Light sorc question


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Nov 17, 2009
Light sorc question

ok before i start with my question here a list of my gear
19xx hp
8xx mp
with Bo
Skill list+16
Nova36 max
lightning36 max
chain Light 36 max
Light mastery max
Chargebolt 30-32 not max
warmth 17
teleport 17
Thunderstorm 17
telekinisis 17

archon COH
Hoto 40%resis +spirit monarch 35%fcr
Spider mesh
2x fcr rare ring
mara 27
CTA(3/5/1)+Spirit monarch

No skill charm except Torch
no anni

Eth CV infinity
non eth Fort balrog skin
non eth Andy helm

Now the question is am i able to kill lilth durial izual for the organ set alone??
or is it possible for me to kill uber tristram alone?
Re: Light sorc question

to do uber tristram you need two things:

1) Life tap heal
2) Prevent Monster heal.

neither of which a sorc gets.

oh and did i mention there are nasty immunes running around everywhere?

the thing about uber trist is that any two bit smiter can do it easy, all you need is dracul's gloves and some decent resists a bit of crushing blow, and enough hit points that you don't get one shotted.

but for a sorc to take it down is a bit epic, there's actually a youtube video of a weird chargedbolt/meteor hybrid sorc doing it... i think the strategy was to use rising sun amulet and hotspurs, get the quad immune pit lords to follow you around healing you with their fire breath, stand on the fire pits inside buildings, which heals you too, and then spam full rejuv potions while slowly slowly slowly slowly whittling the mobs down with charged bolt and meteor.

and just FYI you can't ever stop attacking the bosses cause they heal FAST.

my advice is to just sell the keysets and don't try this on a sorc. 80% of torches are worth less than 3 keysets anyway.

and don't try getting orgs either. you might be able to do it if you got a life tap on switch for your merc to tank the boss mobs, but you're going to die a LOT clearing the place.
Re: Light sorc question

if you want to do uber trist, make a smiter. that's the ideal char to do it with. but really i had a smiter to do uber trist, but i dismantled him cause i figured i'd just sell the keysets and make more that way. let someone else roll their luck with torches...
Re: Light sorc question


2) Prevent Monster heal.

PMH doesn't work on Ubers/MiniUbers, you gotta rely on OW or poison for that.

and don't try getting orgs either. you might be able to do it if you got a life tap on switch for your merc to tank the boss mobs, but you're going to die a LOT clearing the place.

Actually I do clear the places with my light sorc and lure the mini bosses to the red portals before my smiter goes in. Teleporting into 20 Extra Fast Succubi will ofc get you killed, but those areas aren't too hard for a well-geared sorc with a solid merc. The mini-bosses are a different story, however...

There's a guide on solo Trist sorc somewhere in the knowledge library here, it's a melee/fire build iirc (or maybe melee/cold?).

Re: Light sorc question

weird. so its the open wounds that prevents them from healing not the prevent monster heal? lol.

dunno, all i know is that on my smiter is spam smite and its health always goes down not up. when i attack them on my sorc, health goes up not down.
Re: Light sorc question

light sorc can kill diablo and baal with ezness, main draw back are immunes that cannot be broken with infi and lr, other wise sork would pwn ut with such an ezness, all would be jelouse ( and do not say CB is better then statcks, we know thats a lie )
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