lld kicker question(s)


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Oct 20, 2004
lld kicker question(s)

Sorry to bug everyone, but I'm more of a hc pvm'er or a high level sc dueler. I have a level 76 kicksin in scnl, and she duels well - cant handle ww of course, but casters are no prob at all. i want to know, how well could a kicker (level 24 for dflight, or less if dflight isnt required for dueling) do in duels, especially pking, and what kind of gear would i need? Im especially interested in being able to kill charger pallys of the same or higher level (if possible) and killing higher level casters (bone necros, sorcs, and the like). I made a newb one before, but i was building her for pvm purposes. she did very well for no good gear against most melee, until i ran into some serious llders and pkers.

Any help would be appreciated, Im going to name her something involving traps, so as to invite people to try to pk me at that low level :D (if a low level kicker is possible, of course)

Also, would the gear set me back a ton? i assume no, because i could get plain boots and do well enough.

Sorry if I seem newb at this, Im not a llder tho (and well, i AM newb at this :D), but I have been looking into this and Im curious if I could make a decent llder/pker kicksin that can handle chargers also.

Target level of kicker - 9 to 24, anywhere in there. If i have to go higher to do well i will, but I need to know info on a build that could duel her level or even higher. Im not interested at all in a build that picks on lower levels.

Thanks guys, your experience and help is greatly appreciated :D

EDIT: sorry, i forgot to ask, c/c build or c/s build? c/s for melee, i assume...
Hey, I had A LLD kicker, level 25, she was good, but then a level 30 pally took her out with some etheral hamme ror something cant remember the name, but the build is awesome with bonesnap pally's or 2 handers, and can handle shield as well.

I don't remember everything, it was quite a while ago, but her gear was something like:

4 Socket Helm-All P rubies
3 Socket Helm - All P Rubies
2 Socket Shield-I think it had eld runes in it
2 Socket Claw-With Runeword Strength in it
I think I used angelics rings and ammy
Bloodfist gloves?
For boots i think i used act 5 plate boots or something like that

For charms I had a ton of life charms and I bleieve max dmg charms...overall not really an expenisve build for the success it had, and because at the time everyone used the cookie cutter build bonesnap charger, she owned the, but make sure as you attack you never run, cuz i guesss your blocking goes down and everything like that

To tell you a peron who knows ALOT about the kicker, practicly PERFECTED the kicking build would be Sip...discuss it with him
With boots, you're better off getting to 25 so you can wear exceptional boots (a HUGE difference in damage, difference between eth rib, and eth upped ribcracker). Other than that, make sure the weapon is -20 (scimitar or -20 claws) I don't think Max Damage charms work.. seeing as how max damage jewels don't work, and they're the same thing. Load up on any life charms you can find.
I know for a fact max dam charms, jewels, etc wont work. kicks dont pull that mod onto them. i have a list somewhere of all the things that are pulled. Elemental damage (i guess i could go with lightning), open wounds, etc, all go to kicks. I could try for open wounds possibly? i dont have the info right in front of me (at work now :D) but maybe even a malice could work.

On second thought, ow isnt what i want to go for in these kinds of duels. scratch that. perhaps i could go for +str lcs, since strength gets counted twice in the damage calculation for kicks. Anyone know if +5str and life can spawn on a lc that is < level req 25? i assume yes, but im not sure if theyre both prefixes or suffixes.

I will go with strength runeword in a scimitar more than likely... there is always steel, but i believe the str bonus from strength at that level will outweigh the small ow bonus from steel.

And luckily, i have an abundance or prubys :D

Also, anyone have good stat placement/skill placement info? Im thinkin i should prefer str over dex (str gets counted twice in kick dmg in contrast to dex only being counted once, although, and more str = bigger armor, etc). Maybe my armor could even be 4 socket with Prubys in it... OR PAmethyst for more str :D Anyone think I could get away with +str instead of +hp? Or is there a good <25 runeword, unique, or set i should use for armor...

Thx for the info so far guys, if ya have any more keep it comin. Greatly appreciated.
not a very tough build at all. Just make sure you get level up to 25 and strength up to 125 for WAR BOOTS. They deliver the most damage for the level.

You also might want to consider going up to level 31 for IK partial set (Glove/belt/boots) since it adds a whole lot of strength and you dont have to look for a good boots (the IK boots are pretty darn good). I think the partial set also adds some FHR and good AR.

Then you can use rockstopper helm (Pruby), and a 4-ruby armor. And maybe whitstans guard or sigons guard. Angelic ammy/2 rings are really the only jewelery choice.

The biggest difference between this setup and others listed is that you get max resists. So this would probably be the best setup vs casters. (especially if you use weapon block... if you get a hell rush you should be able to get enough points for WB... but then make sure you get enough dex for max block with a shield since 75% block is VERY IMPORTANT VS CHARGERS AND OTHER MELEE!!) hehe.

Max dtalon, and the rest of the points are up to you. I would personally put 1 pt in dragon flight, and maybe put lots into BoS after that. I wouldnt bother with MB/WOF unless you get lots of FCR (which is a waste IMO)
lvl 25 kicker version something ^^

3xp-ruby helm
4xp-ruby embossed plate
Boneshield of deflecting with 2 sockets & elds or what rune gived more block
str runeword in blade talons or scimitar
deahts sash
angelic sabre&sigon shield combo to give boost in burst of speed :)
20%run/walk warboots(exeptional greaves) rares are the best ^^

lvl 4 BoS (with sigon+angelic sabre)= 6 for nice speed, if not enough speed.. then change to bloodfists to deaths gloves for 30 more ias :)
get 4 kicks in d-talon
1 to d-flight

str 125
dex for max block
vita rest
energy none

tons of life charms

I hope that covers some

Has anyone tried a Titan version of this? I'd think if you could make up the life with some really nice charms you could dish out some serious damage.
I'm in the process of making one now.

Always good to be able to pwn chargers.

I found an interesting helm I never thought of before for this build:

Face of Horror Mask - socketed with Pamethyst or Pruby.
PhatTrumpet said:
Has anyone tried a Titan version of this? I'd think if you could make up the life with some really nice charms you could dish out some serious damage.
mmm no, but I did the math on a Titan level 25 dflight sin and it would (with top notch gear) put out about 500-800 dflight damage with a fully charged ts... and that would be plenty to pk.
Hi guys, havent been here for long :)
Titan would have much less life - with absolutely perfect equip I believe about 1k. And why nobody mentioned you wont need str to equip boots - you do that with charms and then take them off. I just considered making a kicker, but remembered my mule with nice eth rare war boots expired ....
evil str charm bug

pöh, dont use bug ^^

I have done compromis that i "maybe" use bugs in pvm but never in pvp, cause it gives unfair advantage, monters dont care such things but other players do and its also a pride to be able to kill another players without using bugs :)


repoarto said:
pöh, dont use bug ^^

I have done compromis that i "maybe" use bugs in pvm but never in pvp, cause it gives unfair advantage, monters dont care such things but other players do and its also a pride to be able to kill another players without using bugs :)


You are to be congratulated on your gaming ethics however arguing against using bugs when 90% of the ppl out there use maphack! (is that the unofficial number we've decided on, 90%?) good luck to you sir :)
15? why so many? ^^
arto's position is worth respect, though I thought 125 str required by the build for a tiny assa is a bit too much anyway
btw arto, hows your godly jabber?
Guys, I havent done calculations (maybe I will later when I get home) but I know str can be used to boost dmg (counts twice in calcs). I'm pretty certain charms dont spawn with life AND with str, so perhaps I should go with life + elemental dmg charms? lightning? or +defense? stout small charms of vita anyone? :D (if the prefixes/suffixes can spawn on the same charm of course)

Anyway, this build should be a fun one... anyone have any more good ideas? and maybe ill make a build guide after this :D always wanted to, never got around to making one... id like to try out different variants and equipment on this build - titans, face of horror, everything that has been mentioned... builds i plan on testing over the course of however long it takes to get the equipment:

1) vita sc build with Prubys, minimum pts in str and dex (EDIT: this last part read as 'as little as necessary for gear and max block'), as many as possible in vit
2) elemental sc build, focus on blocking and elemental dmg
3) heavy str build, uses str lcs, enough dex for max block, face of horror with Pamethyst, etc, try to get most dmg out of the whole thing

I'll try and run some calcs tonight, or if anyone wants to during the day thats awesome. i wanna see what the difference is between a kicker that pumps str and a kicker that pumps vit... i think at that low level pumping str instead of vit/hp might be pointless, but i hope not :D

and im USEast all, hope to see you (dead) soon once i start into lld/pking ;)
The "godly" jabber

Not even started yet hehe

Im still waiting for good eth war javelin to drop or nice eth maiden javelin to make one, it only needs that sicko weapon and rest i have anyday ready for her :)

And then im going to pester soo much in pubbys, Thinking to make full hell pa´ed and about lvl 31-39 and get some open wounds, crushing blow.. nice amount points in guided arrow if they decide to run away from me ^^

Planning.. ticking like clock hehe

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