Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc


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Dec 13, 2008
Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc

(She's technically a Champion, but I killed Hell Baal quite a few times today, so I am counting it. ;) )

A while ago I decided to venture into the PvP scene, so I built "Spitfire," a 200FCR, ES-using fireball sorceress. She sat around for quite a while, but about two weeks ago I was able to use her in my first ever PvP experience. I had a blast, but discovered that I was more effective with a 105FCR setup. Accordingly, I decided to make a new fire sorceress:

105% FCR
75% blocking with Stormshield
No energy shield

I self-rushed her through as quickly as possible. Most of the late leveling occurred with /p7 Pindle runs (I found a few decent items, but nothing spectacular). I saved both the NM and Hell Den of Evil quests in order to get my respecs in 1.13 for tweaking the stat distribution later on.

Without further ado:

PvP Fireball Sorceress
Level 88

Strength - 188 (136)
Dexterity - 213 (206)
Vitality - 195 (153)
Energy - 42 (35)

Life : 888
Mana : 578

Skills: (7 in prereqs)
1 (10) in Warmth, Teleport, Telekenesis, Chilling Armor
20 (39) in Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, Meteor, Fire Mastery

6 remaining skill points (plus Den of Evil x2).


Helm: Shako (socketed 'Um')
Body: Vipermagi (upped, perfect resists, socketed 'Shael')
Weapon: 'Spirit' Crystal Sword (perfect FCR)
Shield: Stormshield (socketed PDiamond)
Gloves: Magefist (upped once)
Belt: Arachnid's
Boots: Sandstorm (+15 str)
Amulet: Mara's (+22 res all)
Ring1: Stone of Jordan
Ring2: Rare 39life/13coldres/25lightres
Inventory: 9 skillers (+32 life), some resists and life

Resists: 75% all
Blocking: 75%
Damage Reduction: 45%
FHR: 86% BP
Defense: 3480


I am not sure how she will play, but I am hoping she will be better than my last attempt. I am eager to see what difference the blocking makes. Her fireball is about 15k, so that will make a big difference, too (Spitfire's fireball hadn't broken 10k yet, if I am not mistaken).

I would like to replace 'Spirit' with 'Heart of the Oak', which will free up some points in dexterity but will require shuffling my gear about a bit (FHR in the charms, most notably). I am also not sure that a PDiamond is the best way to socket my Stormshield (perhaps a faster block rate or a lower dexterity investment would be better).

Thanks to everyone I traded with and who gave me advice. And a particular thanks to [highlight]Colony[/highlight] for being marvelously patient with my constant questions and kooky ideas.

(This is my first mat/pat thread, so let me know if I missed something.)
Re: Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc

Looks like a solid character. :D How much damage does Fire Bolt do?

A Shael Monarch might be nice against Bow Amazons.
Re: Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc

Interesting name choice, is it named after the famous czech philosopher Erazim Kohák?

I am asking because I don't think there are more people with this name on our planet - only our philospher and now your sorc :wink:
Re: Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc

Gratz on the Mat. How annoying were the FI's in hell? (Asking because I'm making a pvm firesorc like this.)
Re: Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc

Nice to see another pvp sorcy.

Gratz on mat. Have you included resistances after loosing 30 ress from Anya bug? That thing is killing me :crazyeyes:

Anyway cya in moor and GL in ear cutting ;)
Re: Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc


Yes, she's named after your philosopher. I am glad someone caught the reference. :)


When you factor in the Anya bug, her resists are 45 (fire), 75 (cold), 53 (light), and 50 (poison). I have five SC slots to play around with, though, and I have four SC slots that are being used for fire resists that I might not need in many matchups.

@ Ziggyzug:

The other players killed the fire immunes without any problem. ;) If I were doing a PvM build, I would definitely put a point in static field and perhaps put a point in something like glacial spike (I don't know how many +skills that requires to effectively help out your merc with freezing, though, so don't quote me on it).
Re: Matriarch Erazim_Kohak, PvP Firesorc

Sexy build:)

N00b alert: Is it good to dump the extra points in Hydra and use Fire Bolt as main attack. It seems like it will be hard to dodge your Bolts while the hydra shoots bolts as well if you somehow include that in your play style. I have never PvPed, so take that with a gigantic spoon of salt:)

@Ziggyzug: CS will be quite bad for your sorc, but Snowclash will help you out with Glacial Spike. Freeze, let merc kill stuff, rinse and repeat.
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