Low Level Chargeadin PKer Build


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Dec 9, 2009
Low Level Chargeadin PKer Build

I have the gear necessary for this, however, how do most people generally do stats for this? I have a level 18 paladin with no stats used, and I'm looking to make him as deadly as possible. Do I need strength, dex, vitality, etc.? and in what quantities?
Re: Low Level Chargeadin PKer Build

Ok, then what items should I use?

3 socket helm with p-rubies or Nice Jewels?
Eth Bonesnap, or 4 socket shield/1 cleglaws?

What rings and ammy, and the rest would be good if all I use is vitality?

Never tried that before.
Re: Low Level Chargeadin PKer Build

You should check out the PVP forums. I'll probably socket everything with ED+max jewels. Angelics + full hsarus set for AR, dex, resists and CBF (cannot be frozen) or you can probably switch out for a death's guard + gloves for the same thing.

My old lld (lvl 15) had
angelics + hsarus belt + boots
angelic mantle
death's sword + gloves
infernal cranium cap
civerb's shield

and a bunch of random charms. pretty fun.
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