Making backups in 1.10

Wolfgang Abenteuer

New member
Jun 21, 2003
Making backups in 1.10

In 1.09 I would always backup my characters and my ATMA stashes to a floppy after I was done playing for the day. I want to do that in 1.10 as well, but now I notice that in addition to the .d2s file (and the .ma# map files which I know don't need to be backed up) for each character, there are a bunch of .org files for my character, and they're only about 3kb each. I also notice that ATMA has the same thing for each stash as well, instead of just the .d2x and one .org file.

Anyway, I looked in the FAQs and didn't find any mention of it, but do those .org files all need to be copied to make a backup? Which files are needed for both the chars and the stashes?

Disks are a good way to make backups. What I usually do is just zip my save dir and email it to my own google/gmail account for off site storage. Just an idea :)
I would say floppy disks are a bad way to back up data. They are just too unreliable. I also back up my data on the internet in my case on the server space my ISP gives me.
Regular back-ups are a good idea, as all those people who have lost characters and items to HD crashes can tell you.

I use a USB keychain drive for backups, which works pretty well.

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