Magic/Rare/Craft Screenshots! - Showcase Thread


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Oct 16, 2018
A place to showoff your jaw dropping rares, ultra rare magic items and utterly insane crafts (looking at you @WoRG)!

Posting screenshots is highly encouraged! You can do this locally via the Attach files function or use Imgur as I've found it to be the most reliable and fastest source of image uploading in the past few years. Also cropping them is easily done with MS Paint or any other image viewing software these days so do that if you can!

I'll kick it of with a couple of 'almost makes the cut' of my own:

Your turn!
I spent a little more time shopping and crafting with my rapid trapper, Yanina. Usually I sell a crated result if it looks disappointing, Here are a few crafts I decided were worth keeping. Most of these are shopped, but a couple of them came from magic items found by other characters and muled over to Yanina for crafting.

YsC1bb.png YsC1gc.png YsC1gh.png YsC1mb.png YsC1sb1.png YsC1sb2.png YsC1sg.png YsC1vg.png
I love this kind of thread, because this is how I live, relying heavily on magical, rare, and crafted gear.

I hate this kind of thread, because this is how I live, and I have so very much magical, rare, and crafted gear that would be appropriate to post.

Let me start with this claw, the product of the three-chip Horadric cube recipe:


Vondra's ethereal "Fury" Suwayyah, Highlord's Wrath, Goblin Toe Mirrored Boots, and Annihilus are beyond the scope of this thread, but the rest of her gear is magic,





and crafted.



Dexless is a pure Vitality Plague Striker Javazon. I started her with two stacks of Valkyrie's War Javelins, but upgrades came my way...



Javelin_Maiden's back story... and Maiming_Maiden's tale

Except for her Annihilus, "Peace" armor and "Splendor" shields, all of Dexless's other gear is magic,





and crafted.


Couple of teasers:


Should I keep combing through screen shots? Please let me know if the answer is yes.
Since my previous post in this thread, a small miracle appeared in the Cube:


And I had just the character to wear it, too: My Summoner Sorceress.


You'll meet her later in this post.

I play Hardcore, and had long been accumulating iDR gear, but had never done anything with it. That changed in early 2021 after:

- I gambled three Chromatic Amulets of Life Everlasting;

- I lost a level 87 Sorceress.

I decided it was time to get serious about damage reduction. And the biggest chunks of DR happen on magical items..


Tom_Bombadil might have become a Singer, but after realizing I had enough DR gear to build a fairly safe Berserker, that's what he became. In addition to hat and amulet, he has 22 DR and 15 MDR from Gerke's Sanctuary, 8 DR from Nature's Peace, and 3 DR and 17 MDR from a "Prudence" Wire Fleece, for totals of 94 DR and 32 MDR. Oh, and he swings a 39%/+382 "Grief" Phase Blade. Naj's Puzzler on switch makes him an effective (by my standards) Nihlathak runner.


Victor_Victoria's DR total depends upon which shirt she wears. With the personalized Silks of the Victor (upgraded to Ornate Plate, socketed with Sol) which I built her to wear, she has 53 DR. She's probably safest when she dons her personalized Iron Pelt (Sol), which adds 27 DR (total 73) and 11 MDR. But she's happiest when she's clad in her recently acquired +2 Arkaine's Valor (10 DR inherent, plus Sol) for 63 total. She wields a "Passion" Matriarchal Pike, and wears IK belt, boots, and Gloves, Raven Frost, and this rare ring.



Doras_maid is a Dancer who wields a HotO Flail, kicks with Goblin Toe Mirrored Ballet Slippers, and wears a Trang's Girth, but the rest of her gear is rare or magical.


She has a total of 91 DR, from the items pictured plus 1 from Goblin Toe.

I was very unhappy about losing my level 87 Orb/Enchantress, Tiffany_Aching. (Those who wear the lilac will know the name.) I decided to explore two possible ways to build a safer Sorceress. The first path involves DR and high Defense.


The rest of her gear includes a 2786 Def ethereal "Prudence" Dusk Shroud, Sigon's gloves and belt, and ethereal Sandstorm Trek (which she found herself). The armor brings her DR total to 87 and adds 17 MDR. With BC/BO/Shout from a Barb via self-MP, she currently has >22K Def. The IAS from the gloves gives her 6/8/8/8/11 Zeal with her "Passion" Phase Blade.


As promised, here's that Diadem again. (Charsi wanted 152K GP to fix the Bone Spirit charges. I replied with a vulgarity, a Ral rune, and a flawed gem.)

My hopes for keeping Zyralyna safe don't involve any DR gear. Her 1755 Def "Stone" Dusk Shroud does afford ~15K Def with BC/BO/Shout; more importantly, it gives her a level 15 Clay Golem. With the war cries, it survives well; with Enchant, it actually kills; and it distracts and slows ebil critters who mean harm to Zyralyna and her faithful mercenary.

She also has 75% Chance to Block with a Visceratuant Heater, and Decrepifies satisfyingly often with her "Lawbringer" Phase Blade. The weapon's level 18 Sanctuary aura also plasters Undead helplessly up against the walls of the Ancient Tunnels. This toon is fun. The rest of her gear includes Sigon's gloves, belt, and boots, and these:

Zyralyna found this ring herself.

I've read that I really need a "pure Blizzard Sorc." I'm not yet 100% sold on the idea, but here's what I have so far:

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Back in 2015, the D2LoD PRNGods commanded me to build a Singer Barb. I crafted two amulets, and these were the results:


Well, I tried... Twice. I killed my first try at level 58, and my second at level 81. One of these days, I'll try again.

But I'm insanely proud of the fact that I do have characters wearing self-crafted +2 class skills amulets.


(I have another level 90 Assassin who could wear one, but she's not just yet inclined to part with the Mara's she found herself.)

Here are some more, waiting in the wings for characters to reach level 89
When I started my Fending Mistress o' Minions Javazons project ten years ago, I also commenced crafting every elite javelin I came across. (You may have already seen Thirda_Fender's current main weapon.) It took me two and a half years to come up with javelins good enough to warrant building a character to wield them. Seconda_Fender's original weapons have since been upgraded significantly.


Seconda wears a "Stone" Wire Fleece, a pair of "Sanctuary" Troll Nests, Raven Frost, and Goblin Toe. But the rest of her gear is rare, crafted, or magical.


As recounted elsewhere, I am unable to resist the temptation to have Anya personalize Maiden's Maiden Javelins. My original intention was that Maiming_Maiden would retire to a quiet life as a javelin mule after rescuing Anya in Normal. It didn't work out that way.


As a completely unforeseeen consequence, I now have a character with personalized charms...


The rest of Maiming_Maiden's gear includes "Rhyme" Heaters, Cat's Eye, Razortail, Carrion Wind (which she found herself), Goblin Toe, and these rares:


Like Maiming_Maiden, Treiskaideka came into existence because I had crafted more javelins and other items which were too good not to use.


Her other gear includes a "Duress" Wire Fleece and the customary Goblin Toe (47% CB with the gloves), a pair of "Rhyme" Blade Barriers (same Strength requirement as her weapons), and on-topic hat and rings.


I should note that most of my javelin crafting results have been sold immediately to vendors; my success rate has been quite low. Here's a stack o' sticks which produced an initial rush of excitement, followed by a crush of disappointment.


I've found no better use for them than town-buffing my Thunderstroke wielder Domina_OMinions' Valkyrie.
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