MFO Summer 2006 Progress [by jjscud]

Mar 19, 2020
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This tournament has already ended. It was originally posted by @jjscud on Aug 5 2006.
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MFO Progress Thread

Ok, its time for a full blown, week long, Magic Find Olympics

Start date: August 5 2006
End date: August 13 2006

Total time - 9 days.

The Categories

- Hell Mephisto
- Hell Baal
- Act 5 SuperUniques: Shenk, Eldritch, Pindleskin, Thresh, Sharptooth.
- Level 85 Areas (The Mausoleum, The Pit, Maggot Lair lvl 3, Ancient
Tunnels, Kurast Sewers lvl 2, Forgotten Temple, Ruined Fane, Disused
Reliquary, River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary (not including seal boss packs
and Diablo), Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction (not including
minion waves))
- teams (see end of post)

The supervisors

-In the interest of sportsmanship, please send updates of your progress
during the MFO week to your supervisor. These should be in the same
format as your final results email. Supervisors will likely post updates
every 1-2 days. These updates will list current order but not points.

Baal - Colony - *email redacted - Pb_pal*
lvl 85 - Gabriel74 - *email redacted - Pb_pal*
Meph - Nepeta - *email redacted - Pb_pal*
A5SU - Cattleya - *email redacted - Pb_pal*

Things to include in your e-mail:
-title should contain MFO
-Your forum name (PLEASE, PLEASE, I end up guessing everytime)
-The category and your top 5 items for each category you entered


Title: SPF - MFO results
Forum name: jjscud

Firelizard's Talons 36.1
Eaglehorn 39.6
Eaglehorn 39.6 (example of multiple find)
Total 115.3


-If you quit or drop out, please send your area supervisor an email or
PM saying so.

-Email your findings to your area's supervisor within two days after
the end of the MFO - by August 15th.


The list of entered participants will follow.

If you're entered, try to do your best.

And if you don't think that you're capable of giving up a Windforce or
a Stormlash if you find one and lose, this probably isn't for you.

Allowed mods RRM, RWM. You must post your mod status!

Eligible finds

The following monsters are the only ones whose drops will be considered
in each category:

- Hell Meph: Meph only.
- Hell Baal: Baal and his 5 minion packs.
- Act 5 SuperUniques: The mentioned SuperUniques and their Minions, in
the cases of Eldritch, Pindle and Sharptooth.
- Level 85 areas: Any monster in these areas. Except Baal's and
Diablo's minions.

Drops from all other sources will not count. This includes Blood Lords
and Council Members near Meph, Prowling Dead in Pindle's Garden, Chests
in the Pits, etc.

Summary of rules:

-All intending participants must register the categories they wish to
compete in. No late entries will be accepted.

-The winning player shall be determined by the five highest-ranked
items they find during the week.

-In case of 2 players tying with the same score, the winner shall be
decided by adding in the score of the next rarest item each of them
found, then the next and so on until a clear winner is decided.

-Remember to keep eligible finds separate from the rest of your gear.

-DO NOT post your finds.

Prize distribution

1st Place - picks 4 items from ANY other entrants (max 1 per entrant).
2nd Place - picks 3 items from ANY other entrants ranked below you (max
1 per entrant)
3rd place - picks 2 items from ANY other entrants ranked below you (max
1 per entrant)
with a maximum of 3 items taken from each entrant.


The system is based on the relative rarity compared to the IK
Stonecrusher, the most common elite set or unique.

Baal (csv File)
lvl 85 Areas (csv File)
Meph (csv File)
Act 5 SUs (csv File)

Also for those interested in what happen last time:
The Signup

Rules for Teams (shamelessly copied from lemming):

- Please only sign up for team if you are fairly certain you will be able to participate, your team will be depending on you.

- You may have up to a maximum of 5 members in a team with a minimum of 2 members (no 1-man teams)

- Each member must first be registered under the Singles MFO first.

- At least one member must participate in each of the Singles categories (the categories will be confirmed later).

- One member may run more than one category.

- Multiple members in a single category is allowed. However, only the highest score of 1 member will be taken into account.

Eg. Both Chase and Sunbearie are in Team CB and running Baal. Chase has a score 150 while sunbearie's is 130. Hence Team CB's score for Baal will be based on Chase's ranking.

- When registering your team here, simply state your team name and its members.

- The team with highest item score in a category recieves 10 points, 2nd in that category receives 9, 3rd gets 8, etc. So maximum score for a team would be 40 (1st in all 4 categories).

- As of this moment, team play is just for bragging rights. If I can find a reasonable reward, I will but participating in a team will not risk any of your MFO finds any further.
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