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Make America Goo Again Mafia Game [sign up]

Sep 12, 2013
Make America Goo Again Mafia Game
** Let me preface this by declaring this is political satire, and NOT my endorsement of the MAGA movement **

There is a bright orange goo that has taken hold in our land. Can you stop its spread before the November elections?

1. Gorny
2. Noodle
3. Pyro
4. Huckit
5. d2lover

The plan is to not have any NKs this game, elimination votes only. Some of you who played in my Narcos game may be shuddering right now.. So, if an experienced player is planning on sitting this one out, and could offer some setup critique, that could be helpful. I think it should be much better this time around as I am keeping mechanics MUCH simpler.
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In. Although I'm 95% sure that D2DC is going to give me a suicide role where I'm eliminated at the end of Day 1 by default, no win condition, just automatically lose.
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Does the Goo burn? I'm in once I figure out how to use this keyboard/forum/game mechanics....
@Pyrotechnician, no revenge setup. :p

And, I shared this with @Gorny already. Its kinda obvious if you look up Orange Goo on the mafia wiki, but gonna keep things VERY simple:

1. Goo player that will "spread/recruit" MAGA players.
2. "Town" need to ID/Vote out MAGA/Goo before they reach majority
Yeah, it's hard to accrue any meaningful in-game experience without, y'know, actually playing the game. I've typically seen newer players err on the side of recklessness. I myself am a remarkably simple man, and for what it's worth, I advise the following:

1. Don't over share. If you don't say too much, you won't say something that will lead to you being targeted or put your team at a disadvantage. If you DO feel strongly about someone and feel it's worth taking a stand on, your previous lack of chatter will make your words carry even more weight.
2. Make sure you post enough to not be modkilled. This kills so many people.
3. Don't let anyone else make your game decisions for you. I don't roleclaim just because someone tells me to, or vote for someone to be lynched just because someone is pressuring me to. They can play their game, I'll play mine.
4. Generally try to keep a fairly consistent playstyle. I don't want people to figure, "Well, Noodle's been very quiet in every game where he's been town, but he's quite active today. He's probably mafia." This one can be hard to stick to, but pays off. The highest compliment I've been paid in this game was someone (I believe Ankeli) remarking to someone else, " . . . The one person I can never get a read on is Noodle. . ." That's by design.
5. I don't like to falsely roleclaim. As I said, I'm a simple man, and lies are just too hard to keep track of. I'd rather remain quiet than falsely roleclaim. (See number one.)

I hope you keep playing, and please feel free to ignore my advice, of course.
6. Consider what you do say in a mafia game, it can always be used against you later. This is especially true if you are scum and happen to lie, I. E. .. I am _____ role. (he actual role, let's say cop, may already be present and the real cop can use this against you. Though this goes out the window completely in games with more than one cop role (possible in bigger games where you have multiple PR's (Power Roles) involved, and possibly different sanities (cops wich get different results).
7. Don't become disinterested if your first game does not go well, or if you die before the game even starts (some games start with a night phase, or if you die the first game. It's a learning process, and you won't likely get the hang of itin one game.
8. Do participate. Do participate in the game, post game discussion (other people will comment on how you did and give pointers for improvement. One player who is no longer playing with us (P7) absolutely refused to do this part, and as a result never improved. Also participate in other threads outside the game itself, and don't be afraid to post a thread and ask a question to the rest of the forum, it's how things get addressed, etc, etc.
9. LIKELY MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL OF MY POINTS AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN NOODLE'S 1-5 ABOVE: NEVER, EVER DISCUSS ANYTHING regarding a game in progress ether in another thread of via private communication to another player or other forum person. We have private topics for this specific reason. Also NEVER discuss anything a game mod tells you via PM and never discuss your Role PM publicly unless the game mod allows you to.
10. Touching on Noodle's #5 Some players choose to breadcrumb their role or in some situations, who their partner is. Breadcrumbing is a way of vaguely saying something that may reveal what your role is if you later point it out. This can later help catch someone that might be fake claiming. Example, I am the Doc in a game and I randomly (early on) say something about buying some cough medicine from the pharmacy. This is a breadcrumb example of a Doc role. Or posting somethign that rhymes with or vaguely hints at your partners name or role.. I'm geting dinner ready and just opened a jar of pasta sauce, suddenly I hear sirens outside. What did I just breadcrumb there?
True fact: Everytime I posted about the power in the mafia thread I called it vanilla ice, and thought of that terrible singer. But then I always subsequently thought of the ninja rap, which is freaking awesome, so it's fine.
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