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Dec 24, 2019
Souls v1.11b Max Block BoneNec Guide
Originally posted by soul killer, Feb 9, 2007

Note: This guide was originally written for BNet. Please bear in mind it may recommend items not found or permitted in Single Player.

Hello, I am Soul from USWest writing my first ever guide.
I have seen lots of ppl ask on how to build a Bone Nec before and I hope this guide will answer most of those

The Bone Nec hasnt been very popular in the PvP arena since they banned the Marrow bug, but now ive seen more and more
Bone Necs in Pubbies :D

One of the many Pros of making a Bone Nec is that Magic Damage cannot be resisted/sorbed (only a few items can sorb it).
The flexibility of this build is great, you have 3 main attacks,Teeth, Spear and Spirit all with their Pros
and Cons.(Explained in the Skill Placement Section of this guide)

It takes a lot of comitment and passion to make your Nec perform at 100%, if you just like to blindly pwn everything,
this build is not for you.

A good Bone Nec can perform flawless victories when your opponent is off your screen, this will be explained in the
Strategy Section of this guide.

Useful Terms that you should know.
FHR= Faster Hit Recovery
FCR= Faster Cast Rate
FR/W= Faster Run/Walk
BvC= Barb vs. Caster
BvB= Barb vs. Barb
H4x- Third Party Programs that enhance your stats/bps.


STRENGTH- Just enough to use your gear, with anni and torch I recommend about 10pts here.
Dusk and Mage Plates have nice low str requirements and look very attractive on the Necro.

DEXTERITY- ~180 hard pts in here, with 20stat anni and 20stat torch and 10 from Hoto you will
have 230dex, which is enough for Max Block with Stormshield and Homunculus at lvl95.

VITALITY- Everything that doesnt go into dexterity goes here.
More vita=more life=GOOD!

Its totally unnecessary, you will have enough mana, if you run out just drink a pot.
Ezy as pie.



Teeth- Maxed. Synergy to Spirit and Spear.
Useful at hitting fast moving chars from a distance.
They travel fast across 2screens and have a large radius.
Low damage, ~1.2k.

Bone Armor- Only 1pt.
The Synergies (Wall and Prison) actually add more sorb. than actual hard pts.
You should have this on at all times.
It sorbs ~750dmg in the end which doesnt seem like alot but its actually enough
to tank 1-2 hits from a WW and atleast 1 GA (assuming the barb and zon are properly equiped).

Bone Wall- Maxed. Synergy to Teeth, Spirit, Spear, Bone Armor, Wall and Prison.
A great but, rarely used skill.
Its good at stopping desynching pallys and chars with no tele.

Corpse Explosion- Only 1pt.
Only useful for PvM.

Bone Spear- Maxed. Synergy to Spirit and Teeth.
A fast moving, long distance projectile that travels in a line and hits through everything.
You can use this skill to "Snipe" opponents that are off-screen or standing still, running in a straight line.
Very hard to hit fast moving, zig-zaging opponents.

Bone Prison- Maxed. Synergy to Teeth, Spirit, Spear, Bone Armor, Wall and Prison.
Considered BM by some ppl, this skill is excellent at halting fast moving chars with no tele (eg. Wolfz and Bowazons)
Decrepify+Prison+Spear FTW :D

Bone Spirit- Maxed. Synergy to Teeth and Spear.
Ahhh, Spirit, your most dmging skill.
This is a slow traveling, unblockable (only sins with Claw Block can block Spirits) and chases the target for 6secs.
The most spammable skill in the game, drains your mana pretty quickly though.


You dont have to put pts into this tree, but I strongly recommend you do.

Clay Golem- 1pt.
Dont inderestimate the power of the Clay Golem, these little critters and really good at providing distractions
and slowing your enemy.

Golem Mastery- 1pt.
Clay Golem wouldnt be any good if you havent put 1pt into GM.
Increase life and speed of your little friend.


You dont have to put pts into this tree, but I strongly recommend you do.

Decrepify- 1pt + 1pt in all it prerequisites.
The undisputed most gg curse in the game.
This curse, lowers the targets phys. resist by 50%, reduces thier abillity to move by 50%
AND reduces their damage by 50%!!!
Whats not to like?.....Maybe the small radius and short duration, but everything cant be perfect right?


HELM- Not alot of options here, Shako just doesnt cut it, you need a Shaeld 2/20 Circlet or
3/20 PnB Helm w/ 2socs, put 2Shaels for the FHR.
IMO the 2/20 is better, yes it has less FHR and 1 less skill but the other mods on it can be very good,
such as +Dex to hlp you block without putting hard pts into dex, +Life, Mana +Resists and so on.
In extremely rare cases you willcome across 2soc/2skill/20FCR with gg mods, expect to pay a crap load of
HRs/Org Sets for it.

ARMOR- Enigma, no question about it.
Dusk or Mage are best choices becuase of low str req. (Dusk looks better imo).

AMULET- 2/10+ FCR ammy with Life, Resists etc.
You cant really get away with a Maras here since your a Max Block Nec and need to hit 125FCR
w/o Spirit.
2/20FCR Ammy if you want to use a SoJ.

GLOVES- Magefists or Trangs. Mages have nice mana regen. and Trangs have an extra 30 cold resist
and 2 to Curses which will help your Decrep.
Up to you, choose the ones you feel more comfortable with, I like Trangs.

BOOTS- Treks FTW here, dont see any other boots that can match Treks. 20FHR, 15Vita and FR/W make
these boots the top choice.
Eth ones are nice but awfully expensive.

RINGZ- FCR Rings with Life and Resists are the best choice, if you need CBF and sorb, slip on a crappy Raven.
SoJs wont work unless you have a 20FCR ammy because you wont have enough FCR.

BELT- Arach, FCR and Skillz. Dont bother using anything else unless your sorbing.

SHIELD- Ahhh, the shield. Homunc with PDiamond works best and maintains 75 Block along with nice resists and juicy skilz.
Stormshield is also a favorite and perhaps>homunculus in terms of dueling Melee and Zons.
Ber (only Cham for Windies) that Stormshield and youll have an extremly powerful shield which will make zons, barbs, pallys
and other builds focused around physical damage cry.
With Stormshield you will have 43% DR (51 if you choose to Ber it) and Max Block, very important when dueling barbs
and especially those pesky zons.
I only use Homunc when dueling builds that require you to have high resists.

Max Block Formula: Total Blocking = [(Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)]

Stormshield= (67*(228-15))/(95*2)
= (67*(213)/(190)
= 75.11
= 75% chance to block with 228dex at lvl95 if using SS

Homunculus= (72*(213-15))/(95*2)
= (72*(198)/(190)
= 75.03
= 75% chance to block with 198dex at lvl95 if using Homunculus

Faster Blocking Rates- 0% 6 frames
- 20% 5 frames
- 40% 4 frames
- 75% 3 frames

Blocking reduced to 33% while running, so be very careful.

WEAPON- HoTo or White Wand with 8 to spear/spirit. HoTo vs. everything but bowazons.
You need a White wand to take down those zons off screen and in NvN duels.
HoTo is kinda obvious, huge 3 to all skillz and 40FCR along with resists, increase in mana and lil bit of dex to help
you reach 75 Block.
Make HoTo/White in ETH Flail/Wand for that sexy eth wep look.

7 PnB plains/lifers and 2 with FHR.
20/xx/xx Anni and 20/xx Ntorch.
5res/frw or 20lifers.


Now that we have covered the Gears section, its time to move onto the Strategies part where Ill talk about how to
duel all kinds of opponents you mite come across in your PvP carerr.

Some BPs here

FCR- 0% 15 frames
- 9% 14 frames
- 18% 13 frames
- 30% 12 frames
- 48% 11 frames
- 75% 10 frames
- 125% 9 frames (You cant have less than this unless your Sorbing)

Remember, 75% and 124% FCR is still the same BP, dont listen to people that tell you that every 1% adds more FCR.

FHR- 0% 13frames
- 5% 12frames
- 10% 11frames
- 16% 10frames
- 26% 9frames
- 39% 8frames
- 56% 7frames (56% and 86% is what you should aim for)
- 86% 6frames
- 152% 5frames
- 377% 4frames (LOL 377)

FADING- Very rarely do I see people using Fade, Ive never seen a Necro use Fade (from Treachery Armor) but it is very effective
at provideing those extra resists when facing FoH pallys, Blizz/Orb sorcs, Infinity Sorc and other annoying builds that are hell bent
on lowering you resists.
Treachery has 5% CTC lvl15 Fade when you are struck, thats a whooping 60 to all resists for 288secs.
Thats 60 resists, 15DR and reduced curse duration by 79% will help you alot vs. builds that lower your resists dramatically.
Just if your gonna use it, try not to die in the first duel.

iBS- Invisible Bone Spirit is your secret weapon to gg victories offscreen.
iBS occurs after youve clicked on the place you want the Spirit to go to, it goes to that place and if it does find a target, it turns
invisible (to your opponent) but still tracks.
Your opponent is getting hit but cant see it. (Just like Invisible Guided Arrow and Blessed Hammer).

Teeth "Trick"- Just a useful strategy that works best against ghost sins and bvcs.
Carefully spam Spirits in the enemies direction, teleing where needed (tele, spam, tele).
When theres a big trail of spirits after the sin/barb, get close to them spam Teeth.
This should stop the opponent because of the FHR, meaning all of those Spirits will hit them at once.
All of this should be done within 4-6secs.


BvC- This can either very easy or very hard, very interesting duel.
Always maintain Golem and Bone Armor.
The first thing BvCs tend to do is run after you with there astronomically high run speed, so decrep them
at any opportunity you get.
DONT run away because they will catch you and WW straight which will mean death with just 33% block.
Tele far away until they ease off, spam Spirits in their direction when you see them on the mini map, they will run straight for you
and tele when your about 0.5 of a screen away for them.
As soon as you see the tele flash you tele South and Spam Spirits, then when they get close tele North and Spam Spirits.
If they run around with Spirits after them, use the Teeth Trick.

BvB- Quite an easy duel.
These can get annoying becuase they usually have very high fr/w and OW (which goes though your Bone Armor).
Treat them as a BvC but without tele, relax a little bit in this duel, just spam Spirits and tele away from them.
Ezy as pie.

Singers- Easy duel.
Go all offensive, they can have upto 200FCR and High FHR but very low damage.
Your 50DR is extrmemly helpful here, just stay 1step ahead of them and you shuold be fine.


Desynch Smiters- Hard duel.
Bone Armor and Golem are your best mates in this duel.
NEVER EVER stand in 1spot vs. a smiter, not even if you dont see him on your screen.
If you you dont see him on your screen that probaly means hes right next to you, so always tele around and try to find him.
They will charge you on sight, do the same as you do vs. BvCs, tele around em spaming spirits.
An effective strategy imo is if you see them on the minimap and theyre about to coem for ya, just spam spirits in their
direction (make sure your timing is perfect) so when the come charging at you theres alot of spirits behind em.
Tele to the place they just charged from (i.e north of them) and spam some more.
Now let them get to you and smite (just stay and keep spaming), this will mean they stop to hit you, get hit by some
spirits that you cast just now and the trails that behind them and die.
Nerve racking duel.

Hammerdins- Hard if their good (i.e using h4x)
They will try to namelock you and hammer.
1 hammer will usually kill you so WATCH OUT and keep defensive.
Look out for desynches and try to aviod staying on their screen for a long time.
Spam spirits and teeth to catch em, a good strategy is to watch when theyre just about to tele on ya and tele away to
spam spirits/spear on them because they will be there for ~2secs thinking why didnt I get him?
Thats a good way of wearing them down semi-skilled hdins.
Havent dueled any gg hdins so idk what to do against em, srry :D

FoH- Hard, Easy if your sorb.
SORB HARD HERE, but dont go under 75FCR.
Bone Wall os gg here, its very good at abusing FoHes auto hit system.
This means if the pally hasnt namelocked you, then the FoH will hit a random target, be it a zombie, you, bone wall etc.
Stack over 200light resist to be nicely immune to their FoH and spirit/teeth them.
Remember, Bone Wall FTW!!!

Smiter/Hdin Hybrid- Easy.
A hybrid, so quite an hdin and not quite a smiter.
Hammer dmg will be lowish and smite will be crappy.
Watch for the gear switches and play accordingly.


Werewolf- Easy.
They have no tele so treat them like BvBs.
Prison+Decrep.+Spear ftw.
If theyre a really good wolf who know what theyre doing then dont prison or else your dead.
They will have huge amounts of FRW and will charge up Feral Rage or monsters/Prison and chase you down.
Teeth Trick is good here.

Windies- Hard.
Get out your Chamd SS and go into the fray....
Good Windies are very hard to duel.
Dont tele, get lots of frw and run them, they will catch you if you tele (thier bp>yours)
Teeth off the minions and them go offensive, spiriting and spearing them.

Fire Druids- Easy.
Sorb FTW.
Use lots of it and youll be fine.


Trappers- Medium.
Put on your tgodz and 4ptopaz monarch (or 1Lo and 3ptopaz) for this duel.
They will stand there and let the traps do all the work if theyre rubbish.
Good ones will have the last FCR bp and do an extremely fast mind blast locking you into place and slowly pwning you.
Try to get FHR Gcs to get to 86FHR and then just spirit/teeth them.
Tele into their traps and just spirit.
Rinse and repeat until one of yous dies :p

Ghost Sin (WW/Trapper Hybrid)- Hard.
Very interesting duel, I love dueling (pwning) ghost sins.
This is the only char that can block your spirit/spear/teeth.
Use your bone armor and golem heavily here and tank some wws.
Tele away if they trap and wait for the ww, wait for them to come to you.
Always when your on low life (and so are they) they will come to you and try to finish with a ww.
Watch them on the map and spirit (recast bone armor if nesseccary) while tanking a ww.
You can also wait for them to run to you and do a neat Teeth Trick, but be very careful as Venom and OW goes thru Bone


Bowazons- Medium.
Bone Armor is crusial here.
Most of these crude char builds just stand there and spam GA, hopeing that youll die before them.
Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. Just tele up to them, cast decrep+prison and bone spear.
Aviod is your friend here, avoid lock is so great :D
Ones that are good with a bunch of 3/20/20s in there inventory and 400+ dex will really hurt you, 1 GA usually kill your whole Bone Armor.
Be really defensive here and watch for those killer multi spams, DONT RUN.
Your goal is to decrep them and prison asap.
Spam like 5 prisons while blocking off the GAs and namelock+tele FTW.
A hard duel if the Bowa knows what shes doing.

FC Zons- Very Hard.
Omg these are really hard, use alot of sorb here, like ALOT.
Dont use Golem because if the Zon fc golem, the bolts will most likely hit you aswell.
Dealing huge dmg and being able to atk from 1 screen away, these are feared all over the PvP world.
Tele around casting spirit and teeth to chip em, dont be afraid to get close because you must rely on your good (?) sorb.
Be aggresive but know the fine line between passion and rage...


Bonemancer- Hard if theyre good.
Very fun duel.
Equip your 8spear wand and Spirit Monarch here.
Youll need that 86FHR and nice dmg spear.
Crap ones will just tele around spam stuff, get close to em and fire off some spirits and theyre toast.
Good ones will go try to namelock you and are usually very good at doing this.
You stay defensive and try to see the namlock coming, and teeth them to kill and minions they mite have.
Once youve done that go spiriting and spearing them, teething occasionally when they come close.
Very important here to be able to tell the difference between your spirits and your opponents.
When you see theyve got low life, go offensive and teeth/spear them, dont get scared to get close.

Summoners- Omg...
Hard duel this one, PvP summoner? Ewww
Teeth the minions to death and spirit/spear him (if the teeth dont kill him)

Novamancers- Easy.
Most have fire golems with them.
Just tele out of novas range when you see it coming and spirit them.
Dont tele behind em though because a nasty nova will hit you right in the face.

Not gonna do Sorcs because everyone knows how to duel a sorc.
Just sorb and watch out!!!

Special Thanks to soul killer for making this guide possible, without him this would never of happened, soul, your da man :D

Hope youve liked my first guide, I think its ok and explains the basics quite well.
Ive loved dueling with bonemancers, ive still got a lot to learn ofc, but we'll all learn more as we explore more
possibilities, go over bondries.
I hope this guide gave the inspiration you needed to start your own nec and some info on how to make him powerful.

Accepting all critisism, positive and negative.

Catch me on USW Ladder on *Sawubona

Thx Guys :D