Lightning Sorc Question


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Nov 29, 2004
Lightning Sorc Question

Hi Everyone,
New guy here (old fart IRL-41 yrs. on this planet!). Just started playing D2 LoD a couple of months ago. I am playing a lightning sorc and are currently on act III. I am wondering if I made a grievous error in skill choices by putting 7 into warmth and 1 into fire bolt or whatever the first fire skill is, I did that because I ran into something that was lightning immune and figured I would use fire to kill it (I think it was in act II somewhere, can't remember for sure). Off the top of my head my skill break down like this (I'm at work and didn't bring my Cd or character with me today)-
1-fire bolt (?)
1-charged bolt
1-energy shield
1-charged bolt
2-chain lightning
2-lightning bolt
1-frost shield

Character is currently lvl 28

I think that's all. My question is can I finish the game successfully if I concentrate on putting points in lightning mastery and chain lightning and lightning bolt etc... Or should I try again and skip the warmth and fire bolt. I don't play online yet, I thought I should go through the game at least once in single player to get a good feel for the game.

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Well for Single Player it won't hurt your build, since you will be dealing enough damage. Immunities really only become an issue if you go onward into Nightmare and Hell difficulty.

So if you just play through it in Normal mode you should be okay by building a pure Lightning sorc, maxing Charged Bolt, Lightning, Chain Lightning and Lightning Mastery. Without the proper items this might a be a bit hard though.

To be playing without a good set of unique items i would suggest building a Meteorb Sorc. This way you can get a good feel of the game and still have fun. Look into the "Sorceress Guide Library" for a detailed skill setup.
Thanks a bunch. I will read some of the guides for sure, I have only glanced at them so far. I am still trying to get a handle on "set items". So far all I have found is whole bunch of runes and damaged jewels some of which I have upgraded with the cube. I pretty much sell all charms and rings I find that I don't think I need or if I already have something better.

Thanks again,
If beggining a new build.. don't worry about warmth quite as much. In the beggining of every sorc (or any char) mana runs out very fast, especially in lightning builds. But! The casting costs eventually stop while the mana continues to raise, so I would suggest to hold of on warmth a little and suffer in the beggining a little, so that you will have more skills to spend on upping your dmg at higher levels.
its good to wait a bit, if you're really worried about immunities you might wanna try the archmage (tri-ele sorcs) or the Meteorb.

As for warmth, dont worry, extra mana regain can't hurt now, can it?
Thanks for all the replies! I believe Verna (my sorc) will gallantly continue on gaining skill points in the important areas. I am already thinking about my next build, this meteorb sounds interesting, think I'll read about this today at work.

Thanks Again,
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