lvl 27-ish Honor zealer build


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Nov 24, 2003
lvl 27-ish Honor zealer build

So I was thinking shouldn't it be a good build? Probably will go for lvl 30 though since I have a gemmed d. mask

Brainstorming alittle I came up with:
3s Deathmask/crown/other helmet
Artisans light plate of the colossus
honor eth knout/naga I guess knout as of availability
4s crown shield??
rest undecided (thinking sigs boots + gloves and goldwrap)

Ran it through some calculators for damage and came up with 300 average pvp damage(used +140 max jewels and 120 max charms) and 6 fpa zeal at 40 ias. Totalling 1200 pvp damage/second. Are these numbers correct and if so is it a viable dueler/pk/pkker? Any thoughts on gear? Should I invest in charge? concentration as aura or something else?

All thoughts welcome. Lets trash my build ;) (Yes I'm a noob when it comes to dueling)



+max helm
+max Twitch
Angelic jewelery
Honor Knout or Divine Scepter
+max Pally shield with inherent %ed and +ar
Death's gloves and sash
Sander's or Cow King boots

Going to lvl 30 changes everything, not the least of which being that Fanaticism changes your speed breakpoints. I would recommend staying at 27.
Sac and Zeal pretty much take up most of your skill points. Conc could be useful since you won't have many points to play around with in Might anyway.

You'll want atleast 1 Charge. From my experiences with this build, it's a real help.
ok tried the new values and got about 260 average pvp/zel = 1040/sec so can I kill anything with it, yes build included 1pts charge just thought if I should invest more.

Btw just found an 229 eth steeldriver so might go that way instead
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