MFing Hammerdin - Questions about Pit Runs/Mercenary


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Jun 22, 2003
MFing Hammerdin - Questions about Pit Runs/Mercenary

Hey, I've built my Hammerdin around MFing with 75% FCR in mind and the ability to clear the Pits and other areas quickly in mind. I'll put my equipment down below along with stats.

[Just a note: I've tried to do searches but couldn't find a topic very similar to this one where it's more focused on pit runs as the word "pit" is too short to put in search :grrr:]

My equipment:
1295 Dusk Shroud Enigma
Um'd Harlequin Crest [Strongly considering opting for PTopaz one]
25% Mara's Kaleidooscope
Arachnid Mesh
Trang's Gloves
38% Heart of the Oak Flail
45% MF War Traveler
192% Perfect Diamond Herald of Zakarum
2 Stones of Jordan
38% MF Gheed's
3 Small 7% Magic Find Charms
12 or so +18-20 Life SCs
Annihilus with 15 Stats/18 Resists/+10% Experience
3 Battle Orders Call to Arms w/ Lidless on switch
[Plus a Holy Freeze Merc at level 75 with a level 20 Thorns Bramble, Reaper's Toll and ethereal 8 Life Leech 20% DR

Level: 92
Damage: 11k
Magic Find: 245%
Life/Mana after Battle Orders: 3233/674

As you can see I probably wouldn't consider myself poor. Anyway, my questions are as follows:

1) Is Pit all that effecient for a Hammerdin? Where else would be good areas to MF? Sometimes I add in a Chaos Run, do Eldritch and all that if I have time [I try to MF in full games like Baal runs]. I try and not stick to bosses as if I wanted to do them, a Blizzard sorceress would probably be better unless I do all other viable areas and the game is still full. My question is whether or not I should try new areas or simply add them on after I do Pit Runs. [I've had a little bit of success here, found a Darkforce Spawn and HoZ in about 80 or so runs.]

2) I've tried doing Chaos runs with my old Act II Defiance Merc without a whole lot of success so I'm in the process of leveling up an Holy Freeze one. At 75 after BO, he doesn't seem to last long either but maybe it's due to lack of leveling... Anyone here have a strong bias towards one merc, and if so which one? To add onto that, do you think using a Bramble and Vampire Gaze is even the best choice? I sacrifice 30% DR for 3-4 FHR breakpoints [it has 50% FHR], some fire resist, massive 100% poison resist, and level 20 Thorns which I've heard isn't very useful.

3) Is my MF high enough in your opinion? I've been contemplating using two 30% Nagel rings in their place but the loss of mana and damage doesn't seem to be worth it...I could sub out some life SCs for MF charms maybe since my life is already 3200 with them.

4) Should I continue Pit Runs, would it be wise to clear out both levels entirely? As it is, what I usually do is teleport until I find a group of Unique/Minions or a group of Champion-class monsters and kill them only. Since the Flayers and Bow using demon women are 85 and the melee using demon women are less than that, is it even worth my time to kill non-champion class/unique pokey women if I decide to clear out the entire area?

I realize my questions might be a bit long but I'd like to get as much information as I can, thanks even if your answers are brief.
For question #4, I would say definetly clear all the monsters in the Pits.. Ive found Vex, +25 life skillers, and a bunch of other stuff from them myself. :spy: :drool:
How much MF did u have?

I have done more than 100 runs but nothing good showed up(with 320% mf) and got dissapointed...
I think Act Bosses are still the best palace to mf... sniff
On the note of Merc's, it's all about 3 things. Damage+Life Leech and Cannot be Frozen. Honest to god you can have the lowest level merc with the most negative resistances, that will stay alive if you really have the damage and Life Leech. As long as your merc doesn't get slowed that is. The only reason lvling makes such a big deal, is that more hp healps against big 1-hit damage do-ers, and getting the stats so that your merc can actually use such high damage gear. For instance put Duriels armour, AmnAmn Bonehew, and Tal's Mask on any act2 merc, and he simply won't die. This gear is far from godlike, and you can definatly do better, but this is a nice 'layout' to follow.

So this means that which merc you use should rely on what YOU want more. I would think Holy Freeze would aid you the most, or perhaps Defiance. Whatever you decide, give them the right gear and they'll go to the ends of the earth for you.

Pit's are not Hammer-friendly. I think Hammerdins should stick to Cows, WSK, and RoF+Choas Sanctuary.

Your magic find is not TOO bad, but it could definatly do with a boost. I would certainly put a PTopaz in that shako. I'd switch arachnid for Goldwrap, seriously. If you can live without the bp, then take of Trangs for Chancies, and even if you need the fcr, I'd use Magefist instead. I'd work on some 7%mf sc's.
Thanks guys, apprecite the replies but I got a few follow ups.

First off, how are Pits not hammer friendly? I've tried a Witchyzon, Poison Necro and Hammer, the Hammer's so far been the best speed-wise I believe, with Poison Necro right around the same time with about the same MF %. Maybe the Pits are just overrated.

I've tried cows with Hammer and I can't see at all how people do them, even with 11k hammers it takes like 15 seconds to clear a small group of cows in a full game, is it worth having less drops to do it in 1 man games?

On the WSK part, is it both levels or just the third one that has good drops? I've heard it's a good area for Hammers if you're using enough Light absorb, maybe I'll trade for another mid-high MF Wisp Projector.

I tried again using less FCR but I flat out can't stand having any less than 75% FCR =\. I could sub out the gloves in place of two caster rings and toss on some 38-40% MF Chancies I guess, but at the expensive of the SOJ' skills and Mana...Maybe I'll just go the pure Small Magic Find Charm route...
The only reason the pit shouldnt be hammerfriendly is because its not exactly
a very open area but IMO the only non- hammer friendly area is the maggot lair.

Cows is a waste of time IMO. If scoring uniques is your main goal, killing act-
bosses over and over is bye far the best option. If u wanna find other useful
stuff ( charms runes etc ) just go were there are lots of monsters with high
TC that u can kill fast and safe. I like diablo runs because u get nice charms runes etc from the monsters/minions and u finish off with an act boss for a
good chance of a nice uniquefind. If u enter WSK..yes u need Light abs.
go with a whisp.

I suggest u dump all your 18-20 vita charms and go for 7 mf instead.
And also...dump 1 soj and use the emtpy slot to switch between whispring
( WSK ) and dwarfstar( fire absorb is VERY useful when doing travinruns and when u face "infector of souls" in CS.

Good luck with your pala.

My own hammer mf:

Shako (Ptopaz)
Enigma archon
Herald (um)
dwarfstar/ whispring
Cta/lidless on switch

1 Lion branded
gheeds 34
14x7mf sc
3x5 fhr sc
1x5 all res sc
Estimated market value