Low level dueler build help


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Dec 19, 2006
Low level dueler build help

I am making a kicker for low level duels that my buddies and I do. We cap out around lvl 40. Including skill point quests from normal and nm (Not hell because we never bother going that far) what are some suggestions I could take for this build. Including: Skill distribution, BUDGET on items, (And when I say budget I mean budget. I have 0 items to start this character with from me not liking mfing.) Just need something fun, and crazy to duel with.

Currently I will be fighting against a sorc (unknown), smiter, hammerdin, ww barb, bowazon, and a trapper....So figure those in too if you can :/

Thanks in advance, and hope to hear something soon!

Well, firstly lol, lld mostly refers to lvl 9-30 (29 if your euro or west) but 40 is a ok bp for lower end lvl mld's. I know ilkori has a fantastic guide somewhere for lvl 41 kicker (which i highly suggest going to but you can prolly survive w/o it) just use the search function for it, or im sure he will see this post or you could pm him requesting a copy or a link to it. Im sure he would be more than happy to help!

Good luck,

-BLoke :smug:
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