Melee Sorc PvP


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Jul 21, 2003
Melee Sorc PvP

This received minimal responses (read: zero) from the PvP forum. Guess the PK/dueling metagame has devolved into a high-tier-cookie-cutter-only style of play or something, what with only Hammerdins, Smiters, BvC and the occasional bone necro receiving any real discussion, but I was hoping some sorcs experienced in PvP or even in non-conventional sorceress tactics could help me out.

First, thanks for taking the time to see what this thread is all about. I know it's probably one of the less common and less effective PvP builds, but as a long-time veteran returning to the game, I just want to play for fun.

So onto my questions.

Which is the best path for a melee sorc?

- Fully synergized Enchant
- Fully synergized Energy Shield


- Fully synergized Enchant
- Lightning Mastery

Should I use Dream even without Lightning Mastery? Or seek better options for melee/Enchant. Lightning Mastery basically requires a commitment to Dream, but no Lightning Mastery allows Energy Shield as well as better options in gear, and perhaps even Facets.

Should I be in werebear form the majority of the time? What I've gathered so far:

+ More life
+ Faster attack
+ More defense?

- CANNOT TELEPORT ZOMG!!! Remember, this is for PvP, and sorc's natural advantage is item-less Teleport
- Ugly
- Lower FHR?

+ Teleport
+ Can cast other spells? Even though I probably won't use any other attacks
+ More FHR?

- Lower life
- Slower attack
- Less defense?

If Sorceress form is better for PvP, should I be:

- Energy Shield + Dream
- Energy Shield w/o Dream
- Lightning Mastery + Dream
- FROZEN ORB WITH SYNERGY? With Dream or w/o Dream?

If anyone can answer any of these questions, much less all of them, I will be greatly appreciated. Also any comments, insults, and jeers are welcome.
Oh well, you did only give the thread in the PvP forum like 4½ hours. Have patience, you posted it close to 03.00 here in Europe. :azn:

If you can get your hands on dual Dreams, I would like to switch your skill planning a little. Dual deams would boost your damage to like 1-60000 (30k avg) with maxed lightning mastery. The damage you would get from enchant would only be a few thousands, so a synergized enchant would be a waste if you ask me. (this is assuming you mean firemastery included when talking about maxed synergies?)

I'm gonna make one myself when I get time (read: X-mas), and I have planned something like this so far:
-dual dreams
-maxed lightmastery, for the damage
-maxed enchant, only for the %ar, which I know I'll be needing
-maxed warmth, a little bonus for the enchant, but mainly mana regen.
-maxed telekinesis, synergy for ES
-As much as possible in ES
-no firemastery
That should be finished in lower 90's somewhere.

And then whack the most points in energy, after getting enough dex for maxblock. Strength shouldn't be an issue, and life will (hopefully) come from charms.

To answer some of your questions, dream without lightning mastery is a waste. Dreams with lightning mastery is a dream.

I would go ES/dream regardless of if I decide to use bearform or not. Haven't decided that for myself yet, but I think I'll stick to being a teleporting hit-and-run machine.
Not sure how effective it will be, since most chars have lightres and maxblock and higher def and ... etc. But it will be fun I guess. That's the way I've planned to make mine, feel free to compare/add critique/whatever.

Hope it is of any help. I bet there's something I've missed...
Sorry for my hastiness.

Any time I mention synergy/full of a skill, I meant including Mastery. No point in synergizing a skill if you leave out the Mastery. My as well drop the skill entirely, IMO.

In regards to the lightning vs. fire: I didn't realize Enchant's damage was so low. Then the only real option is dual dreams (since when is money a factor when making real duelers?), but Enchant gives loads of AR, too.

So that said, I agree with the 20 Enchant for AR, but I may not max Warmth.

While I'm a big supporter of ES, it still suffers from the 0% resist "bug" correct? I'm thinking it's far more efficient to either go ES Bear or no ES sorc. Too bad the Bear cannot teleport, because 75% block on that thing with the power to teleport would be a monster.

In regards to the lone 20 Enchant for AR, wouldn't it be easier to drop shield and use Widowmaker to apply Dream aura damage? IIRC, Enchant suffers a damage penalty when using ranged weapons, but Holy Shock does not? This frees up a LOT of points if it's viable.
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