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Apr 10, 2020
So this is the 3rd build that I have completed and beat Hell Baal. See the original post here. That opening post as well as the Barbarian and Paladin completed posts will be eventually reposted here but here is the completed post.

First off, the only Assassin I enjoyed was Blade Fury, Lightning Sentry build back in the height of Battle.net. I tried to build a phoenix striker but I got bored and never got close so I retried it. So, as much as I hated the zerker barb, I think I hated this one even worse. the problem I would run into is trying to get the right charge up from phoenix strike, and when I'm in the middle of the mob, I can't tell which charge is active. It was annoying and frustrating. It made me take a break from D2 altogether and play some Grim Dawn. After replacing my floor in my house and I set my computer up, I figured I needed to complete it. After some heavy twinking, I flew through the chaos sanctuary and rushed Act V in a night.

After some thinking on it, I think a phoenix striker is better suited for group play when they can stay on the fringe, better control the charge build ups and release on their own timetable. I've never gotten into the Assassin class and outside of the sentry/fury build, they will stay at an arms length away

Next up is QueenStabby, my Fendazon
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