Metalgrid, Is it of any use?


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Jun 27, 2003
Metalgrid, Is it of any use?

So i find another unique Amulet of Meph and it turns out to be a Metalgrid...:thumbsup:

The only question is... what kind of build can make good use of this amu?:scratch:

It's useful for most melee builds that don't need any IAS/skills from amulet slot. My IK barb used to wear it for example.
+400-450 To Attack Rating (varies)
Level 22 Iron Golem (11 Charges)
Level 12 Iron Maiden (20 Charges)
All Resistances +25-35 (varies)
+300-350 Defense (varies)

Melee build for sure, maybe looking at the AR, defense and Res bonus...

Too bad the IG goes poof when you leave a game, but at lv 22 he should be durable...
The great advantage it has is both ar and resists. By not using any ar set you can drop sigs cap/gloves for Arreat's/LoH or the like, Angelic wings/halo for Metalgrid/leech or raven frost, whatever, and Hsauru's boots/belt for the always welcome goreriders/verdungo, tgods or whatever cool belt you may have.

Basicaly you drop your leech and get interesting things instead, like %damage to undead or demons, deadly strike or crushing blow, resist to all and cannot be frozen, + skills from Arreat's. It all depends on what ar items you drop and what replacements you have.

Fact is most won't use the sigon's set in xpack, so basicaly you would drop either Angelics or Hsauru's.
Ik barb sound like a good idea... Its one of the future projects. The amu teamed up with a raven and dwarf...

It might even be the next project... after the teslafroster and the skellymancer and the...

Might even try it on the pally if i ever get to lvl 81. :cheesy:

WW Barb is a good idea, use one with mine instead of the classic divin amu +ring combo.

Unfortunatelly with no golem mastery, the pet is not that durable.
WW barb is my favorite. I tried a concentrate barb first thing when 1.10 was released... but damn, did he get his *** whipped.. Could be they are kind of item depended (as every barb is now a days).
- The IK barb doesn't really need the extra AR from Metalgrid as long as you have Ravenfrost(s), the set gives a huge AR bonus as well
- Don't Iron Golems get saved with the character? They do get saved with my necro, but this may be different because
A: It's a barb
B: It' HC, which I've never seriously tried
Golem should stick around, I think...

there is no specific rules for HC, except for the death :)

Monsters are much more difficult to hit in 1.10, 4xx base AR will provide great improvment, even if you are using IK Set and Raven.
is it of any use? YES, i want it :)

my IK barb would love it ;)

whatcha want for it... regarding that ur EuHCL which i doubt :(
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