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MFO Summer 2013 Meet The Olympians [by Gripphon]

Mar 19, 2020
This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @Gripphon on July 9, 2013.
(link to original thread on diabloii.net)

In this thread we say something about characters we used for this MFO.

I played with 2 characters, now I'll introduce one, and other will be introduced later.

Basic Information + Stats

Character: Pit Poisonmancer named Jaiden
Level: 95

Strength: 81
Dexterity: 25
Vitality: 429
Energy: tua!

Life: 2575
Mana: 846
FCR: 75
FHR: 67
MF: 428
Poison Nova damage: 8554-8808
Ran Pit on p7 with him


Poison Nova 20 (41)
Poison Explosion 20
Poison Dagger 20
Corpse Explosion 20 (41)
Bone Armor 1 (22)
Bone Wall 1
Iron Golem 1 (13)
Summon Resist 1
Lower Resist 6 (20)
Prereq 1


Helm: 1.13 Shako with Ist
Armor: Enigma Light Plate
Amulet: 2 PnB skills 33MF
Weapon: Death's Web with Ist
Death's Web
Unearthed Wand
One-Hand Damage: 22 to 28
Durability: 18 of 18
Required Strength: 25
Required Level: 66
Staff Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0xd1324b3c
30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+9 Life after each Kill
150% Damage to Undead
+2 to All Skill Levels
+8 to Mana After Each Kill
+1 to Poison and Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
-43% to Enemy Poison Resistance
Socketed (1: 1 used)
Shield: 35fcr Spirit Monarch
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Gloves: Trang Claws
Boots: 48 MF War Traveler
Ring1: 30 MF Nagelring
Ring2: beta Bull-Katho's (2 skills)

Switch: 14 BO CTA + 35 fcr Spirit Monarch

40 MF Gheed's
6 PnB skillers
11x 7MF SC
Horadric Cube
2x2 free space below cube

Insight Thresher, later eth Colossus Voulge
Vampire Gaze with 15IAS jewel

He started at level 93.x. Ran Pit on p7 with him on map with 6.5 bosses average and he leveled really fast since I didn't die with him. Leveled him to 95.5. Playing him was piece of cake. There were few so called "close calls", but nothing really major. Basically, I tele'd to Pit, killed first bosspack, casted 3-5 revives and that made my necro more than safe for the rest of run. I just tele'd, LR, Poison Nova and CE. How hard can it be?
Reason why I used 2x2 free space is because of much easier picking stuff. I picked flawless amethysts, charms, rare circlets, craftable runes and Pul+ runes, white Diadems, Grey claws, rare claws, grey elite items looking for ethereal, jewels... I have few places on my map where millions of items drop and I have really easier time to pick up that charm or whatever than opening character screen and looking 10 sec for him among all dropped items.

I didn't use Infinity merc + Insight golem cause I don't wanna bother with it. Golem do die every 80-100 runs and I simply don't wanna make that many Insights or to pay more attention to golems life. Improvement would be to use Infinity merc + Insight golem indeed, but I'll leave that to someone who cares about it. I find my running times to be good enough so I don't bother to have few seconds faster run and to treat golem as valuable minion. I used him just for tanking purposes and he did perfectly fine.

Necro is sometimes interesting to play, but I find him rather boring, cause he is easy to play with and that is simply not my style. For him you need robotic routine and that's all. I'll play him here an there, but not much. However it is cool to slay whole screen of creeps just like that, he is great rune finder character for sure.
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Mar 19, 2020
Originally posted by: @NagisaFurukawa

I ran mostly with my K/T. Really love her for both PvM and PvP, though there's obviously some tweaking involved in the case of the latter. 1255 Baal runs during MFO, so she was certainly able to keep my interest.

Name: Akane
Level: 97

Strength: 127 (221)
Dexterity: 50 (77)
Vitality: 363 (380)
Energy: 40 (47)

Life: 2867 (2933 on switch)
Mana: 672 (877 on switch)
Resists: 46/75/52/61 (24/59/65/74 on switch)

FCR: 40 (75 on switch)
FHR: 0 (55 on switch)
MF: 341 (371 on switch)

Run Times: 2:35 to 3:55 (3:12 average)

Dragon Talon: 14 (24)
LS/DS/SW/CBS: 20 (41)
Fire Blast: 3
Mind Blast: 1
Fade: 6 (20)

Weapon 1: 'Vex' Stormlash
Shield 1: 'Um' Medusa's Gaze
Weapon 2: 1.10s CTA War Scepter (+6 BO, ethereal)
Shield 2: Spirit' Monarch
Helm: 'Ist' Harlequin Crest
Armor: 'Enigma' Mage Plate
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Boots: War Traveler (49%)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (30%)
Ring 1: 1.10a Bul-Katho's Wedding Band
Ring 2: Raven Frost (244/20)

Charms: Gheed's Fortune (40%), 7x Entrapping GC, 12x SC of Good Luck

Might Mercenary: 1.07 'Infinity' Thresher (ethereal), 'Cham' Andariel's Visage, 'Chains of Honor' Archon Plate (ethereal bugged)


The run times fluctuate a bit due to LR frequency, WSK poking, forgetting CoS for third wave, or just Lister being Lister and spawning LI, or even LI with Holy Freeze/Stone Skin. Baal spewing tentacles to induce LR makes a big difference as well.

CTA side is nice for higher damage traps and FCR for teleporting, as well as for a little more MF here and there, and 30% slow on Stormlash side is enough (with cold damage source) to shut off Baal completely. 1st wave is obviously very easy. Achmel can be tanked to produce LR for fast killing, and third wave hydra madness can be handled with Cloak of Shadows. DS only needed if boss is lightning enchanted. The last two waves hit a bit harder, but tanking for LR is generally possible as long as there isn't Fanaticism. DS much more useful here after a corpse or two drops, but sometimes I just use LS since Lister can spawn FI/PI.

Akane died twice from my general stupidity (being off screen in IRC/foobar and getting 1-2 hit killed), but she is ultimately very safe to play by nature of being an assassin. I'm actually thinking about tweaking her gear a bit to produce a lot more MF: Ist in weapon, Cham in hat, Chance Guards, fancy amulet/ring with FCR/MF/ML, and 4x Ist shield on switch, but that feels like too radical a change involving too many rares/crafts/runes I don't currently have.

All that aside, I'd like to thank everyone for their help assembling the gear a while back, though it wasn't necessarily for a K/T at the time. If I'm not mistaken, scrcrw gave Stormlash/Medusa's, nulio gave belt and 1.07 polearm, Fabian gave amulet, Paradigmshift gave beta BKWB, horseheadnebula gave beta CTA, and frozzzen gave most of the charms, among other things. <3 /itemstoler
Mar 19, 2020
Originally posted by: @CRG

I got smoked, but here was Coldtest during her brief stint as an all-lightning MFO'er.

clvl 98
Pure lightning sorc (re-spec'd from Nihl-running Light/FW'er and now re-spec'd back to Nihl runner, so no exact numbers, screenies, etc.)

Because of her high level and my intent to take her to 99, I prioritized survivability over MF.

Griffon's (+13/-25)
38% HotO
Spirit Monarch, 35%
Chance Guard
Arachnid Mesh
War Traveler, 50%
Wisp Protector
FCR/stats/res ring
+2 Sorc/9% FCR/res ammy (for 117% lightning breakpoint)
Swap: CtA (+6 BO); 4x Ist Monarch

Trusty HF Merc: Infinity GT; Fort AP; Tal's Helm /w IAS jewel (fantastic and under appreciated helm)

4x Light skillers; 10x life/mana SC's; 39% Gheed's; single res SC /w FHR; rest 7% MF SC's, some /w res/mana/etc.

260 MF on main, 390 on Baal kill.
Just under 2K life and 900 mana.

26K Lightning
16K Chain Lightning (? on amt)
Maxed lightning and synergies/mastery, got Warmth, Shiver Armor, Teleport, rest in Static.

Res: 75/75/74/75

Runs average 3 minutes, and I probably did a ~200 of them. One NDE, reported in the MFO thread, amped and hit with tons of Witch's missiles.

It took only a few map rolls to get a respectable Baal map, it took much longer to get the essences for the re-spec. Baal is always interesting with a lightning sorc as it is so much different from running Blizballer - less crowd control, mainly.
Mar 19, 2020
Originally posted by: @Gripphon

Second character I played with is Pit Berserker. I like him very much.

Basic Information + Stats

Character: Pit Berserker named CookieMonster
Level: 91

Strength: 47
Dexterity: 261
Vitality: 222

Life: 2208 (2342 switch)
Mana: 493 (537 switch)
FCR: 110
AR: 12010
IAS: 57
MF: 708 (588 switch)


Berserk 20 (27)
Sword Mastery 20 (27)
Increased Speed 1 (8)
Natural Resistance 1 (8)
Battle Command 1
Battle Orders 1 (10)
Howl 20
Shout 12
Find Item 20 (29) - 55%


Helm: 1.13 Shako with Ist
Armor: Enigma Light Plate
Amulet: crafted
Viper Emblem
Required Level: 89
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 96
Fingerprint: 0xb8ee467e
+21 to Strength
+11 to Mana
+17 to Maximum Stamina
Regenerate Mana 8%
14% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
10% Faster Cast Rate
Weapon1: Grief PB 393 damage, 37 IAS
Weapon2: 6x Ist PB
Belt: Trang Girth
Gloves: LoH
Boots: 48MF War Traveler
Rings: 30MF Nagelrings

Dual Suicide Branch with Ist

40 MF Gheeds
Horadric Cube
16life 17mana SC
17life 17mana SC
30life 29mana LC
Rest 7MF with few 6MF

Might Merc:
eth Colossus Voulge Insight
Andy Visage with IAS jewel

I ran Pit with him on p1. Leveled him from 90 to 91.5 and died once along the way in 25 hours of playing. From my testings my average running time on 7.3 bosspack map was ~59.8 seconds, ~58.8 seconds and 60.2 seconds over larger runs sample, so ~60 seconds is good estimated average. Did ~1500 pit runs with him.

I made this character very fast when I wanted to try Pitbarb before MFO, then he remained till MFO, not perfectly built. I started to run with him as he was lol. 6500 AR seemed like too little, respeced to have 12k and that sped my runtimes few seconds. At beginning I was on ~70 seconds runtimes, but improvement was very fast.
I used life/mana charms to make my character more comfortable to play and I value that much more than that little more MF. I welcomed that mana and my running immediately became much easier. Near 600 mana is ideal IMO because then you don't care about mana burners at all. Playing this barb is skill intensive compared to anything else I tried to play so far, also my apm playing him was high. But that is my type of character really, I would rather play him and almost "break" my mouse than playing that pitnecro or something similar that is much less intensive.

Improving my barb will be an easy task. Obviously he needs some leveling, then perhaps finding/crafting better amulet, then probably Cham into Shako etc... For now I like that Trang belt a lot. Not sure do I really need Laying of Hands as gloves or I could use some IAS MF ones with similar success. Will test it and decide what I want. Maybe I'll really end up with Cham'd Shako using Goldwrap and 40MF gloves, who knows.

Also, thanks to this barb I learned new technique of horking I never used before. Sounds funny, yes, but it's true haha.
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