Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

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Apr 22, 2004
Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

Well, I've decided to write my first ever Mat/Pat thread in honour of Nightfish's great fishyzon build.

[highlight]Matriarch Germania[/highlight], the important stuff like gear and stats and skills et al:

[highlight]Stats[/highlight] (main/switch)
Level 83
Str 103/83
Dex 170/150
Vit 206/206
Nrg 17/32
Unspent points 73

Life 1005/1005
Mana 346/399

Fire 8/-17
Cold 8/9
Lightning 6/-19
Poison -11/-36

CS 20/27
LF 20/27
FA 20/23
CA 18/21
Pierce 1/8
Decoy 1/8
Valk 1/8
Prereqs had a total of 13 skill points

CS damage: 1-1542
LF damage: 1-1110
FA damage: 1175-1207

Future skill points will go to maximise Cold Arrow and then I might place them into Decoy, I'm fairly happy with the lightning damage I am doing, even with my current gear.

Skin of the Vipermagi
Rhyme Bone Shield
Titans Revenge
Rare gloves with various stats (check readouts)
Rare boots with various stats
Crappy Rare ring
14 MF Amulet

A few small charms with cold and lightning resists and a grand charm with 58 to mana.

Prayer Merc had Insight in non-ethereal poleaxe, Tal Rashas helmet and Shaftstop.

Wraith Claw
Demonhide Gloves
Defense: 41
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Strength: 20
Required Level: 30
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0x534a0217
+14% Enhanced Defense
Lightning Resist +7%
3% Mana stolen per hit
21% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+2 to Passive and Magic Skills (Amazon Only)
Repairs 1 durability in 33 seconds

Grim Shank
Defense: 13
Durability: 24 of 24
Kick Damage: 10 to 20
Required Strength: 70
Required Level: 29
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 60
Fingerprint: 0xf10a64b1
Lightning Resist +8%
Poison Resist +8%
22% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
30% Faster Run/Walk
Poison Length Reduced by 25%
+0 to Defense (Based on Character Level)

Corruption Loop
Required Level: 43
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 52
Fingerprint: 0x46e56e9
+29 to Life
+115 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +20%
4% Life stolen per hit
+2 to Light Radius

Required Level: 7
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 59
Fingerprint: 0xfde15a9a
+52 to Attack Rating
Magic Damage Reduced by 3
Attacker Takes Damage of 3
27% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items


I was untwinked apart from the Titans Revenge, Razortail and Wizendraw that I traded for not too long ago with this character in mind. Normal was a chore, I imbued a javelin at Charsi which got a useful +4 mana per kill mod, the physical damage it did was neglible so I had to rely on the +mana per kill from the javelin as well as a buttload of mana pots keeping the addiction strong.

Had no issues though, things just took a while at times until I got a few points in Charged Strike. At 30 I decided to go for a 1 point valk even though the guide says it isn't needed and that the D/A/E combo might be annoying. It sure was annoying later in NM/Hell Act III but that was okey for the added meatshield protection she gave me and the merc at all times.

Nightmare was just a fun festival in slaughtering hordes of monsters. After I twinked on the Titans Revenge nothing could stand in my way apart from mana shortages due to an ever increasing addiction to the blue firewater. NM Hellforge gave me a Ko rune, and somewhere in the difficulty I found the 4 socket Poleaxe which meant that I had something to stick in my Insight runes. This helped tremendously and I never really had any mana issues after that thanks to the stick and quite a few mana charms. I ran Meph, Diablo, Pindle, and Baal til I was level 78 and ready for hell.

My resists gave me shills just looking at it, I wondered how the hell I was supposed to make it through the game without problems. However, cautious gameplay and efficient use of the Decoy made sure I only died once, to a FE Cursed death beetle in the maggot lair. In Act I I found the Shako which was a massive help with the plus skills and mana. A little later I discovered the Vipermagi as well, it was just a 26 res one but it vastly increased my resistances to an almost non negative level with my Titans and Rhyme shield :scratchchin:

I found that Frozen Arrow with the Wizendraw was a very good skill against lightning immunes, it took off big chunks of life against most monsters, though there were some exceptions later in Act V. Act III was a travesty, the maps were huge and took forever to clear, the council was a female-dog to kill but they succumbed in the end. Mephisto was a pretty easy kill, his council guards and a horde of the life draining vampire mobs were harder.

Act IV went by without events, I was lucky to get no Gloam type mobs, Hellforge gave me a shoddy Hel rune. Diablo dropped no uniques at all :rant:

Act V took about 4 hours which was pretty okey I guess as I tried to take things slowly, monster spawns were pretty good, mostly ranged mobs with low health which meant that LF mowed them all down, and if they were immune, the FA took care of them fast enough. The Frozen River had Succubus, Snakes and frost mages and didnt take long to clear, I now had positive resists in all except Poison :alright:

Getting to the ancients was a slow grind, I chickened out in the Ancients Way and rerolled the mobs as they were Death Lords and the lightning ball chucking frog-bull lookalikes... The ancients themselves took about 30 rerolls before they were suitable to take on, one was LI CI, the two others were taken care of quick enough, and the dual immune was killed by blocking him in a corner and making him focus on my valkyrie while the merc killed him. I helped him out and I'd like to think that I might have slivered down his life too but with my AR it isn't very likely :whistling:

The WSK was a cakewalk even though level 2 had gloams. I was surprised by how efficient the character was at clearing it, I've never had a character that had it this easy in there even with my resists. A unique Balrog Skin was found in one of the levels. Baal took some time but was never any danger, I feel like I need some slowing for him as he was spamming teleport and the festering appendages, and that blue pushback skill which meant that my merc and valk were never really beating on him.

Baal dropped no uniques, just like Diablo... What a letdown from him, he owed me for his brothers debt. Guess I'll have to kill him a few more times to collect what's still outstanding...

[highlight]Notable finds[/highlight]

Dol, Pul, Fal, Lum, Shako, Skin of Vipermagi, Arkains Valor, Blade of Ali Baba, The Oculus,

Germania will now be a dedicated WSK+Baal runner, however I'll have to improve some of my gear and charms so that my resistances aren't so low.

I'd definitely reccomend this build to those who haven't tried it yet, it is incredibly safe and works even without imba gear.
Re: Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

Gratz on the Mat! Those were some nice self finds.
Re: Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

Congrats on the mat! Good job finishing mostly untwinked, and with such low resists! Good luck with the WSK+Baal running; I've been doing that with my recently matted Fishyzon and it's my favorite MFing character/area combination right now. :) The Fishyzon handles it very well, but it still keeps you on your toes--like when you run into a pack of gloams together with an OK/DK pack, and there's also a couple of the things that revive undead.. ;)
Re: Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

Heh, I know what you mean, about the council in act3.

14 MF amulet? Seriously? That's worse than what you can get untwinked, which makes it quite and acomplishment(both stilll wearing it and making it through the game with it):scratchchin:

IMO, you have mad skillz, to run wsk2 with not 75 lightning resist.:thumbup:
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Grats on the Mat!

Scary Res numbers!

I find my FishyZon to be most excellent, she's very fun and a great MP char as LF is just ridiculous. I found Tal's Armor to be a better choice that SoVM, but if trying to stay self found with the char I understand. GG, and have fun in the WSK!
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Thanks guys!

@ omgwtfbbqpwned

Yeah, my lightning res was not fun against the gloams, and one unique pack nearly fried me a couple times but cheesing with the decoy and casting from an angle made it possible to kill them without getting hit too much, but doing that every time I run into gloams isn't very time efficient so I'll have to improve the resistances.

@ Pijus

Lets just say I was a little surprised and ashamed to see that I forgot to upgrade my amulet throughout the game, lol. It was one of the first amulets I found in normal, and I just forgot to replace it later on. Getting some prismatic amulet to improve resists should be pretty easy.

@ Rummski

The reason for me being mostly self found, except for the titans, razortail and wizendraw that I traded for, is that about 1-2 months ago my harddrive failed, and the only stash backup I had was from a looooooong time ago with no good stuff. I lost my Fortitude armour and a bunch of other nice things because of that so I decided to keep my pgems, and delete all remaining stashes and characters and do a restart.

If I ever find or trade for a tal rasha armour I will put that on.

Thanks again for reading this thread!
Re: Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

Masterfully done hero! Nice description of her journey, and good luck with her as a MF'er.
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I think you can safely do WSK runs with less than 75% lightning resists. My Fishyzon has about 20% on switch (wizendraw) but I use decoy and slow missiles to group them. Shoot off a couple frozen arrows and pack destroyed. The Thundergod's or Wisp Projector also play a big role when I take a few lightning zaps.
Re: Matriarch Germania, Fishyzon

Holy Hera! Those resists utterly terrify me. That said, congrats on the impressive mat.

I'm thinking of using this build as my 2nd or 3rd HC toon. Though I'm thinking my resists will be just a little higher ;).

Good luck with this character and may Baal tremble in fear at the very thought of Germania.
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