Max damage jewels and max damage affix on items?


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Feb 1, 2008
Max damage jewels and max damage affix on items?

Today I put a jewel with 15 to max damage into a rare bow that said "adds 9-12 damage". After I socketed that 15 max damage jewel, it says "adds 9-15 damage". Is this like a bug or something, or just a visual glitch? It says "adds 9-15 damage" both ingame and in gomule.

My jewel also had 39 ED :(

Also, what's the bug with ED/max jewels? What I recall, is that if you put one of those in armor or helm, the ED only work for the max damage that was on the jewel, and not your weapon damage. Correct?

I knew I should ask first and socket later:coffee:

EDIT: Screenshot

Added a screenshot of the bow. I tried calculating the max damage of the bow with a calculator, and came 12 damage short. This leads me to believe that the missing max damage is just a visual bug. I relaly wish that it would say "adds 9-27 damage" :D

Re: Max damage jewels and max damage affix on items?

It's a visual bug. Same thing happened to my Lycander's Aim.

The ED/max~min bug doesn't apply to weapons, but yeah, you're right on the mechanics.


Cedar Bow
10 to 29 (19.5 Avg)

(10 * 4.12) + 9 = 50.2

(29 * 4.12) + 29 + 15 + 12 = 175.48

It seems fine to me. :)

[edit] Nice bow.

[edit2] And if you think that's bad, isntead of reading 'Adds 40-50 Damage' on my Lycander's Aim, it reads 'Adds 15-50 Damage'. :badteeth:
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