making a hardcore berserker. need info/help


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Jul 5, 2007
making a hardcore berserker. need info/help

Hi there!

I've been experimenting and playing hardcore untwinked while waiting for the fabled 1.13 patch. I always play with my gf, and we recently succeeded in guardianing two characters (a summon necro and an avenger pally). Now for our second run, I've decided to make a berserk barb (I really hated the experience during chaos with the avenger, and now I want someone that can actually do something in chaos other than run cleansing and hope that skeles do their job. She will be playing a sorc (enchant/frozen orb) and while I'm pretty sure about how to go with the sorc, this is my first hc barb, so I have questions, but before the rules of our play

1) This is self found only. means that no gear will be given to the characters beforehand unless we found it with the necro/pally we've had before. No trading is allowed, and we're not taking donations. the only items we'll use are the items we've found during this playthrough or the previous one

2) It's not a single pass run, meaning that mf is allowed, but keep in mind that we have next to zero mf gear (I guess all we have from previous playthroughs are a couple of crappy nagels and a shako)

with that said, my questions are simple:

1) one-hand or two-hand berserker? I heard that having max block and berserk can be a very bad thing unless you have the appropriate gear because you'll get block-locked. Since I can't really count on it because i'll be playing the game and using what I find (no, we won't do endless runs with the pally and the necro just to find one stormshield before we even start the barb), should I forego the shield completely and rely on howl?

2) is related to the first. Assuming I'll be using a shield, how should I distribute my skills? I'm thinking 20 shout/20 BO/20 Berserk/20 Mastery WITH shield, and 20 shout/20 BO/20 Berserk/20 Howl WITHOUT shield. However she IS going to play an enchantress. Is the AR from mastery really needed in that case? or should I max howl anyway just because it's 10% extra damage to berserk per point?

So basically i'm looking for a build that I can guardian again with, while not having to sit there and do nothing at chaos. I figured the berserker would be good, but not knowing if I should use a shield or not beforehand is kinda crappy, as is not knowing if I should pursue the mastery or not (keep in mind that I do have a highlord's ammy available, so that could give me a deadly strike source therefore making me not rely so much on the mastery's critical chance)

any help will be much appreciated!
Re: making a hardcore berserker. need info/help

I would invest points in Howl either way. Even if you get max block, being able to get yourself out of a jam with a single click is useful. If anything, I'd max Mastery and Howl and leave Shout for later. It's not like you have any use for the defense boost.

As far as max block is concerned, I would definitely recommend it if you can get ahold of a shield with with a decent block rate. My own Zerker uses a Stormshield with a Shael in it, which gives me a 4 frame block if I recall correctly, and that's fast enough to keep me from getting locked in the animation constantly. However, there are cheaper and easier to find alternatives out there, like Whitstan's Guard or even a blue shield of Deflecting.
Re: making a hardcore berserker. need info/help

There was a guide for this in single player I believe it was by nightfish. The writer recommended going with mauls and running nm mephie for steeldriver. Also a lot of points in warcry to keep your opponents stunned while you whale away on them.
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