LK tourney?


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Jul 3, 2009
LK tourney?

I don't wanna step on any toes, so i'll ask first: does anyone usually host LK tournaments?
If not, i think it's a great transitional time between 1.12 and 1.13, which might get released before i pay off my student loans.

so, does anyone usually host these? i've got an idea in my head of a long tourney, such as follows:
-timed 20,30,50 hours max
-any number of your characters can compete
-score is determined based on any rune from from any source in LK (for those corpse poppers like myself)
-scoring: the highest cubable rune from your total combined runes from pul up. so it's the highest cubable rune you could make from (hypothetically) cubing pul to ber. (actual cubing is not required or necessary.)

lemme know your thoughts, i figure right before xmas is a great kick off time. and a great way to fulfill some of the elite runners goals and fill your rune coffers before blizzard nerfs the whole game. :whistling:...

Re: LK tourney?

I run LK quite a bit, and I would like an excuse to run more. I'd be up for it, definitely.
Re: LK tourney?

i just read up on this 12 days of xmas tourney, i'm going to plan a start date for the friday 11th, the day before it ends.
all i need is a preference for the time limit to help determine an end time.
Re: LK tourney?

The christmas tourney runs until 12 days after christmas, not 12 days before. It ends on January 5 I believe.
Re: LK tourney?

once I get my char up and running, which will most definitely be by then, i am more than up for this. I'll be doing it mostly to bulk up my charms but you never know, maybe i'll get lucky with a big rune!

Are we competing for prizes? Been a while since i've competed in a tourney
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i think imma still figure on 12.11.09 it's a friday, most of the college kids will be out. it's a good date. the other tourneys' members who'd like to participate will just be taking part in 2 tourneys at once.
and hopefully the elite runners thread will join in.

@Rss: i think i'll use the giveaways i've acquired this year as the prize.
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like to the top 3 or something? either we do that, or we can have a mass, ral or ko pay out, like 5 per competitor to the winner(s). that sounds sick. 20 ppl = 100 rals or kos? that's a decent prize.

the real prize will be the guys who get their sur's lo's ohm's and BER's galore.
Re: LK tourney?

I think imma still figure on 12.11.09 it's a friday, most of the college kids will be out.
Yeah, a week before the start of Christmas Holidays, where I've got nother else to do than study, 'cause exams start right after the Holidays :p.

If there's another edition of this is might join though, more motivation for LK is always a good thing!

Re: LK tourney?

I would participate in January, but now I can't imagine to have more than 10 minutes free time a day... And if I were you, I would limit the number of runs: 3000 for example. If there is a 30 hour cap, I would hurry all the way.
Re: LK tourney?

I need some motivation to keep finding Nefs and Rals, so I am up for it. I would like to have it for something like a week or two, so I can run until my eyes bleed while my family eats christmas dinner;)
Re: LK tourney?

I think a week, rather than a number of runs, or a number of hours, would be pretty cool. An LKathon :)
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