Looking for friends who love to play team games! *EHCL* if


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Nov 29, 2004
Looking for friends who love to play team games! *EHCL*

Hello All,

I'm getting back to diablo after a year-long hiatus, and I'd love to find some people who are often playing whom I can add to my friends list. The game is so much more fun when you're playing with a bunch of people that all trust each other and have the same goals in mind at any given time! I have a lvl 70 orb sorce right now, and will be starting up some new chars soon too, so I am down for playing all different types and levels of games from Hell Baals to starting a1q1 in norm. I play mostly weeknights, usually in the later part of the evening and often until 1 or 2am EST. I gathered a few account names from people in another ehcl thread, and even messaged most of them, but the responses in general were limited or nonexistant; people are probably sketched by the unsolicited contact.

I set up an instant messenger name for use in diablo playing, this way even if I'm not on bnet you guys can hit me up and I will usually be up for a game. If people want to leave their acct name here or PM me (hell shoot me an IM, I'll sign on now!), I'd really appreciate making contact with some people that want to play team games, have fun, mf, quest, level up, and stay alive! An instant messenger name would be great too!

My d2 account: *Big_Jax
My IM: BigJaxDiablo

Hope to hook up with some of you soon...who's playing tonight?! ;)

edit: I'm USEast and personally on Eastern Standard Time (thanks muzdevil) ;)
ehcl = USEast or Euro? I never knew the difference and still dont... You said EST, meaning Eastern Standard? I wish i wasnt so dumb sometimes... :scratch:


Well anyway if its USEast (which I assume it is) I'm on almost the exact same time. Definitely looking for people to play with. Currently a mid-50s fire sorc preoccupied with soloing nm. gotta do meph yet, then on to d (not gonna be able to do him alone i bet

ACCOUNT: *thamuzdevil
AIM: thamuzaffinity

Message me and let me know you met me on the forums, and wb :D
I'm up for some grouping.(Groping limited to sexy Amazons. ;) )

Mainly playing my MF Skelliemancer, right now(On *necrosis_prime, level 50 in NM Act 2).

Also have a 73 Barbarian on *reebo. Think he's still at NM Baal.

I'm down with starting a new characters, as well. I mainly stick to Barbarian/Sorceress/Necromancer, but I'm up for getting schooled as another class. ;)

account(s): *reebo and *necrosis_prime
AIM: KilanWM or GlimHR(Oddly, both of these were set up for a couple MUDs I play. Well...oddly to me)

I'm at the computer for ungodly amounts of time, as well.(8PM-8AM EST, usually)

-Chris, "A life? What's that?"
Yep Jax is on EAST, i know this due to the fact that I traded with him last nite.

Till Next time

WingBlade said:
Yep Jax is on EAST, i know this due to the fact that I traded with him last nite.

Till Next time


Are you *DS_xxxx?

If so I'll be hitting you up with a PGem offer for your viper as soon as I can scrounge up enough gems (should only take me about 10-12 norm rushes for forge lol)
Estimated market value