Mf sorc


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Feb 5, 2005
Mf sorc

Ok so im trying to decide what skill trees to use, was thining 2 tree sorc with so many imunes in hell. But does infinity remove imunes on bosses like countess and eldrich? Ok back to main point im using all mf gear no skills, but will have torch and anni. Here is gear:

6 ist sword
4 ist shield
Isted shako
Isted Tal arm
15 mf tal belt
tal amy
50 war travs
40 chancies
35 mf ring
p nagel
40 gheeds
19/20 storch
20/10 anni
7 mf scs

Infinity on merc

I assume if i do 2 trees I will need skillers since i dont get much from my equip. Should I go with light/cold with the Chainlight/Fo strategy or something else
Something I decided to try out yesterday and am LOVING is the meteorb sorc. There's a great guide for it here on the site but I forget the author's name.. Anyways, it's highly recommended by quite a few people. Great guide, great build.
Hope this helped!
P.S. Holy cow, is it ever strong!!
what bosses cant a meteorb sorc do? also dont they have trouble in hell with lots of normal monsters being fire imune?
No offense, but my experience is that people starting out with perfect MF gears normally don't have the patience to actually do MF runs; and I'd hope you prove me wrong:smiley:.
That said, you should put your 6-ist sword and 4-ist shield on weapon switch, and use a good weapon/shield on main switch for killing speed. Only switch to the MF sword/shield right before the killing blow to take advantage of the extra MF (which will be pretty small btw).
well i had non per mf gear and i upgraded it all, yeah im thinking of using an occy and sprit as they are cheap and have all my hr tied up right now
Just curius but how much dex did you guys put into your sorc with my shield acording to that guid at lvl 90 im gonna need about 350 dex.... to get max block but as im mfing im gonna try not and get hit so the question is whats a good balance of block to life?
so I have 750 mf would it be better to just switch to a SS and put 150 into dex, Or put none in dex and use sprit cs, sprit monarch to tele there real fast and kill off minions then switch to mf gear and not worry about blocking at all
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Max-block or max-vit are both viable routes, but you should pick one and stick to it. If you choose Spirit, better not to try max-block; if you choose max-block with SS, you need 217 dex to max block at lvl90.
Every non-blocking sorc player says that s/he will try not to get hit at all; in reality, it takes skills (as well as lag-free connection) to make that happen, so just pick the route that suits your play style better and stick with it.
The only time it's worth it to be block is if you're using Sanctuary, Rhyme, or SS and most MF sorc's don't use any of those. Just go pure vit and make sure you have enough FHR+life to tele out of bad situations.
Ok another question about merc

I have an eth cv that i was planing on making an infinity, will that make cold imunes killable or fire imunes killable?

and should i go with a eth fort or an eth shafstop
Infinity will break very few CI/FI, because very few CI/FI monsters have resistance between 100-116 (the range Infinity can break). However, Infinity makes your killing speed much faster on non-FI monsters, and relatively faster on non-CI monsters (due to the difference between Cold Mastery and Fire Mastery). So Infinity is still a good choice if you don't have mana problem; if you do have mana problem, Insight will be better.
As long as you can afford it, eth fort will perform noticeably better than eth shaftstop, or any other merc armors I've used (shaftstop, duriel, leviathan, eth CoH, etc.)
alright ill go with a fort for amor, will any plus skillls make the conviction a higher level like using a shako? trying to decide between eth vamp gaze and eth shako
No, the level of conviction from Infinity is fixed; it can't be changed by any +skill gear. Eth gaze is definitely better than eth shako for your merc, Andariel's Visage is a pretty good choice too, especially if your Infinity is made is eth CV, which requires 200 str. If I remembered correctly, an Act2 holy freeze merc needs to be lvl93 to have 200 str.
I currently run a meteorb sorc for mf with an Infinity merc

I used to run with the full mf gear, but I gradually started taking off my mf items and replacing with + skills and fcr gear since the MF really does not matter that much at all.

I have been using meteorb for about a year now and I'm on my fourth meteorb sorc (experimenting diff builds). I really like this build the most right now since I clear levels REALLY fast (by levels I mean areas such as pit, worldstone keep, river of flame)

My fcr breakpoint is @ 105. The 105 fcr breakpoint REALLY helps you out in terms of damage because your fireball = constant spam of 7.7k damage on top of conviction from your merc.
My stats are as follows:
Fireball: 7.7k
Meteor: 17k-17k
Frozen Orb: 491-514 (w/ level 25 cold mastery)

Life: 2074
Mana: 890
Resistances: All maxed in hell with stacked light/poison

Total mf: 299 w/ charms
Ofc, it seems like a little but honestly I used to run with 1k+ back in .09 and it hardly makes a difference. I have found that the more mf you have it seems like you get a LOT more rare drops than anything else.

I'm not so much after uniques but more after the grand charms, socketables, etc. so it helps out tremendously to have high life/high fcr/high dmg.

But, I do take down meph with literally 5 fireballs after 2 static fields (~4 seconds) and I can stand in the middle of all of the council members and just spray fireballs everywhere ;P

Andariel is a complete joke as I found that its actually slower to use static field now because 2 fireballs > 2 static fields and its much quicker w/o the range requirement. Andariel dies in 4-5 fireballs with no static field. Baal, is a bit longer, but by no means hard at ALL. I tele to him -> 3 static fields for 50% life and then I simply spam fireball/frozen orb and he's down in less than 10 seconds (if he doesn't teleport).

PS: Don't let my clause about me only searching for charms/socketables fool you, I have found MANY unique drops including the notorious CoA as well as numerous other elite class uniques ranging from Nightwings to Arachnids to eth Death cleavers ;P

PS2: I have 20 open slots at all times as well as an empty cube. I also carry around keys ;P to unlock those chests @ durance level 3 (Numerous rune drops from them including mal and ist). I've also actually MFed my own Jah, Cham, and Ber runes in the River of Flame
alright thanks for the advice i just picked up some magefist to help with fcr i was thinking with a p spirit and occy and magefist i could tele there then switch to all mf for bosses as they themselves dont need much fcr right? just for teleing and lots of monsters like chaos runs
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