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Lightning fury zon for ubers?


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Feb 20, 2008
Lightning fury zon for ubers?

Could a zon load up on crushing blow and use lightning fury and life tap to take on the ubers?
Re: Lightning fury zon for ubers?

It may be possible but I'd say jab will do a far better job. Sure LF does ignore defense but your attacks per second is much lower then it would be with jab.
Re: Lightning fury zon for ubers?

The game would drop way too fast. CB only transfers at 1/2. Not enough damage to sucker your life up with lifetap. FHR action would **** things up.
Keeping your merc alive would be nearly impossible, if you want to have conviction running... the bosses all have high Lres, atleast 75, diablo iirc has 95%.

Uber mephisto got conviction, so your merc wouldn't help you. Nearly everything is lightning immune.
Re: Lightning fury zon for ubers?

jab .
Re: Lightning fury zon for ubers?

2nd that.

Tried ubertristram last week fend-ama (with 4 hard points in jab).

Its too hard for fury ama with just 1-point in jab. I had pretty good ama, with 3.3k life after bo, 25k ar for jab, lvl39 valkyrie with max decoy and I still failed with Mephisto.

Baal was quite easy, took some time, as guillaume was my only crushing blow item. (Merc and Valkyrie survived this battle)

Dia went down little faster, I used fend there too to clear some monsters.
(Merc and Valkyried still alive)

Mephisto was too hard this time, I survived there just fine (Merc and Valkyrie died pretty soon), but as mephisto is poison immune, its so hard to keep OW effective whole time. She regerated too fast this time.
Maybe goes down next time.

Re: Lightning fury zon for ubers?

I killed Lilith with cs using mine. Dies quickly, but with no life leech basically I die quickly too.

How would a fuzzy dodger fair?
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