a high end character.

Things you should understand. You may lose some of your qualifying items. This must be understood from the start. If you sign up for Baal, and a windforce drops, you have to understand that you may lose it. No begging, whining, pleading. Though it would be impossible to really know, I have to add that not including something in your list of what dropped during the MFO, to make sure an item would be safe, would lack honor.

Much like Vegas, if you can't afford to lose it, don't gamble.

These are INCREDIBLY fun. Win or lose, you will have fun if you participate.

Start date: Jan 29 2005 when a.m. strikes your local
End date: Feb 6 2005 when a.m. strikes your local


The contest will last only one week.

The contest will run Jan 29 2005 Saturday a.m. to Feb 6 2005 Sunday a.m. whenever Sunday a.m. strikes your location.

The Categories

If there is insufficient interest in a category (my discretion), it will be withdrawn.

All of these are 1.10
- Hell Mephisto
- Hell Baal
- Act 5 SuperUniques: Shenk, Eldritch, Pindleskin, Thresh, Sharptooth.
- Level 85 Areas (The Mausoleum, The Pit, Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient Tunnels, Kurast Sewers lvl 2, Forgotten Temple, Ruined Fane, Disused Reliquary, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep all levels, Throne of Destruction (not including minion waves))

Eligible finds

The following monsters are the only ones whose drops will be considered in each category:

- Hell Meph: Meph only.
- Hell Baal: Baal and his 5 minion packs
- Act 5 SuperUniques: The mentioned SuperUniques and their Minions, in the cases of Eldritch, Pindle and Sharptooth.
- Level 85 areas: Any monster in these areas. Except Baal's and Diablo's minions, who are counted for those categories.

Any drops from chests are not allowed, they must come from the baddies you are hunting, and only those you are hunting.

Summary of rules:

-All intending participants must register their interest in this thread before the competition commences. No late entries will be accepted.

-The winning player shall be determined by the five highest-ranked items they find during the week.

-In case of 2 players tying with the same score, the winner shall be decided by adding in the score of the next rarest item each of them found, then the next and so on until a clear winner is decided.

- DO NOT identify Elite set/unique items.

- Remember to keep eligible finds separate from the rest of your gear.

- DO NOT post item details.

- Email your findings to me (*e-mail redacted* - Pb_pal) by Tuesday after the MFO.

Things to include in your e-mail:
-Your forum name
-The category and your top 5 items for each category you entered.
Forum name: Gabriel74
Firelizard's Talons 36.1
Eaglehorn 39.6
Eaglehorn 39.6 (example of multiple find)
Verdungo's Hearty Cord 4.1
Eschuta's Temper 4.4
Cranebeak 4.5
Note: I'll ask for ATMA dumps for the winners items.

-If you quit or drop out, please send me a courtesy e-mail saying so. Don’t assume I will have read your post saying you have dropped out.

-Only elite unique & set items dropped by the specified monsters for each category shall be counted towards the results.

- Entrants should email the details of their finds to me on a semi regular basis if they want to be included in the rankings which will be updated daily. In the interest of sportsmanship, I encourage you to update your findings at least a few times before the end. (Only relative rank will be displayed)

- Each player's elite items should NOT be identified and should be sent to the winner unidentified.

Prize distribution

1st Place - picks 5 items from ANY other entrants (max 2 per entrant). Doesn't have to be the highest ranked item the player found.
2nd Place - picks 3 items from ANY other entrants ranked below you (max 2 per entrant)
3rd place - picks 2 items from ANY other entrants (max 1 per entrant)

Note: I am allowing the winners to pick an item from an entrant who has already had an item(s) taken. So potentially, one entrant could have 5 items taken from them if the winners each take items from them alone.

Scoring - The system is based on the relative rarity compared to the most common item from a given enemy in each category.

Level 85 Areas

Questions should be posted here. I have one request. I would like to join and run Baal, because of the ethics of being the administrator of a competition I would be in, I ask that someone (preferably someone familiar with MFO's) offer to administer the Baal category, thus all finds and winners and prizes would go through them.

There are lists of how much each item is worth for each creature who can drop it. Patience, I am trying to figure out how to link them here.