Making a mage (FOH/HAMMER) - Looking For Help And Advice i


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Sep 5, 2005
Making a mage (FOH/HAMMER) - Looking For Help And Advice

Ok well I want to make a mage paladin (hammer + fist of the heavens). I read viet's guide posted in the paladin thread. His guide seems solid but I have an idea of my own and was looking for some help to see if it is plausable. Well here is the gear I have in mind:

20/12 griffons - +1 skill
enigma breast plate +2 skill
mara's amulet + 2 skill
2 x sojs rings + 2 skill
hoto + 3 skill
magefist or trangs gloves
hoz +2 pally skills/+2 combat skills
anarcnid sash +1
+3 pally torch
+1 anni
crafted boots/rare tri-resist boots

So far I have +17 to all paladin skills with the following items. With Hoz I also get an additional +2 to combat skills. With battle command from cta I will have +18 to all pally skills with +2 combat skills.

I figured that I want to level the paladin to level 91 so using the skill calculator on (which is under the files link) I figured the following skill placement would provide the best output damage for hammer and foh.

17 Fist of the Heavens
17 Holy Shock
+4 Concentration
+11 Blessed Aim
+19 Vigor
+20 Hammer
+1 Conviction
+1 Holy Shield
+11 prequites

This gives me 102 skills used.

This placement would give me:

Magic damage: 2423 - 2444 (?2433.5)
Magic damage (Concentration Aura on): 6966 - 7026 (?6996)

Lightning damage: 3679 - 3788 (?3733.5)
With 12% griffons Lightning Damage: 4210 - 4243

With level 20 conviction this would give me:

Range: 13.3 Yards
Defense: -90%
Resist lightning/cold/fire: -120%

With griffons 20% and conviction aura this would give me -140%?


Right now I am just looking for some help from people experience with this type of build.

Do I have enough fcr or would I need to get more? Still not sure here.

Is the skill placement I have selected a good choice or is there a better way to get more damage with hammers while still maintaining a strong foh?

Do I need level 25 conviction aura or will the level 20 + griffons be fine?

Should I use the gear I have selected or are there better options?

Any help, input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Viet's guide located here:
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