"Meh" Okish Kicker Assassin Equipment?


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Nov 16, 2004
"Meh" Okish Kicker Assassin Equipment?

Hello. I've finally come back to diablo 2 after a couple of years. Now I just started making a kicker assassin, but unlike before, I stink now :cheesy: . What are some mediocre items (not too hard to find) items that you guys would recommend for a guy who sucks at finding and picking up things :lol: ? Thanks
Hey there.
1st: Welcome back, gutsy choice on return char...
2nd: I would say gems... A few perfect gems can be traded for nice stuff and usually they drop often.

Hope that helped :thumbsup:
Thanks for the replies. I'm collecting a bunch of gems now, but do you have any specific items that would be mediocre and not so hard to find for a kicker?
Yeah, I'll be helpful here. Some very inexpensive items for any Kicksin which make great items for PvM are Gimmershreds Flying Axes. They transfer great damage through Elemental, and are fairly easy to find. Demon Arch Balrog Spears work in the same fashion.

You can buy any Myrmidon Greaves from Anya to up your kick damage, but as stated in a post before, you may be better off finding another Elite boot to use, such as a rare, until you can pick up some Shadow Dancers or Upgraded Gores in the future.

As for armors, grab something with res, preferably, as with just returning you'll find it a bit harder to strap on an Enigma or something like that, price as it is. Duriel's Shell makes a great PvM armor for lots of character choices, with great resistance, and Cannot Be Frozen.

Rockstopper helm is a very underrated helm that gives Damage Reduction and resistance in hefty amounts, don't overlook that. Also, Trang's Gloves, even the best Kicksin's closest friend, is very easy to find, and should be used, unless you prefer Dracul's Grasp for the Open Wounds. However, Trang's are much, MUCH easier to find.

For a shield you have a few lower level choices. Swordback Hold, the low level Spiked Shield has 50% Open Wounds which works very nicely for any Kicker. Then there are the die hard Whistan's Guard for amazing block and block rate, and if you get lucky on your Hellforges, you could put together an Elite Shield Sanctuary with Ko Ko Mal for great block, FHR, and VERY nice resistances.

As for a belt, if you can get your hands on Verdungo's later on, it's your best friend, but in the meantime, grab a String of Ears for the DR and Life Leech.

As for jewelry, most of the unique Amulets can be helpful, most especially Mara's and Metalgrid. But with just starting again, I'd aim for The Mahim-Oak Curio or Saracen's Chance for resistance, or, grab a rare Assassin Amulet with some leech. For your rings, if you chose Duriel's as your armor, you free up a slot for Leech, but, if not, you'll need Cannot Be Frozen. You next best bet is a Ravenfrost. Nothing needs to be said about Ravens, they're godly. Next to that, grab a rare dual Leech ring if you can find one. You'll need Mana Leech here, but having more Life Leech helps too.

Mkay, that's my advice for you, hope you use it to your advantage!
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