mf necro


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Jul 25, 2003
mf necro

can you mf realistically with a necromancer without enigma? (i'm not that rich).

i'm not in that much of a rush to teleport up to baal or down to meph or whatever...the stuff on the way there sometimes drops good stuff, anyway.

what i want to know is there a good necromancer build that can solo hell meph/baal/pit/ancient tunnels etc that doesn't kill really slowly and doesn't require enigma?

I remember I had a friend who used a bone spear necromancer to solo hell baal wearing mf gear. i think he used a golem, but i can't remember his exact setup. it sounded like he didn't have too much trouble doing it, either.

so, is there a build taht fits my requirements? I'm not looking to kill uber fast like a sorc but i want to go through stuff reasonably quickly. I like chars that actually make a difference in a 5-8 player game, and kill fairly quickly on their own.
I just use a standard Skelemancer. I'm not entirely sure why people make a distinction between "mf" characters and characters that kill monsters, so maybe I'm not a mf character... I go out looking for items with it, though.

As for "doesn't kill slowly"... it seems some people consider Skelemancers as "slow", but I don't really have anything to compare it to.

I just work like this: run up to a pack, retreat behind my skellies, amp everything, wait a few seconds, CE the whole damned area and pickup the loot (if any). It gets a slight slowdown in CS and WSK3 (Oblivion Knights -> Iron Maiden, so lots of reraising; without the merc weapon, the might level drops by 4 levels as well) and in places with those ice monsters that don't leave corpses to CE. Also, maggots lair and arcane sanctuary are slow, and I don't have enough +skills to solo 8 player games (but then, drops max out at 4-5 players anyway... beyond that, nodrop chances decrease only margically. And most of the time I only do my private games with 2 players).
I also mf with my summoner. He does best vrs groups for the ce but with my merc i can take bosses pretty easily too. My runs usually go Pindle (free skeles who can complain), shenk/eldritch, trav, and sometimes pit. I run about 330 mf with full trang on. Got 70ish res in hell and things fall like butter. There really isnt anything that is immune since amp takes care of phz immunes. With my nec i have found some top end items (hoz, griffons, ect.) and rarely ever die. I find mfing as a decent form of gaining xp also (not a good as baalz but eh i'm alone for all the drops) Got my summoner up to 90 (sooo close to 91) and am loving him. Have tried a variety of builds after him but havent found one that i like better. (although my javazon comes close)

General strategy when mfing is to get a merc that can make one kill then corpse explode the rest. My skeles of course do their share of killing but merc/ce takes care of the crowds. Skele's do provide an excellent meat (bone?) shield. But this was already covered so im just repeating what others have said.

But then i am a strange duck that likes to play alone rather than with others. (other than friends of course)

Well it appears that i have rambled on for quite some time so i'll stop. Hope this helps.

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