Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb


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Aug 30, 2006
Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb

So, after my return to dii, I patted a necro. Then I championed a barb and an assassin, but my gear sucked, so I decided to mf for a while with my nec. Ofcourse, I couldn't find a single decent weapon, but I did find a lot of sorc stuff. So I built one, a really unoriginal meteorb.

Normal was a pain, until lvl 30, which unlocked FO and a lot of nice sorc stuff.
NM went really really fast. Hell was..strange. It went really smooth untill A4, where my merc suddenly could not stay alive anymore. My standard merc setup (guillaume's, bonehew, duriels shell) didn't cut it at all. Luckily, after running Hell Meph, he got some better gear.

I almost didn't mat her, because I'm having to much fun running meph. I did teleport most of A4-A5.

Lvl 81
STR: 126 (158)
DEX: 151 (173)
VIT: 183 (185)
ENE: base

Life: 681/876
Mana: 195/679
Resists: 75/75/75/55

Fire: prereqs, fireball 14, meteor 20, FM19 (all future points will go in this tree)
Lightning: 1 point wonders
Cold: prereqs, FO 20, CM 6

Gear: really sweet actually, considering I'm only back playing for like 6 weeks.
Rare orb (+2 skills, +1FM, +20% FCR)
Harlequin Crest
Tal Rasha's plate
Tal Rasha's ammy
Rare ring (resists)
(for meph running: chance guards, rare boots with 22% mf, nagelring, ali baba and milabrega's orb on switch)

Merc: Holy Freeze desert warrior (eth Crown of Thieves, Reapers Toll, Duriels shell). Decrep + Holy Freeze: fun!

No really noticeable finds while questing, hellforge gave me pul in NM and Hell.

Future: run meph untill I find some decent weapons, hopefully find Tals orb so I can complete the set.
Goal is to pat/mat each class before diii :D. 2 down, 5 to go.
Re: Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb

Nice :)

Great gear indeed for only playing 6 weeks, especially the Tal gear and the SoJ! I'm assuming you're using Tal's belt as well in your setup.

Act 4 Hell is harder indeed. It's where Hell starts to get interesting. Maybe some damage reduction would have kept your merc alive more. And as you plan on running Meph in the future, I'd recommend looking into some DR gear for him.

Good luck with her!
Re: Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb

Sweet gear. When I saw your stats, my first thought was: Spirit and blocking?

From your skills, it seems you used meteor and not fireball. I'm a fan of meteor, and it makes my heart warm to see people use it :cloud9:
Re: Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb

Yeah, forgot to mention that I'm using Tal's belt as well. When I'm running meph, I'm actually not using my merc and going for the moat trick. Is that considered cheesy? The merc usually gets me in trouble running around and drawing the council members in.

Meteor rocks! It's also a relaxed skill (does that make sense?). Just sit back, take your time, and bombs away :D.

Considering the gear: after finding all that stuff, I had to build a sorc, right?
Re: Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb

Well done. I too play Meteorb and use Meteor instead of Fireball in most situations. I usually cast a meteor, tele on top of it, and then back away while my merc tanks and the meteor explodes on impact. Works well.

I have run my fair share of Mephisto and I actually find it quicker to use FO instead of the Meteor moat trick. I tele right up to Mephisto and spam Static Field until he is about half life. Then I retreat and line up FO. My merc always lives (barely) while doing this and he uses Tal Helm, Shaftstop, and Insight. Try it and see if it speeds up your runs!
Re: Mat The_Bomber, Meteorb

I play my meteorber quite differently. When i'm scouting an area i usually cast one or two firebolts (my FCR is 105) and then tele "with" them. If i encounter a pack of monsters then they'll usually hit (meaning, they're in hitrecovery), then i'll spam fireball or cast a meteorb depending on situation. I'm getting really good at it. Pretty much only when when they're fire immune i'll cast FO.

My gear isn't anything like yours though (although i have 2 Soj's, but need two FCR rings if i want to hit 105), namely low spirit shield and sword, the Spirit Shroud (i just can't find a damn Viper or Que-Hegan), Rockstopper, some rare FCR amulet, trang gloves (yeah, my resists suck, else i would use magefist), Bladebuckle and Waterwalks (which i'll probably trade in for some good rare belt and boots i found). On switch Rhyme shield and Ali Baba.

My Prayer merc is even much more pathetic in the item department, namely a Insight eth partizan (haven't found a suitable elite polearm yet), Tal helm and some rare eth armor (seriously, haven't got any better). He dies all the time.

I'm quite stuck as to where to MF, because NM Mephy refuses to drop any of the items i want (Viper for instance), Hell Mephy is quite hard when equiping MF gear and dies slowly or gets my merc killed easily (and i need him to keep spamming fireballs), Pindle is just pure frustration as he pretty much one hit kills me and my merc, so i dunno. Think i'm gonna roll a good Hell Andy map and try her out. (i like Andy)
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