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Jul 20, 2008

I'm curious what the best setup is for an MFing sorc. I can afford any gear setup, so that isn't the issue. For those of you guys with sorc experience, your advice would be appreciated. I've never actually played a sorc myself but know they are effective.
Re: MFing

If you can afford any gear setup why mf?

I guess some blizz sorc with perfect fathom, perfect nightwings, perfect spirit, perfect blizz ormus, a 20% fcr +2 sorc +mf% crafted amulet, a 15% mf/10% fcr ring, perfect chancies, snowclash, perfect wartravs and SoJ, with a might merc with a perfect eth giant thresher insight, 5k def fort and eth perfect andy's.

ist in all sockets
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Re: MFing

MFing is a very boring aspect of the game. If you can afford any item, there is no point to MFing. Just build characters and have fun! :p

ya i agree with you MF can be boring
but when you do get a good item it feels great^^

and for all the people that want to start mfing, while the mf builds are great at going what they are ment to i find mfing with a build you like rather than makeing a whole new mf chara is more fun and will keep you mfing longer than a build you dont like but are told is the best for mfing

just my 2cents ^^

Re: MFing

yeah, kalkanor is right. First I made an mf sorc, then a goldfind barb. I've used the goldfind barb more.

But if you're super rich, getting a good item is really really rare because only the best of best will be "good" in your eyes.
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