Mavina Zon - Help Please :)


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Jul 30, 2003
Mavina Zon - Help Please :)

Well, after getting the rest of the mavina set I've decided to make a zon using it, and since it's been about two years since I've played a zon, I need some help :uhhuh:

I've heard off people that a frozen arrow build takes advantage of the mavina set the most so I'm going to go for that. Obviously I'll max frozen arrow and ice arrow but cold arrow seems a bit pointless to me so....

I'm in need of help when it comes to placing my other 60 or so points in useful places. I have no idea on breakpoints etc and never have done so I'm kinda stuck when it comes to skills like valkyrie and the such (which have breakpoints iirc?)

Obviously I'm going to use the full mavina set and a nice pair of waterwalks for extra life and dex but I'm not sure what to do when it comes to rings and an amulet as there are more ias breakpoints to worry about.

All my items have free sockets at the moment and I have plently of shael runes available so what would be the best setup regarding socketing of items and choice of rings/amulet.

I think that just about covers my questions for now. Appologies to dahmer who explained a lot of this to me the other day but being the noob I am, I didn't take note of it and kinda forgot most of it :rant:



EDIT: Just notice the thread a few lines below this :innocent: Doesn't really answer much though so I'm hoping I wont get flamed for repeating a thread. Sorry if this annoys anyone.
Well, I am by no means an amazon expert but I have made a couple of M'avinas zons before, so I'll try to offer up some advice.

As far as skills go, since you're planning on taking advantage of the extra cold damage on the set, maxing freezing arrow and cold arrow is your best bet. Ice arrow only adds to freeze length on frozen arrow, and you will be firing fast enough so that adding more points there is kind of a waste. As for your other skll points, you will probably want either multishot or strafe (but not both) for physical damage/leeching mana. Multi doesn't need to be maxed, and maybe there's some debate about maxing strafe, but I maxed it and was pleased with the results. The strafe/multi debate is covered in many other places in much better detail than I could offer, anyways. As far as passives go, maxing penetrate is a good idea, since neither strafe or multishot get attack rating bonuses and attack rating is so very important for a zon. With the skill bonuses from the set, your dodge/avoid/evade skills will probably be fine with just 1 point in them. Critical and pierce, I usually go for about 60% critical and 70% pierce, with more if I have extra skill points and nowhere else to put them. Having a high level valkyrie gives you a nice tank to go along with your mercenary (if you have one). It seems that many folks aim for a lvl 17 valkyrie, for the war pike weapon she gets (or can get, not sure) at that level.

For rings, amulets, and sockets, these are probably going to be dictated by your ias/leech needs, not to mention a ravenfrost ring for cannot be frozen, unless you plan on sticking a Cham rune into your helm or armor (which I would advise against). Frozen arrow can empty your mana bulb extremely fast, so you will need some other source of mana leech than the 5% on the belt, unless you plan on carrying a lot of mana pots with you. I recommend a duel leech ring (so you'll have some life leech too), or a duel leech amulet (like Crescent Moon) if you can't get a ring.

Considering the ias breakpoints, for a base 10 bow (Grand Matron), you need 89 ias for 9 frames freezing/multi (9/3 strafe), 120 ias for a 9/2 strafe, and 147 ias for 8 frames (8/2 strafe). If you shael the bow and socket ias jewels into the armor and helm, you will have 120 ias, and even with a 20 ias amulet still will not reach the 8 frame breakpoint. Thus, if you go multi aim for 90 ias, and with strafe aim for 120. For multi, you can reach 90 with an ias jewel in the helm or armor, and an ias amulet (Highlords or Cat's Eye), which allows you to socket a nef in the bow for knockback. For strafe, you can still socket a nef in the bow and reach 120, if you put ias jewels in the helm and armor, and use a 20 ias ammy. Without the ias ammy, you'll need to socket a shael in the bow to get the fastest strafe you can get.

Sorry if I got long-winded, and I hope this helps!
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