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Mafia Game Resources Thread V 1.0 (07/20/2020)


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Mar 16, 2020
If we're going to give mafia a go here, and attempt to keep playing...we will need both hosts willing to run games, and of course players. To that end, I've decided to link some guides, useful templates, random rollers, generators and the like for modding and some things for playing.

On playing:

Rules of Mafia FLASH VERSION by mikeburnfire
What is the game of Mafia and how is it played?
A quick guide to mafia
A link to articles on "how to play mafia"
A general FAQ on mafia games, good for first time players
Basic Mafia Game Rules
Commonly used abbreviations
Glossary of mafia jargon
Mafiascum.net's requirements for modding games on site, may be useful for us here for informational purposes.
Mafia Theory
Downloads - useful tools and things which may help with the game.

On Modding games:

Do's and don'ts for first time mods
Modding tips
Reasonable Action Resolution
How to mod enjoyable games
General information on modding a game
Modding Articles
Modding Templates
System for theme flavor unbreakability
Role PMs
Gorny's Mafia Game Rule Set 1.0 (08/03/2020)


Main page for setups
Micro Setups for 3 to 9 players
Mini Setups for 10 to 13 players
Large Setups for 14 or more players

Other Useful Links:

Time and date dot com - Good for count downt imers
Quicktopic - Useful as we don't have dedicated private threads or forums for things like Mason Chat, Scum Chat, Dead Thread, etc.
Random.org - various utility for random number rolls.
Random sequence generator
Advanced Random Generator Shell - For randomly assigning roles to players
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Proposal on a sort of Buddy System for newer players

How it would work for the game mod:

Make the new player aware that we have a buddy system feature available and ask if they want that option.

Assign the new player as scum or town at random, possibly using random.org.

Simply assign 1 as town and 2 as mafia, or alternate the numbers 1-10 as T,S,T,S,T,S,T (town, scum) until you fill all of them. Then roll. The result is what the new player will be. Then randomly assign a partner using the same method. This partner will also be sum or town. If Town, make them Town Masons with a private QT and day talk. If mafia, give day talk in the QT. In the alternative, use the Advanced Random Generator Shell linked above, but when assignimg roles, put both the new player and the buddy on one line (left side) and then go down to the next line on the left and type in null, so that you have a blank line that will work with the generator. In the field on the right, on one line put in "Scum team" and the next line, mason team. You may have to go the extra step of randomly assigning the actual player roles beyond creating the team.

As to new players, feel free to ask the game mod in signup to be assigned via the buddy system, either in post or via PM.

As to those of us "regulars" , feel free to comment here on the idea in general and to volunteer to be a mentor to new players.

List of players volunteering to be mentors via the buddy system:

1. Gorny
Roleblocker is stated to resolve before the Jailkeeper. This only matters in the case where the Roleblocker and Jailkeeper target one another, and even in this case only matters if the Roleblocker was also going to submit the kill (the end result being that the kill will not be jailed).
@d2lover that was from the 2d3 page, and specifically says RB comes before JK. I'm not sure why it says this would only matter if RB and JK target each other. The way I understand it:

1. RB targets the JK
2. JK targets Player X
3. Mafia target player X for kill

This kill should go through then, because RB stops JK action.

For more generalized action resolution check out here.
I'm not sure about all the different systems: RAR vs NAR etc. Maybe @Gorny could weigh in here?
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I've gone with both NAR and Resonable myself. But in the end it came down to asking, does player A die? No because - (wasn't targeted by a kill/was targeted by a doc save then targeted by a kill). Or Yes, player A dies because there was no life saving action on that player, either player A was never targeted by a doc save and the kill succeeded, or the doc was jailed/roleblocked and the save did not complete.

You also need to determine Jail vs. Role Block.
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