Lighting sorc help


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Aug 29, 2004
Lighting sorc help

I need help on how build a pure lighting sorc that rock on d2 expension non ladder (skill stats) thx
The standard Lightning Sorc is

Max Charged Bolt, Lightning, Chain Lightning, Lightning Mastery. Crescent Moon in a sword is a good weapon, as is Eschuta's. If you wear +mana per kill gear (silkweave + lidless + Oculus) you can do this on Base energy, with the occasional blue potion.

I prefer the Chain Lightning/Frozen Orb hybrid (you do FO instead of Charged Bolt) just because it takes a long time for lightning spells to get super powerful. They're great by the time you get to hell, but in Nightmare, FO owns.
If you like pure lightning, you can use Energy Shield as well... this will absorb up to 95% of all dmg you are dealt (except poison/open wounds) though it will cause for a little less dmg dealt. I am short on time to explain right now, but if you are interested, just say so and I'll give you a full description.
Ok, so... if you like pub dueling, this one will be very fun for you. As for your 1st question, I prefer ES Light sorcs since you will already have massive +light skills to utilize, although a pure light sorc with maxed synergies and blocking is very effective also, when equiped right.

With an ES build...
Str - As high as you need it... always the same for PvP nearly... depending on how you play and what skill you use it will be different. If you choose to play something like lightning which doesn't require FCR as much as something like CB does than you could use something such as Gladiator's Bane, which requires 110 str or so I believe... otherwise you can go for a Vipermagi, which works well with Dmg Red, Res, +skills and FCR.
Dex - This is tricky, it will either be base, or 75. Base dex is for all builds not planning on using wizard spike, and obviously 75 is for builds that will use it. Wiz is useful if you need to hit a FCR BP or would like the big plus to mana. It also helps with res, although they are not very important in a solid ES build.
Vit - None, either way nothing... with this build your health is all in mana...
Energy - Everything else, I suggest filling out other stat requirements than just piling it up in here until your finished lvling. Since this is yoru life in this type of build, you need as much of it as you can get.

Telekenisis - 20 Points (most important)
Energy Shield - Adjustable (will explain at bottom)
Lightning Mastery - 20 Points
Lightning - 20 Points
Charged Bolt or Chain Lightning - 20 Points, your choice which comes first, you will end up filling the other at the end of your build anyways.

Energy Shield - This skill varies... think of it this way... you need a lvl 40 ES, if you have perf equip such as...
9 ES staff
10 Light GC's
1 Anni
Arachnid Mesh
+3 Lightning Ammy
2 Sojs

These are all the items that will add to your skills, giving you a total of +29 ES, this leaves you with a lvl 11 ES, saving you an extra 9 points if you didn't do the calculations before hand. If you find a nice +3 Light skills Circlet than you can use less... just determine your final equip and than go from their.

As mentioned above that equipment works well, along with that, your other "perfect" equip would be...

And since the gear above was only for a prebuff...
Heart of the Oak
Lidless Eye

the HOTO is under dispute, as said above wiz also makes a nice alternative. Or a nice +25% Lightning Damage, - 5% Lightning Resistance Eschuta's is nice as well, its just like HOTO, but doesn't have the res, although it does more dmg, a better choice for chars dealing physical damage. Another alternate option is a Griffon's Eye helm, this will take away one +skill point, but will give 25% FCR and more light dmg, it can make a nice difference if used, though a good one is pricey.

As you can see this build isn't way too expensive, the GC's is all that may kill you...

No ES Light Build
Although this is not my specialty, it is mostly the same... this sorc will max all the synergies instead of maxing TK and ES. The equipment that would change would be things like....
Frosties --> Trangs Gloves
Vipermagi --> CoH
+3 Light Ammy --> Maras
Lidless --> Stormshield

Most of the other equip should still work well, it is just that this build is less mana dependant, so for skills, put many more points into Vitality, and try to avoid putting points into Energy at all, since your Soj's, Arach's, and Silkweave's will still add a ton of mana for you...

I'm pretty sure that's all you need to know, if you have any more questions just call my name.. or find me at *Vesti *Vesta *Sartok on USEast Ladder or NonLadder. :thumbsup:

Thanks for having faith in me, I hope I helped

That's a quote of me either way... but I figure I shouldn't take to much credit for it the second time haha. If that leaves anything else for you to ask about, just let me know.

If you don't mind prebuffing with changed equipment, this will cut down your potential final build to an 84 rather than an 88... silly souless and his prebuffing... hahaha.

Damn him and his logic...

<3 sartok

Also I suggest maxing CB instead of CL. Why?

lvl 44 CL with maxed lightning/LM/6 points into CB does 8.9k

lvl 25 CL with maxed lightning/LM/CB does 6.9k, *thats with one point in it by the way, more will raise the damage*

CB is useful in PvP when someone likes to tele on top of you. Fry em with your bolts :D
Yay, CB!

Surprising that I didn't mention that in my little shpeel.

My sorc is maxed CB and ES and does about 25k total with her CB's. And thats not with the ussualy lightning minimum of 5 or so... but with a min of about 20k... how lovely. :thumbsup:

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