Max Blocking


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Nov 1, 2009
Max Blocking

so I use stormshield on my barb and I was wondering for max block should I trust what my character table says or blocking calculator?
When I want to enter variables in that blocking calculator for stormshield used by barb I enter:
Base Shield Blocking %: 72%
Total + to Blocking %: 25% am I right?
Re: Max Blocking

No, the block percentage listed on the shield includes the +% to blocking listed on the shield mods below. The base block for a monarch with a barb is 47%. The +% to blocking is because some armors and amulets have +% to blocking mods too. In short, use the 72% (45% monarch base + 25% on shield) base shield blocking and 0% + to blocking unless you are wearing Twitchthrow or a crafted safety amulet.
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