Max Mage vs Golem Mastery


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Aug 1, 2003
Max Mage vs Golem Mastery

I have a Fishymancer made for the purpose of mf'ing all the usual areas: eld/shenk, pindle, trav/meph, andy, pits, and baal. With the exception of baal, I've been able to mf all these areas in a full game.

Anyways, right now I have 20+ skill points to spend right now, and I'm considering either maxing mages or golem mastery. On one hand, it would be nice to have some decent ranged damage and have elemental damage.

However, I find that I don't come across much PI's that I can't break (perhaps because I havn't done much baal?) with amp. I also don't plan on running ubers with this char so I won't need that poison damage to negate the ubers' healing capabilities.

I do have a problem with my mana right now because I have to keep on chugging mana pots to keep up with reviving skeles/tele'ing/CE. That's why I want to make an insight IG since my merc is using infinity. So far I have only 1 point in mastery and IG and have +11 all skills. In the past, when I made IG with IK maul, he had a hard time surviving with +9 all skills. Maybe maxing mastery could remedy this problem?

So should I max golem mastery to keep my IG alive? Or will I really need elemental damage?
From playing my SP necro, I've found Skeletal Mages to be VERY effective at speeding things up, particularly in tight areas. They can also help protect you from monsters that are approaching from behind. Besides, using potions isn't all that bad; you can just pick up more as your skellies mow down everything.
I would have no problems with using mana pots if it yielded the same results as having big mana regen, but that's not the case because I run out of potions easily if I tele/corpse explode at the same rate as if my merc was wearing insight.

And then it's another 5 secs- 1 min+ until I find another pot.

I mean, do you guys find that just one point in mastery and Iron Golem is enough to keep the IG alive? I got a summon charm so I'm up to +12 summoning at the moment. If 1 point in mastery and IG is enough (with +12 skils), then I might as well get mages.

Maybe I should consider splitting my skill points among both?
If 1 point in mastery and IG is enough (with +12 skils).

i think 1 (+12) point is enough. i went to ubers with a friend, he was smiter with crap items, i used gumbsy and casted decripify on mephisto and terror on the minions, it was easy and gumbsy only died 1 time when facing meph, when we went to baal and diablo he didn't die.

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