Matriarch PolluxCastor – The Faithful Bowazon (1.13)


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Mar 18, 2020
Matriarch PolluxCastor – Archer twins

Level: 85

St – 121 (143)
Dx – 147 (183)
Vt – 232 (234)
En – 15 (17)

HP 1282
Mana 311


Fire: 75
Cold: 75
Ltning: 75
Poison: 75


Valkyrie: 20 (28 – after switch)
Penetrate: 20 (27)
Magic Arrow: 20 (26)
Guided Arrows: 20 (26)
Multishot: 7 (13)
Prerequisites: 1

Magic Arrow (+ Fanaticism): [Is it true that there is a bug with MA not applying its attack bonus?]

AR: 12628
Dam: 482 – 1587

Multishot (+ Fanaticism):

AR: 9815
Dam: 342 – 1143

Guided Arrow (+ Fanaticism):

Dam: 520 – 1806

Defence: 1329


Weapon 1:

“Faith” Great Bow

Weapon 2:

“Harmony” Blade Bow

Harlequin Crest with Silver Jewel of Fervour
“CoH” Archon Plate
Laying of Hands
Gore Rider
Atma’s Scarab
Raven Frost & Manald Heal

Merc (Act 1 – Fire)

“Um” Eth Shaftstop
(“Shael x 2) Witchwild String (upped)

Random musings:

What can I say about this build? Easy! Super easy!! In a large slice of ironic contradiction, I did die twice. In my defence I have different keyboard set-ups for D2 and PoE and both times I pressed the wrong key. All three deaths I have had playing D2 recently have been because of my damn muscle memory! Okay, back to the build. Multishot packs, Magic Arrow individuals and Guided Arrow act bosses and that’s it really. No fuss. No bother. Magic Arrow often took care of PIs before Atma’s Scarab’s or Witchy’s ctc Amplify Damage kicked in. With about 1200HP, further vitality was not going to be of much benefit, so I the last 40 or so stat points into Dexterity for the damage boost.

Now, let’s talk about Rogue Scouts. I thought that the Town Guards were quirky, but they ain’t got nothing on the Rogue Scout. They love firing their arrows into pillars, doorframes, well anything really. They often will walk to within melee range before firing. On the other hand, they will sometimes just stand there in full view of the enemy and take a coffee break or something. They are probably not as outright stupid as Town Guards (standing in the middle of a couple of Hydras and letting themselves be killed!) but the Rogue Scouts have their moments too.

What’s next? I think a few characters built around the “Faith” Great Bow might be interesting, but I’m not sure whether I’d have the patience to take them all the way to Hell Baal.



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Mar 17, 2020
I think the rogues are the best complement to a strong valkyrie, dim as they may be sometimes. I almost managed to keep one safe until the hell ancients got her off screen because I had forgot to bring a teleport staff to split them.

Yes, magic arrow adds no attack rating bonus sadly.
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Mar 18, 2020
Yes, magic arrow adds no attack rating bonus sadly.

I must say that I didn't really notice it missing too often, but having the correct AR would be nice.

Was Harmony just for Vigor or did it see any use?

Harmony did give me one extra Valk level to what I had on the prime set up too. Also, it gave me a space to hold onto a spare quiver of arrows.