LLD Barb builds/guides


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Dec 14, 2006
LLD Barb builds/guides

Hello, i am in need of a guide for a low level dueler conc/bo barb. This is for lvl 30 obviously...

I was thinking...

Skill points;

1 howl
1 shout
6 battle orders
1 battle commands

Combat Masteries:
1 in whatever mastery my weps shall be
1 increased stamina
1 increased speed
1 iron skin
1 natural resistences

Combat Skills:
15 bash
1 stun
12 concentrate


Honestly, i have no idea here. So i will take a punt...

Helmet: A +2 barb skills w/ +3 warcries or +3 combat skills with fhr and life mods. (No idea if this exists, and if it did lvl req may be touchy)
Amulet: Eye of Etlich, simply for +1 to all skills and life steal.
Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi, for +1 to all skills and an ok defense.
Weapons(1): 2 x Culwen's Points. These look great, with +1 to all skills, 20% IAS, 20% FHR, average 23-25 damage, 60 to AR, and 80% EDmg. Double that and you have some nasty concentration (i assume).
Weapons(2): I will look for some lower WC Javs to switch out and sing.
Rings: 2 x Rare rings, one i have. +20 to life and +6 replenish life with 6 to all resistences.
Belt: Death's Guard. Cannot be frozen.
Gloves: Death's Hand. Receives 8% life steal, +15 resistences and 30% IAS with guard.
Boots: Cow King's Hooves. Just plain good LLD boots.


Strength: Base, i will use some strength charms i have.
Dex: None
Vitality: All
Energy: Why was this attribute even put into the game?

That is just a guess at what it would be, i honestly have no idea here. Please correct if you have any better ideas.

Some of the equip is a bit off:

Jewellry: You will need Angelics Amulet+2*Angelics Ring. You will not be hitting many decent LLD chars without the AR from those. They give very nice other bonuses too.

Helm - A +3BO Helm, possibly with other mods, with 3 Sockets. Cram the sockets with +Max or +%ED Jewels.

Shield - Hmmm.... Stormback Hold for Open Wounds? 3OS with +Max/ED? Rhyme?

Armor - Twitchrope socketed with +Max or +ED Jewels. Awesomeness.

For a different build - how about 2*Bloodletter Gladius on a WW barb?
Bloodletter said:
Req Strength: 25
Damage: 31-97
Durability: 54
Req Level: 30
+140% Enhanced Damage
Adds 12-45 Damage
+90 to Attack Rating
20% Increased Attack Speed
10% Slower Stamina Drain
8% Life Stolen per Hit
+1-3 to Whirlwind (Barbarian only)
+2-4 to Sword Mastery (Barbarian only)
Either socket them it with a Shael or a +Max Jewels or Sol Runes depending on breakpoints and jewel availability.

Total Level 7 WW (including the 1 point you put in it and Huge Sword Mastery.

For Armor - use a 4os Armor crammed with either %ED or +Max jewels.

Gloves: For WW you don't need IAS on other gear (I think) so use Bloodfists for the nice bonuses there. Or Clegaws for slow... heh heh heh...

Or go max-DR route - 3 Sols in Helm, 3 in Shield, 4 in Armor - Damage reduced by 70... Quite a few low-damage/high speed attacks are kinda nerfed by that. But you'll be pwnt by any vaguely decent char.
Thank you for this. I will use bloodletters and WW with them. But i'm not putting any points into WW. I will keep seem stat distribution and also the Culwen's, and switch out to BO and Concentrate other enemies. Do you think this is a good idea?

Just remember, i am LLD teaming with a zealer and a fire sin. I don't really needa hit, i will BO and maybe WW around with bloodletter's. But i would still keep vipermagi for +1 to all skills. Yes?
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