Looking to try something different (oo-er)


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Jun 23, 2003
Looking to try something different (oo-er)

My bnet character is now ready to take on the ubers, if my mate ever pulls his finger out, and my Hammerdin gets me the squirts, so I've decided to try something a bit different. A Spearazon. I was thinking of maxing jab, fend and Valk, then sharing the rest between Penetrate and Critical Strike. This will do a deal of physical damage but leave me with immunity problems. For gear I was thinking of using Stoneraven and having Demon's Arch and Tiamat's Rebuke on switch. Anyone got any suggestions? (oo-er again)
Fend is bugged so drop the valk. Or drop the fend and keep the valk. If you go spear I would suggest lightning strike , charged strike , jab , and passives and synergies.
What's the bug with fend and your valk? Please explain...
To get the valk you need to invest at least a point into the pre-reqs dodge/avoid/evade.. in combat if one of these avoidance skills 'triggers' you go into dodge animation (interupting your attack) and then the major bug is that you will miss the rest of your attacks in the fend cycle.. i think.. havent personally ever played a fendazon and havent experienced it
That is correct. If you want to use Fend, stay off Dodge and the other evasive skills. Get a maxed Decoy instead. Decoy is a good tank, and ridiculously cheap to cast at high levels.
These fend and valk problems have given me a few things to think on. Thanx guys for the info.
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