MFing The Ancient Tunnels


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Oct 11, 2004
MFing The Ancient Tunnels

Well i did about 5 private runs and then i did one in an 8 player game with my Mav Zon, freezing arrow.. It was kinda tough but i was careful. All i found was a regular monarch. The drops from bosses were things like magic ancient axes. I have 125 mf, should i ptopaz her armor or cold facet? What are the chances of finding ANYTHING in there? (exceptional to elite sets/uniques)
Ancient Tunnels are for cold sorcs. They are very easy with them, and you can retain killing power and high mf. I used to do them all the time since I hate pindle runs and after the bot fix pindle runs were worthless pretty much, and I only found a stormshield and some elite unique that's rare but worthless. Very helpful if you need to fill up on rejuvs though.
Oh, well that stinks, then my mav zon is useless. Although i did just find an ist from a chest and a 3 fire skill circlet..i'm pleased with that.
I found an arkains valor in there, uhh... I think some other very hard to find, though very usless unique items... and in like 10 runs, an ist is pretty good....

I've decided I like doing longer MF games more than short runs, so I also have been doing ancient tunnels a lot... my meteorb does:
Ancient Tunnels
opens chests in Lower Kurast if I need SC's to cube.

Works pretty well for me... I might start doing some stuff in act5 soon too.

On that note... anyone know if Snapchip Shatter still drops well? I used to run him ALL the time... so much fun, and lots of champs/uniques too.

Theres a pack of champs by the Icy Cellar door, usually 2 other boss packs and maybe some champs down IN the icy cellar, as well as snapchip shatter, all in a very small little area, very fast runs... Now I'm gonna start doing those again ;)

So yeah... stick with it, or, if you want more, less rare items, hit up mephisto/anderial...

Matt said:
On that note... anyone know if Snapchip Shatter still drops well?

I tried to find out once... ran into a huge pack of dolls, and got out fast. :rant:

so... ah... maybe... if you don't mind dealing with dolls.
Well tunnels been treating me ok atleast. found shako + skullders on same run :) .

Then again done a couple of those runs, multiply your number by 100 then you might be close to mine. Does seem like you want a meph runner though, which means a sorc.


Btw ist in 5 runs wow, thats great :)
Not that this matters really, but I just remembered I once found shako in the AT chest after finding Wizzy + Viper both off of Andy in the same game. Since I wasn't very wealthy at all at the time, it was one of the best days of my life (sort of)!
Yah but i've been doing these runs in games with lots of people. I dunno, she can do andy but it takes a little while since my merc dies in seconds :(. But he's only level 50.
ya, it helps greatly to level that merc up and then get some betetr gear on him....I recently levled a nm merc up from lvl 47 to 87 in like 3 days of playign only a couple hours at a time....The absolutely fastest way to level him up is to run bloodys with your zon all the way up through shenk and eldricth, and i even went a bit further...I got around 3 levels on my merc every run till about 72 ish and then 2 levels and then 1 per....then I started doing tunnels with him and now he is g etting 1 level every two runs and those are all in solo games....if you can get in games with people you will level even more......Your merc is probably a might merc too, which will greatly help your dmg so you can kill faster, you definately level him up :thumbsup:
Still-Xey-Lover said:
Yah but i've been doing these runs in games with lots of people. I dunno, she can do andy but it takes a little while since my merc dies in seconds :(. But he's only level 50.

Andy works like a charm with a meteorb sorc, a pure fire sorc maybe even better since she has (IIRC) negative fire res. can tele down there pretty fast and kill her in seconds....
Good for my blizzard MF sorc, monsters are all very slow, and i found TR armor on my second run!
200 runs later, i also have a shako and 20'er raven.
MF is all about luck and patience!
i was in a duel game with my necro and no1 would duel me so i went to all kind of places i normally dont go and then i came ancients tunnels and what dropped green laquered plate pretty nice
Andariel has -50 fire res, I run her with a straight fire sorc and shes dead in no time :D

And might i suggest act 3? flayer/lower kurast is nice if you have mf and are in a full game to massacre the flayers and to just pop chests. acceptable drops, but the best part is how easy it is. i was able (in nm) to run flayer with a level 35 fire sorc and her hf merc... in full games, and I gained xp faster than when i was being power-baaled. I am now converted to flayer jungle runs in full games in nm/hell difficulty.
I run andy all the time, but I always have this issue: if I kill her myself, she's down in 1-3 seconds (~12K meteor, FB up there pretty high too). But my merc has a PT Arkain's & PT TR mask on, so I like to let him have the last wack. Unfortunately, he goes down hard on her poison (even with a prebuff of antidote), so I always end up blowing a few full juvs on him, and it takes longer.
So apart from getting him an uber merc weapon I don't have, it's the choice of kill fast but with ~130% less MF or wait for Dopey to finish her (I think he spends too much time looking at her boobages).

Mebbe I should just let the boy die, and skip the +130% MF?

edit: oh and those Flayer jungles are da bomb for skillers & scs, especially with a strafer (no PIs).
0takuPryd3 said:
Snapchip was good in .09, but not anymore. I don't know why, but no one mfs him.

Well I did about 300 or so of these runs with my Summon Necro. And here is my findings:
Vex Rune
Cold Skill GC
Ele Skill GC *druid*
about 15 Sc Vita's all different +lifes.
Water Walks.

Yes this is v1.10. So if you want to do 300 runs.. I personally dont think its worth it.
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